Wednesday 27 February 2013

Day 310: The Children of the Law of One (Part Three)

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

For Context from the Previous Post:
“Who wants to Know that? That it’s Just been a Lie. Because, you’re not Reliable. All you are - is: Able to Complete the Lie and Repeat the Lie. No Change. No Support. No Feeding of each-other. No Responsibility. No Consideration. No Actual Love.
And yet, when the Answer is Here as the Actual, Practical, Physical Solution – you would Demonize it.”

That is Why we went to the Demons First, because – Osho had a Very Interesting Consideration: You have to go to the Lowest Point. You have to go to the Point where it can’t get Lower – and Find out, What is What and Stand Up from there. And if you go to That – you go to the Demons. And then you Test a Simple Thing: If the Demons can be Helped, through their Own Application of Self Forgiveness and Transform themselves Eternally, and Give Up their Self-Interest, their Revenge, their Anger, their Resentment – then, Anybody Can; and that is where we Went, to the Demons – and that is What was Proven, ‘til there were no more Demons. No more Beings Separated by Past Lives into Existences of Absolute Anger, in Existences of the Demonic.

Certainly it must Still be Faced As the Mind on Earth, as Mind Demons and System Demons - as That is busy Happening right Now, if you Dare to Look – you will See. And, if it happens to you – be Grateful, because you have an Opportunity: an Opportunity to Maybe Transcend this Life, and to Maybe Transcend your Self-Interest through Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty, to Bring-about the Synthesis of Equality and Oneness - to Truly Become a Child of the Law of One.
Because – the Law of One left out a little bit of its Necessity: Equality, the Law of One and Equal as Life, HERE. Are you a Child of that? NOT YET – because, it’s only Knowledge, it’s Not in Application. Knowledge without Application is Useless. Knowledge without the Living Reality – Breath by Breath, is Useless. It is Absolutely, like – Doing NOTHING. It is a Complete Illusion.

So – there has been Many Parables, Many Stories. Kryon had Parables. The Children of the Law of One had Parables. Jesus had Parables – they were ALL, in essence, THE SAME; over Thousands of Years on Earth, which Transmutes into Millions of Years in the Heavens, because one day is equal to a thousand years. And YET – No Change, and YET: NOTHING has come about of That which will bring about Heaven on Earth, Practically, Actually, Equally – Feeding each other… And, HERE I Am – and, you’re going to React to me and we will Have to See if you can Forgive yourself, because I will Never Forgive you for What you have Done and What you have Allowed, and how you have Caused this World to become a Place of Such Atrocity.

You can only EVER Forgive yourself, because that is the Process of Self-Creation. Would you do that?
Would you Create yourself to That which is Best for All Life?
Would you be able to Give-Up your Self-Interest to become Part of the Destiny (Desteni) of One and Equal?
Do you Understand Why it is that We Are Who we Are, HERE, Standing in your Way? - Unless you are Part of us – you will Never be Anything… and YET, you Will - because: Beyond Death we Wait for you as well, and there is No Way through but through WHO WE ARE, because we are Already One and Equal. We are THAT which you must Still Become. And therefore: we are the VERY Point that you have to Transcend and Stand with One and Equal.
Can you do That?...Unlikely. Isn’t that Funny? Very Unlikely…Because, your Own Creation is your Own Self-Interest and Ego will come-up with MULTIPLE Backchats, MULTIPLE Reasons Why, somehow, We must be the Demon. Obviously – the Origin of Any such Points (Backchats/Reasons) is the Demon-itself. The Origin of the Very Light that Enlightens – is the Demon-itself; and that Demon is YOU, Here on Earth, Existing without Remorse – Feeding off the Very Life Force that Gave you Life. Separating Everything into Categories, Ideas and Ideologies – Limiting every other Part so that you can Feel Better about yourself. All of it: just a Fuckin’ Illusion…A MASSIVE Illusion.

And yet – you don’t Hold your Life in your Hands, it’s Always one Breath Away from being Taken Away. And when that Happens: Who will you be? You’ll not even Remember Most of what you’ve Done on Earth, because it’s All just Physical-Memories; the Little-bit of you that will Remain: will have to Start again. That is Most Difficult, because – you Start with So Little. You Start with Nothing, but the Realisation that: Everything you’ve ever been is an Illusion = That is the Reality of Death, at this Stage.
And, although you’ll be Helped – you’ll also Not be helped, because you Have to Create yourself to be One and Equal, to Be That which is Life itself. Because, unless you can Create you As Life = you can Never be Life.

Obvious Commonsense…

We’ll continue more in the Next Post…
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  1. "You can only EVER Forgive yourself, because that is the Process of Self-Creation. Would you do that?"
    I see that we only do that under pressure of unbearable psychological pain. To try and avoid that in the future, to get rid of it.
    I see that we don't do it out of desire/wish to "Give-Up your Self-Interest to become Part of the Destiny (Desteni) of One and Equal?" We have no idea what that is other than some imagination from books on sustainable living or so, so this doesn't motivate much.