Saturday 16 February 2013

Day 299: I Refused Enlightenment

I Refused Enlightenment, because: it is Proven through Time – Not to Produce a System of Respect for Life.
I Refused Spirituality, because: it is Proven through History and Time – Not to Produce a Result that is Best for All Life.
I Refused Religion, because: it is Proven that, through Time and History – it Produce No Respect for Life, or a System that is Best for All Life.
I Refused Atheism, because: it is Proven that it has No Intent to Ever Produce a World that is Best for All Life.
I Refused All Philosophy, because: All in every form has Proven that it is Not Intent on a Final Production of What is Best for All Life.

I Have had Extraordinary Experiences in my Life, where I was Offered – in conclusion to my Search and Application, and Dedication to Spirituality and Enlightenment - That which each Enlightened or ‘Intended Enlightened’ Being or Spirituality Being, Wished for and Desire for: A Direct Confirmation from ‘God’, that I have Achieved these Realisations, and Gifts to go with it; Gifts, that once Given - In Fact Manifested for Real in my Life. And once I’ve had all the Gifts and I’ve Applied them – I Refused this Gift from God, because this Gift was only Regurgitating the same stuff throughout History and Time, that Never Produced in any way Whatsoever a World that is Respectful of Life or that Reflects in any way that there is a Care, or a Love, or an Intent for Life on Earth to be in Harmony and to be in Co-Existence, and to be in Co-Creation.
And, at the Moment that I Refused That - obviously with the Consideration that ‘if God was Real, I would have to Face this, Face God, and God could do whatever God wish to, but that - I Cannot Find within myself the Justification to, in any way whatsoever, Represent a Message that, very Clearly, would Never Produce What is Best for All.

And, I Found that – of the Messages that is Available on Earth: there are Messages that, if Applied, would Produce a World that is Best for All Life. But, yet – All kinds of Groups and Cultures has been Formed around it, without Any Effect over Thousands of Years; and these are the Words of Jesus “Give as you would like to Receive”, “Do unto another as you would like to be done unto”. And, although these Words are Given Lip-Service – it is nowhere to be Found within the Lives of those that Give Lip-Service to this, in the Systems that they participate in as Politics, Economics, the Practical things of this World. And therefore, they Violate these Words and Actually, in the End, only Participate in the Violence of this World, without Any Intent to Ever Consider That Singular Gift, which is: Best for All.

I Accept that I am a Man, and that my Existence is a Single Breath at a Time. That Single Breath is What Gives me Life, and Who I Am within that Breath, What I Stand for, What I Participate in, and What I Bring-about for the Future of the World in Who I Am in my Dedication - Will Determine, Inevitably: What will Become of this World. And, I Invite you to Walk, Breath by Breath, Investigating Everything – Investigating All Things, as Jesus suggested, and to Only Keep that which Will Produce Goodwill for All Men: That which is Best for All Life.

Read the Blogs. Do the Research. And do Not let your Fear and your Attachment to the ‘Goods’, the Possessions, and the Inconveniences – or shall we rather say the ‘Conveniences’, that makes your life ‘easy’ – Stand in your Way.

Place yourself in the shoes of another, and make sure you are Willing to Live That Life.

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