Monday 18 March 2013

Day 327: GLAMOUR

The Work that is Not Visible, is More Important than the Work that is Visible. Those in Power Understand this. Jesus Understood that, because - he Emphasize Silence. That means: to Give in such a Way, that the Left Hand do not know what the Right Hand is doing - it’s a Complete Engagement, Understanding that what one Perceive of Reality, is Not about You, it’s Not about Glamour, it’s Not about Fame; that’s Why Nature Functions in Silence, that’s Why Nature Produce EVERYTHING the Human Requires to be Alive, in Silence - All-Powerful, without Seeking Glamour. Yet, the Human Only exist for Glamour, for Fame, the Desire to be Noticed, Looking for Attention.

It is Important that One Realise, that: it is the Skeletons in the Closet that is the Problem that you must Remove from your Life. That which you do in Silence, is the Key to a Solution on Earth, That which you do without getting any Form of Glamour, without getting any Form of Motivation by others, without getting any Attention.
That which you do in the Mind as Thought, as Feeling, as Emotion: That Determines what Happens on Earth, and What you THEN See - is the Actual Reflection of the Inner-Self.

Therefore, the Work Done where Nobody Notice you: is the Most Important Work you can Ever do. That should be the 99%, and the part that people See – must be the 1%. Then you have a Balanced Life. Then, you have the Potential to bring-about a Better World, where the 99% is work in Silence – doing what must be done to bring about a World that is Best for All Life. Are you Engaged in that – or do you have a Desire for Glamour and Fame?

Can you Walk Alone as That which is Best for All Life - Giving without Wanting to Receive? Giving, because you Understand: when All have Enough – you will also have Enough. That is the Principles of Equal Money Capitalism and the Foundation of Desteni.
And, as you Noticed: 99% and More do Not want to Hear what we have to Say, because they’re All Engaged in a Peculiar thing - the Search for Glamour, for Attention, for Recognition, for everything else, but What is Best for All Life; Only – “what is best for MYself”, Complete Self-Interest.

Join the Journey to Life. It takes Great Effort to Focus on What is Best for All Life, because the Preprogrammed Mind – That which Engage the Mind as the Corporate Image of the World, the Corpus, the Body of the World which is Capitalism and Consumerism, Glamour, Self-Interest: has Taken Complete Control of Existence on Earth, and is Tumbling Down – in a way, to Doomsday. And you are Part of it, you’re Allowing it, you’re Accepting it. But, Not only that: you’re Actually Doing it, by What you Engage within our Complete Education System, Religious System, our Economic System – every Part of our Systems on Earth are based in Glamour, Glorifying the Human, when the Human is Clearly Not Worthy of Glorification.
Glamourizing Intellect, when Intellect is Clearly Not That which Produce What is Best for All, but Only Do That which is Nothing less than a Crime – only Supporting the Few. And YET, What Self-Interest will do is Support Crime. To Not have Equality on Earth as What is Best for All Life: is a Crime, you Pay for that in the Halls of Judgment with your Life. Do you Understand the Implication of that? You Cannot Even Grasp it, at Death – because at the Very Moment of Death: Everything you’ve been as Self-Interest is Wiped-out Forever.

If you had ANY way of Accessing What is Beyond the Veil for Real: you would See this Immediately, and That is Why Desteni do what Desteni do - We have Seen what Really Happens at Death. We See it every day. We Engage with it Every day. We Understand the Problem. We are Here to Help you, and we are Here to Make you Aware that: Self-Interest is the very thing with which you Commit Suicide, where you take the Gift of Life and you Squander it.
Make sure you Understand the Problem, because you don’t get a Second Chance. Death is rather Permanent.

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