Tuesday 5 February 2013

Day 292: What is Real?

What is real cannot change. That is why the physical reality is real. That is why consequences exist HERE. If you can change your mind about something, it is NOT REAL --you must live it into reality like a breath taken --without the chance to change it--then it is real. That is why self forgiveness do not change reality--It change you and then you change THE FUTURE -- The past cannot change and in the NOW exist both the Past and the Future--unless you live it DIFFERENTLY so that change is PERMANENT --you have NOT CHANGED. Changing the mind is easy as it is NOT REAL -- Changing reality is the MOST difficult task that exist, because it is really happening RIGHT NOW everywhere and once it happens, it CANNOT CHANGE. Thus the necessity to create systems that produce PERMANENT CHANGE and to set yourself FREE from the ILLUSION of energy and the MIND through which you abuse REALITY causing UNCHANGEABLE consequences EVERY DAY 
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