Wednesday 20 March 2013

Day 329: When Anonymous Acted like Hitler on Quora

On Quora there is an Academic Internet Mob. Yes, the Saga continues. There have been New Developments. One person on Quora Spoke up in the Face of the Mob, a member of Quora and was Immediately Attacked, Bullied and Harassed by his Former Fellow Quorans. And, who was at the Forefront other than our Dearest Internet Troll.

Now, what is Fascinating about the Internet Troll – is that he stepped right into it this Time. He has tried to link us to Hitler as if we are apparently Nazi’s and I am apparently the one who Controls the Groups, while we have Only Impressed upon people, that Hitler will Inevitably have to be Forgiven if we are to Move-on from our Past on Earth. We have also Stated that Hitler has the Same Right to Forgiveness as everyone else, which is obviously, Self-Forgiveness. And yet, Anonymous has Shown that One Person can Sweep up a Mob with Words and can make them Dangerous. Where they do not Actually Investigate All Things and make an Independent Analysis but instead, they Simply Follow - and like in a Religious Conversion, they turn into a Lynch Mob - Even turning on their own, if they Dare to Question.

If one Looks at this: the Quoran that spoke up did not speak up for Desteni, he spoke up for his Own INTEGRITY and stood FIRM on that. That is what Integrity looks like. Someone who Investigates for themselves, and that does not just Follow ‘Mr Anonymous Hitler’ who is Applying the Trade that is Now being used around the World of Propaganda, Control, Information, and Misdirection - using Misinformation to take advantage of the Fears of the Filters which have been Inserted through Media, Hollywood, Education, Parenting and Religion – to get people to turn into a Mindless Mob.

Here is the Conversation on Quora for the Sake of Posterity, because it may disappear:
As examples:
“A quick google search would not do this. I am not part of the American lynch mob mentality. I am British, where we believe that someone is innocent until proven guilty.
I spent a couple of hours reading their site and asking around.
No one tried to sell me anything, which the Hare Krishnas would.”

