Thursday 28 February 2013

Day 311: The Secret to Self-Realisation

What is it that Spirituality, Religion, Psychology, Education, Parenting, Consumerism, Capitalism – is Focused on Preventing?

What is the ONE thing the Human Cannot FEEL, that is Actually the FIRST REAL FEELING that will be Experienced on the Journey to Self-Realisation as Life?

What is the ONE thing the EGO FEAR, as that is the Certain Way to End the EGO Forever?

What is Lacking in the Human that makes it Possible to Accept and Allow the World the Way it Exist without Making Any Substantial Attempt to Change the World?

What is the MISSING Ingredient that Prevents a World that is Best for ALL to be Created?

It is SHAME!

You will do Self Forgiveness and Write Every day, but without SHAME - you will Not Change, and it will All be in VAIN. Even PAIN will not Change Humanity. It will Only Be SHAME. SHAME will be the First REAL Physical Feeling, and Once You Change – You Rebirth as Life, you will Learn to FEEL for Real and be Really Alive.
Those that are of the Illusion as CONsciousness, can Feel No Shame! The Only Shame they Know is the Shame the System use to Keep one Enslaved. Real Shame is a Physical Realisation that Will Remain WITH You, As You, ‘TILL YOU CHANGE!

The NICE thing about SHAME, is that it is a Real Time Indicator as to Where you Are in Your Process. NO Shame yet, NO Change yet.
But, do Not Stop Self Forgiveness. Realise, that initially - Self-Forgiveness is Removing the Layers of Self Deception and suddenly, Shame will be HERE – then the Journey to Change Start. Then the Outcome is Certain. You WILL be Reborn as Life.

Do Not FEAR Shame. That is what Parents and the System use to Control you. Fear of SHAME. EMBRACE Shame, if you can Find it!
In the Shame you will See WHAT YOU ACCEPT and Allow and How that INFLUENCE and HARM others on a Level of Life – NOT the System. System Shame is to Not Pay your Debts – then you are blacklisted to Force you to Shame. That is Not Real Shame. That is Control, like a Parent Forcing a Child into Submission to Adhere to the System of Slavery. That is Why the Parent will Never teach the Child Real Shame, only the Shame of Slavery.

Real Shame is the Key to FREEDOM, the Key to Silence WITHIN, the KEY to LOVE, the Key to LIFE, the KEY to a New World, the KEY to Forgiveness, the KEY to Self-Honesty, the KEY to Intimacy, the Key to TRUST, the Key to Insight, the Key to the Universe, the KEY to Life.

Those without Real Shame, will attempt to Shame you to SHUT you UP – because they have no Shame. Pity them, because they have Lost Life Forever.

See the News – Every News Bulletin is All about SHAME – yet You will FEEL Nothing.

That was Why you Created Religion – To Have a Way NOT TO FEEL SHAME.

That is Why Heaven Existed. To Separate Oneself from SHAME.

That is Why the Soul was Created, to Justify Why SHAME Should Not be Experienced.

That is the NATURE of Spirituality, to Come up with Apparent Rational Explanations Why NO SHAME Exist, without Realising that with NO SHAME, NO Life is Possible, as Abuse will destroy Life, and Yet NOTHING – NO SHAME will exist.

That is Why Christians will Use the Blood of Jesus to Wash away SINS, because there is NO SHAME. All that is Shameful and HARMFUL to Life is Justified.

And NO Self-Regulation exist. Honesty is only Used to Regulate Adherence to the System. Self-Honesty as Self Realisation Self-Management and Responsibility to ensure that ALL have what you would want for yourself, simply Do Not Exist and with it Not Existing, Glaringly is ABSENT – SHAME.

Without Regret or Remorse, Every Human in every Moment is only Serving Self-Interest and Create False Images of Love and Light and Consciousness – standing before that which is Real, which is Life, which is Physical Substance, Right HERE. And Yet – NO SHAME.

No Human Have Ever Experienced REAL SHAME, as that will ENSURE that You WILL become Life. The LIE Persist.

Watch the Documentary OBEY to See to What Extent One will Go – Even Destroy the World, and Yet – NO SHAME will Exist. Because you are NOT Really Alive, that is Why you Harm.

That is Why you Cheat and the Shame you Feel when Caught, is Not Real SHAME – Real SHAME would Have been Enough to Prevent you from Cheating.

That is Why the Bulimic throw up – NO SHAME, only Self-Interest. And the Regret and Shame felt AFTER throwing up – IS NOT Real, it is the MIND, the False Ego Preparing the Way to Throw up again. Real SHAME would have Prevented the Indulgence of Self-Interest.

Those WITHOUT SHAME is NOT WORTHY of the Gift of Life – If you Need another to SHOW you How SHAMEFUL you are, you are LOST and what this Means is that You have LOST the Gift of Life. You have FAILED the TEST of Life – You are but an Illusion that soon will Return to Breath, and Life will be Gifted TO Another and it WILL NOT BE YOU!

Parents have NO SHAME as they Train their Children to be SHAMELESS – in so doing, Robbing their Children of the Gift of Life – There can be No Greater Atrocity, and Yet you will React to what state, as you Must, as Your Status is WITHOUT Shame, and thus Without Life.

This All will End as it Must – See the Grave Yard. There will be No Great World Calamity or World War. You FEAR to Lose the ILLUSION too Much. But your Illusion will be taken – In a Breath, Suddenly, Without Warning, and you Will Lose it All – Life – ALL you have Ever been. Such a SHAME…

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