Saturday 30 March 2013

Day 341: “I am an Entrepreneur”

“I am an Entrepreneur”, this is what a chap said to me in the car park, ‘hassling’ with some New ‘Magic Anti-Dust Wax’ for cars. So, I asked him: “What is an Entrepreneur?” He said to me: “It’s someone that does not Work, they get others to do the Work”. So, I asked him: “Does that not sound like a ‘Slave Master’?” He said: “Yes, I’m a Slave now, but I will Work my way up and Become the Slave Master. You have to Start at the Bottom to work ‘your way up’”

This ‘sorry sod’ is completely Convinced of the Validity of his Reasoning, and Who Taught him that? The Entrepreneur that got him to sell ‘Magic Promises’ in a car park, Paying him next to Nothing, having Hundreds of people doing it all over, while he at the top Makes a Lot of Money. That sounds like a Pyramid, isn’t it? Yes, the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ is where the Hope of your ‘Greedy Future Self’ Overrides your Present Common Sense, and you Believe that: You can Become ‘as Lucky’ and ‘as Successful’ as the Entrepreneur you’re slaving away for, without Any Possibility or certainty that it will In Fact Happen. But, just the Hope is Enough….
It is to come to Common Sense Reason and actually have a System that Do Not Force you into such a form of Dishonesty, which has a Massive Impact in your Integrity. Because, unless you are ‘Dishonest at the Bottom’, when you’re a Slave along with everyone else, you’re not going to be ‘Dishonest at the Top’, isn’t it? Because, at the Top, as the Entrepreneur, your Dishonesty has been veneered and polished so ‘Shiningly-Glorifyingly Beautiful’, that You can’t even Notice How you Lied Yourself to the Top, How you Cheated, How you have In Fact been ‘Just a Slave’ and that you are Still ‘Just a Slave’ – Now you’re a Slave to your own Dishonesty and you have to say: “But, I Am With Integrity, I am Not Dishonest!” But, Conveniently, you have Forgotten that you Started ‘At the Bottom of the Pyramid’ and Now it’s Convenient to tell others that ‘They must Start at the Bottom to Get to the Top’. But, No way will one consider that there could be ‘Another way.’

If you look at, for instance, Equality - you have an Interesting point, because: in Equality you Do Not Have the ‘Pyramid Scheme’ like you have with the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit,’ like you have in Politics, in Education, in Religion, in Capitalism and the Family Structure that is now in the world. They All Function by One Design Only: ‘the Pyramid Scheme’ – the one where Promises and Hopes are Used to Manipulate ‘the Many’ to keep on Serving ‘the Few’. In spite of the History of Humanity Showing that Very Few Ever Get to the Top - the Slaves at the Bottom keep on Praying to this particular Icon, ‘the Pyramid.’ Anyone Providing a Solution that Can Actually Work, suddenly is a ‘Pyramid Scheme’, because: “It’s too good to be true”.
Man! You don’t get it! The System you’re In now is Too-Good-To-Be-True, the ‘Hopes’ you have is Too-Good-To-Be-True , ‘Jesus Died for your Sins’ is Too-Good-To-Be-True, the fact that you’ll have a ‘Better Life (than others) in this world’ is Too-Good-To-Be-True, the Fact that Your Life is Secure in this world is Too-Good-To-Be-True - Everything you live now is Too-Good-To-Be-True and it’s Actually Proven already.

With Equality, The Law that Direct Equality - is an Individual Interaction with Each One, Individually Protecting Each One and with Equal Money - Individually Provide for Each One Sufficiently. With Equality, You Do Not have to Compete to ‘Get to the Top’, which means that: ‘Only the Winner Gets All and the Rest Are Losers’ as it now exists within the Current System. So, Most People are Losers, but Nobody wants to Hear it, because apparently: ‘You’re not a Loser if you have a ‘Positive Attitude’. ‘If You can ‘Think Positively’ then, apparently: ‘you’re Not a Loser’’. But, if You Look at the System, Predictably, as it Exist now: What is Certain? It is 99% Certain that You Will be a Loser, that you will Always be one and that You will Never Get to the 1%.
So, instead of having a ‘100% System’ which is Best For All - you want to Live in a 1% System, where it’s 99% Certain that You will Be and Will Remain a Slave, so will Your Children. ‘The Few’ that Live in Protected little Suburbs with Lots of Money, Big Cars and Beautiful Holiday Packages (and there are Few that Live like that): Those Few are What You Have to Respect and Try and ‘Emulate’…Isn’t there something ‘Mistaken’ with such Reasoning?

Is the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ Really such a ‘Big Thing’? Isn’t the Entrepreneurial Spirit those that come up with Solutions that is Best for All Life?
The Real Entrepreneurs of this World are Those of the Equal Money System, those of Destonian Integrity – that is a Level of Integrity. The word ‘Destonian’ is simply Describing People that Work for a Destiny that is Best for All Life and therefore, They Have the Integrity that Consider All Other Life Equally to their Own Life. Not being called a Destonian would be a Problem isn’t it? Because, a Destonian is a Word to be Proud of, a Destonian is a Person with Integrity, Somebody that Actually Care with Compassion and Empathy, someone that Understand the Living Word of Love, of Decency.

Those that are in All Ways Not Considerate of Other Life as Equal and that Want to Enslave - Will Always Attack Anything that would Provide a Solution and where They Will Lose their Control Over their Slaves. Understand that: Whomsoever has Made the Money in the System, utilizing a Pyramid Scheme, utilizing the Labor of Others - are In fact the Slave Masters that have step down. They are the ones that Will Fight and Try and Protect, they are the Ones that are the Lecturers at Universities, they are the ones that are in the Families that are Protected by Money and Position that is keeping this current Slave-Master / Master-Slave relationship within this current World System in place, without Change. Make Sure you Identify them and Bring them to Reason to consider/see there could be another way, the Equality Way, the Life Way.
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