Monday 18 February 2013

Day 302: The Encryption of Systems (Part Three)

For Context from the previous post:
Taking out a System in the Physical, is like walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. It is absolutely Hell, because - the Physical Body Believe itself to be the System. So, you have to get it to See, and Realize that it is Not and that it can be something else, because it’s Complete Image and Likeness, it is the Physical. And then, you have to take it out - and its got to then Willingly Release the System and itself from the Ideas and the Ideologies that the System Represents…and only then, can the System be Removed.

Unsure, Uncertain at what Point we would have Removed Enough Systems to bring about the Desire to Change, from the perspective that - the Human will be Able to See what they have Accepted and Allowed.
At the moment, obviously - the Human is also Creating New Systems. These New Systems are also Encrypted. They’re Encrypted in all kinds of Images and Likeness’s that the Human ‘Like’, which is like – Feelings, it’s very Big in Consumption, it’s very Big in how one Set-up the System, as how one Protect your Money, your Elitism, Education. I mean, Imagine that - going into University, getting a Degree and becoming a Professional Doctor or a Surgeon: is in fact an Encryption Code, within which you Protect your Image and Likeness; through which you then Accumulate your Good which is Money, Status, Position, Property and through which you then Allow Abuse on Earth…A Complete System Encrypted - How difficult does that to Break? It is virtually impossible, because: the one that has Encrypted it, Believe themselves to be the Image and Likeness of the Surgeon. They cannot Comprehend, that: what they have Created is of Value to Only Themselves and actually Creates Massive Harm, and is Causing Existence and Life to be Separated in Multi-dimensions of Massive Suffering and Abuse.

So – Understand, that: what we can Assist you with at Desteni are Only, approximately, 1% of the Task YOU have to do. We Assist you with the Important Points that you cannot find yourself. We have already Proven that no one on Earth can find it themselves. So, if you do not come and Walk with Desteni – you’re Not going to get through. That is part of your Encryption. You don’t want to be Part of a Group, because - that would Compromise your Ego, your own Encryption, your Self-Image; the fact that You Claim, in your Image and Likeness “YOU know what’s best for YOU”…Holy Mother. Do You have any idea what you say? You are Completely Programmed, and you Believe your Program So Completely that you Believe that that is ‘the Answer’, and that through the Program that Controls you - is the only way you can Find your Resolution that you can Redeem yourself? Do you Understand how Effective that Encryption is? That it is Impossible to break? Do you Understand What will Need to Happen in your Existence before you’ll Give-up your Encryption: It is Horror Beyond Horror.

Do you Really want to do this to yourself? Or do you want to Consider that there is a Way Out of the Encryption, which is to Base your Decisions on a Principle. A Principle to Always Act in a Way that is Best for All Life, to Always ‘Give as you would like to Receive’, to Ensure that the World System is Decrypted and to Become a System that Support All Life from Birth ‘till Death. It is that simple.
The Message of Jesus is an Decryption Code. He left it, 2000 years ago - but nobody could Decrypt it at that stage, because we had to Wait. “Three Days”, he said. We have done Two Days now. We are into the Third Day now, because each day is a 1000 years. Is it going to take us a 1000 years to Do this? Or are we going to be able to do this Faster? I say, we can do it Faster. We don’t have to take a 1000 years to do this, but - by all Technicalities, the Assessment of Jesus was that it will take 3000 years. After the Third Day, he has Risen from the Dead, and the Dead will walk amongst the Living. It’s Interesting Codes.

You better start Studying some Encryption. Have a look at all the Gurus and Masters of Spirituality and Consciousness: they have No Clue. They are simply Representing Encryption Codes of Images and Likeness’s to make sure - YOU Never Change, and you Serve their Self Interest. They do Not Present a New World System that is Best for All Life.
Understand - the Only Real Value is: Life. If you can’t Comprehend that and make sure that That becomes the Only Respected and Honoured and Protected thing on Earth: you are in Severe Trouble. And you are the Cause of All Harm that exist in every way and that has Always Existed. You are then, in fact, Evil - because you are against Life.

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