Tuesday 26 March 2013

Day 337: Why Do You Not Question the Authority of God?

This is quite an important Question, because as a Consumer, as a Human Being Part of a System of Consumption: if a product is created and it is Substandard, and in fact Not Effective in its Use for you - you will Question the Quality of its Production and you’ll ‘make a scene’ out of it, even going as far as going to court to ‘Claim Restitution.’

But, When the Products are You and your Children, Produced in a way that even our Science does not in fact comprehend – instead of Questioning our Self/Physical Production/Engineering, you seem to Immediately go into Fear, a Fear that you may Lose what you Have, you may be ‘Redistributed’ back to Dust. Therefore you come with the opposite of Fear to try and appease this Power that you Claim you ‘cannot understand’, and therefore you then end-up ‘Loving God’ out of Fear.
Instead of considering Questioning the Authority, because the Evidence of the Product produced shows that, certainly: the Intent was to Create something Substandard, something which would, in essence, Always be a Slave. Yet, you would not Challenge the Chains that bind you through Fear and Force you to create an Illusion like ‘Love’. Fascinating, because What Do You Have Got to Lose that you weren’t going to Lose Anyway!? You are Going to Lose your Life, You are Going to Lose your ‘Perception’ of Wealth – it’s Not ‘Yours’ in the first place, because it was Given to you. So, you can just as well Stand up and Question all of this.

To Claim that there is No Creator is Delusional, because: if there is No Creator, you should be able to Create that which you Claim was Not created by some ‘Greater Being’. But, you are Not Able to, which in All existing Technology shows that there Is an Engineer, a Producer, because the Human Body is an Engineering Marvel. It is something created, it forms and follows All the Rules of a Machine - a Very Advanced Robot, even with Awareness.
Yet, you are Unable to use the ‘Awareness’ that you claim you have to Question this ‘God,’ this ‘Creator’ that apparently, according to you, cannot be Understood. When it Can be Understood, because you are its Product and you can always understand the Producer through the Product. That’s why we can understand Parenting on Earth, because Parenting is that which puts the Software into the Child, it’s that which produces the Character and Personality of the child. So, we can Understand that the Parenting is Flawed, because we know where the Programming comes from. We can Understand that the Body/Physical Production and How it Functions is flawed, that Nature is flawed, because we can see it in its Result, in the way it Functions. We have Discernment, we can Discern between ‘Right and Wrong’ and ‘Good and Bad,’ and we can See the way the Human was made is Bad, the way Nature has been constructed is Brutal and Evil. The very Nature that Exists, is created in a way that Cannot Be Honoured.
Yet, through Fear, you can be Moved to Honour it and go into the Ultimate Form of Fear. The Ultimate Form of Fear where you Disregard the Evidence and you Create, through/within your Mind, a ‘Space’ where you only see the Good and call it ‘Love’, then you Claim that That is ‘Real’. That’s actually, psychologically speaking, a form of Extreme Delusion. You are a Danger to yourself and Society at large, and because of your fear (and you will defend this with Fear as well): you are apparently ‘Not Worthy’ and Not able to Challenge the Creator.

The only Reason you’re not willing to Challenge the Creator, being Fear, is that: you are unable to understand the Construction, the Production of the Self/Physical – but, let me Share with you that it can be understood. Yes it’ll take Time, unfortunately, because you have been ‘Dumbed Down’ to a Level where it Serves the Purpose of Slavery. But, we have reached a Stage on Earth where it is Possible to ‘Break’ this Slavery, to Actually understand That which exists on Earth and to take care of the Part that we are Now able to change, and upon Death - you can Face the Rest of Your Maker and See for yourself if it was ‘Worth Honouring.’

That is why the Desteni Portal, in a way, is Possibly the Greatest Miracle Ever on Earth. Imagine what we’re able to Change and Research if this was Done in a Proper Way. A proper way, meaning Having Access to All that is now on Earth, the Scientists, the Teachers, the Experts – so that they (beings from the Afterlife, through the Portal) can Assist them to Understand what they are dealing with, with Great Specificity, so that we can Re-Create what is on Earth into What is Best for All. But, instead of it being seen as a Great Opportunity, those that are in Fear claim: ‘It’s Impossible’, because they have a pre-conceived Idea of ‘How it Should Work’ – but, it doesn’t work that way.
I remember the first moment the Portal opened and the first beings that came through. I was in a form of Shock, because I did Not Expect it in the way it came and I had to immediately redress my preconceived ideas about it. Because, in a way, I was Programmed through being exposed to Deep-Trance channels and Mediums over years, and suddenly we had Free Access into the multi-dimensions of Existence. That means, we can look at things in the way it Really exists, what’s Really Here - and that took some time to Break through All the preconceived ideas, we understand that – but, You Have the Evidence of What we are saying Around you in this society Every Single Day, Every Single Breath, you have the evidence of what we share.
The only thing that Stands in the Way of your Understanding of this, to Challenge this and to bring about a Better Society: is You, no one else.

In the ‘Beyond’, I challenged God, so to speak, or that which was ‘God’ – and I’m still Here: Evidence that it doesn’t have to Cost your Life. It doesn’t make me anything ‘Great’: I am Just a Man, a Man that Cares about Life, which means: that Part of You that ‘Could be Life’. That part of you that could be life, doesn’t exist as such yet, because: You have Never Honoured it. But, I’m saying that You can, that You Can In Fact Change your Nature.
I have Changed my Nature and so have many more, you can check the Journey to Life Blogs as people Walk their Process of Change and you will start Seeing, if you Dare to Investigate, Profound changes that start happening in People over time.
This Process takes Time, because this ‘particular creation’ is subject to Time and what we have in this world is based on Time, which is History. If one look at the history in its Actual Evidence of How it really happened, we can establish the problems with clarity and we can Fix it. But, If we use our Cognitive Disinformation way of constantly wanting to Deceive others, because we want to believe we are ‘better’ in some way, then: we’re going to rewrite History in a way that is Not the Real Evidence, which is Effective to Support us in Changing the World.

We’ll continue with “Why Do You Not Question the Authority of God? (Part 2)” in the Next Post
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