Monday 25 February 2013

Day 308: The Children of the Law of One

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

They Share such Beautiful Words, and this Beauty in their Words is called “Wisdom” and even “Enlightenment”. The ‘Magnificence’ of this ‘Wisdom’, is that it ‘Lights’ the Mind up to such a Stage that one becomes Blind to Reality and then you Live as this ‘Light’ Only; and then, Generation upon Generation: Nothing Change. But, the Wisdom becomes, as it did eventually: the Bright Lights of the City, the Bright Lights of Consumerism, the Bright Lights of Having Money, the Bright Lights of a Greater Education, the Bright Lights of Intellect – and, over and over, the Message is Read of the Children of the Law of One…and No Change Take Place. Nothing.

You See, what Happens then, is that: these Very One’s that Embrace the Children of the Law of One’s ‘Wisdom’ – would Demonize the Practical, Actual Solution to How to Feed each-other, like - the Equal Money System, like the Principles of Equality that Desteni Represents. That would be Demonized, because you have Become the Demon-itself as the ‘Enlightened Light’ - Unable to See, that: you have Never, Actually, Understood Anything – you have Never gained Enlightenment, In Fact.
You have Only made the Mistake, the Age-Old Mistake: You have Progressed from Thesis to Anti-Thesis to Synthesis. And, through that Process – you have Created the Spiral, the Fibonacci Spiral. The Spiral on which Consciousness is Created; and you have Created the Mind, or actually – you’ve Created from the Body, the Mind and the Spirit – Three-in-One, and you have Separated the one from the other so Completely, that: by the Time you Reach the Spirit, which is the Soul or Enlightenment – you Regard the very Source, That which Gave you Life, as an ‘Illusion’. The Very Flesh that Is the Origin of Self – you Disregard, Completely.

And that is Why, at Desteni, we Went ‘Beyond the Veil’ and we Removed the Opposite of Thesis, which is ‘The-Is’, which is – That which we Removed, was: the Anti-Thesis, because That was Heaven, That was Beyond the Veil of Death - and the Synthesis that came from it, so that One have a Process that is Restoring Equality. A Process that Brings Heaven to Earth, which brings Thesis and Anti-Thesis as Equal, so that: the Synthesis is COMPLETION…the Very Process that is Not in Play throughout Time.

That is Why, if we Look at it: the Message of Desteni = is the Message of Jesus: “Give as you would Like to Receive”, “Do unto another as you would Like to be done unto”, “Investigate All Things, and Keep That which is ‘Best for All’” – “Best for All”, which is Obviously ‘Good’. Because, What is Best for All - is GOOD. So, therefore – they use the Word ‘Good’, because it was supposed to be Understood that the Word Good implies What is Best for All. Otherwise, it’s Not Good – is it? How can it be ‘Good’, if it’s Not Best for All?
But, Self-Interest and the Ego – took that, and made of that an Atrocity. In fact, Attacking and trying to Demonize and Destroy ANYTHING that would take the Desteni-Message to What is Best for All – to in fact Bring about a Practical Solution in ALL Dimensions, which must obviously Include the Origin, the Source of your Very Existence – which is the Earth.

You didn’t come from the Planets ‘Out There’ – you came from the Planet Earth. You’re not an Alien from another Planet, you’re an Alien from the Planet Earth. And, that is Why you’re an Alien on Earth that Destroy All the other Life Forms, because – you’re an Alien Invader. You only Look at your Own Self-Interest. You don’t regard the Other Life Forms that come from the same Source as you did, with the same Life Force that you have – as your Equal. They’re in fact far more than you, because they make your Existence Possible. You’re not making their Existence Possible. They don’t Need you. They can Exist without you…All of them. You can’t Exist without THEM.

And yet, you want to be the Master? Because, ‘apparently’ the Fact that you have ‘Intellect’, the fact that you have some form of ‘Individual Perception’, according to yourself - is Greater than All the Other Living Beings on Earth? Don’t you Realise, that they have Exactly the same, that they Communicate just like you, that they Exist just like you?

We’ll continue with the Children of the Law of One in the Next Post…

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