List of Cults:
“•             1. Aba Vangh
               2. Abrasax (Institut)
               3. Action Évangelique de Pentecôte (AEP) [Evangelical Action of Pentecost]
               4. Adventistes du 7e Jour [Seventh-day Adventists]
               5. Amish
               6. Ananda Marga
               7. Ange Albert (Glaube und Hoffnung) [Angel Albert (Belief and Hope)]
               8. Anthroposophie (Société Anthroposophique en Belgique) [Anthroposophy (Anthroposophical Society in Belgium)]
               9. Antoinisme (culte antoiniste)
               10. Aoum [Aum Shinrikyo]
               11. Assemblée Viens et Vois [Come and See Assembly]
               12. Assemblées de Dieu [Assemblies of God]
               13. Association Centre Saint-Michel A.S.B.L. [Saint Michael Centre Association (asbl)]
               14. Association (du Saint-Esprit) pour l'Unification du Christianisme mondial (Moon) [The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (Sun Myung Moon)]
               15. Association Égoïque [Ego Association]
               16. Association Internationale pour la Conscience de Krishna (AICK ou ISKCON) [International Society for Krishna Consciousness or ISKCON)]
               17. Association Maître Supreme Ching Hai [Association of the Supreme Master Ching Hai]
               18. Atlantide ou Ambassade de la Paix [Atlantid or Embassy of Peace]
               19. Au Cœur de la Communication (ACC) [At the Heart of Communication]
               20. Auram
               21. Axe Holistique [Holistic Axis]
               22. Baha'ie (La Foi Mondiale) [Bahá'í (the World Faith)]
               23. Ban Thai Laos
               24. Bhagwan (ou mouvement Neo Samyas) [Bhagwan (or Neo Samyas movement)]
               25. Brahma Kumaris
               26. Broeder Gregorius [Brother Gregory]
               27. Caillou (La communauté du) ou les «Jeudis du Caillou» ou «La Communauté de la Cité»
               28. Calvary Christian Center
               29. Capital Worship Center
               30. Église céleste du Christ ou Église du Christianisme céleste [Celestial Church of Christ]
               31. Centre Paradigme [Paradigm Center]
               32. Centrum «De Reiziger» ["De Reiziger" Center]
               33. Chevaliers du Lotus d'Or (Mandarom) (Association du Vajra triomphant) [Knights of the Golden Lotus (Mandarom) (Triumphant Vajra Association)]
               34. Christian Church
               35. Church Universal and Triumphant
               36. Clier A.S.B.L. [Clier asbl]
               37. Compagnie Chevaleresque de Saint-Michel [Knightly Association of Saint Michael]
               38. Contre-Reforme Catholique (ligue de) [The League for Catholic Counter-Reformation (CRC)]
               39. CORAEN (Centrum voor de Opsporing, Registratie en Analyse van Elfennesten)
               Cor Unum (see Ordre du Divin Sacré Coeur)
               40. Coven Thot [Thot Coven]
               41. Cristal A.S.B.L.[Crystal asbl]
               42. De Ark [The Ark]
               43. De Geestelijke Kracht [Spiritual Power]
               44. De Groep (un psychologue) [The group (a psychologist)]
               45. Deva-Light
               46. Dynarsis Institute
               47. EBS – De Werter Loge
               48. ECK (Energo-Chromo-Kinese) ou Énergo 8 internationale [ECK (Energo-chromo-kinetics) or Energo 8 International]
               49. École de Philosophie [School of Philosophy]
               50. Ecoovie
               51. Église Catholique Apostolique Gallicane Traditionnelle [Traditional Gallican Apostolic Catholic Church]
               52. Église de Jésus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours (Mormons) [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(Mormons)]
               53. Église de la Pentecôte Bethel [Church of the Bethel Pentecost]
               54. Église de Scientologie [Church of Scientology]
               55. Église du Christ de Bruxelles (dépendant de l'Eglise du Christ de Boston) [Brussels Church of Christ (subsidiary of the Boston Church of Christ ]
               56. Église Évangélique Libre [Free Evangelical Church]
               57. Église Gnostique Lucifer Christ [Lucifer Christ Gnostic Church]
               58. Église Internationale du Christ [International Churches of Christ]
               59. Église Jésus-Christ de Vérité [Jesus Christ Church of Truth]
               60. Église Néoapostolique [New Apostolic Church]
               61. Église Universelle de Dieu (Eglise Mondiale du Christ) [Universal Church of God (Worldwide Church of Christ)]
               62. Église Universelle du Royaume de Dieu [Universal Church of the Kingdom of God]
               63. Élégance Continentale [Continental Elegance]
               64. Elewout Centrum [Elewout Center]
               65. Emin Foundation (originally "Church of Eminent Way")
               66. Énergie Humaine et Universelle (HUE): Institut Européen de Recherche de l'Énergie Humaine et Universelle IEREHU) [Human and Universal Energy (HUE): European Research Institute for Human and Universal Energy IEREHU]
               67. Evangelische Christenen [Evangelical Christians]
               68. Éveil de la Conscience [Waking of the Conscience]
               69. Ex Deo Nascimur [From God we are born]
               70. Fédération et Union Spirites Belges [Belgian Spirits Federation and Union]
               71. Fellowship Friends Renaissance
               72. Filiation Solazaref
               73. Fraternité Blanche Universelle (FBU) [ Universal White Brotherhood; compare Great White Brotherhood ]
               74. Friends Of Edo (F of E)
               75. Gemeente van Christus [Parish of Christ]
               76. God's River Ministries
               77. Groep ter Verering van de Wenende Madonna van Bohan [Group for Honoring the Weeping Madonna of Bohan]
               78. Groupe de Recherche et de Fondation en Analyse Existentielle [Research and Training Group in Existential Analysis]
               79. Het Gereformeerde Evangelisatie Centrum Essen [The Essen Reformed Evangelization Center]
               80. Het Werk (L'Oeuvre) [The Work]
               81. Het Zwarte Licht [The Black Light]
               82. Horus
               83. Humana
               84. I Am
               85. Iatrosophie [Iatrosophy]
               86. INDIP (Institut de développement et d'intégration de la personne) (centre primal) [INDIP (Institute for the Development and Integration of the personality) (primary centre)]
               87. Insight Benelux (intermédiaire de Insight Educational Institute, en Californie) [Insight Benelux (associated with Insight Educational Institute, in California)]
               88. Institut Gnostique d'Anthropologie (IGA) [Gnostic Institute of Anthropology (IGA)]
               89. Institut Gurdjieff [The Gurdjieff Foundation]
               90. Institut Yeuntenling A.S.B.L./Tibetaans Instituut V.Z.W. (Karma Sonam Gyamtso Ling)
               91. Ishtar
               92. IVI (Invitation à la vie intense) [IVI (Invitation to Intense Life)]
               93. Jain Association
               94. Jiddu Krisna Murti
               95. Kapel van het Allerheiligste Sacrament [Chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament]
               96. Katalys A.S.B.L. [Katalys asbl]
               97. Kreative Energie [Creative Energy]
               98. Kripalu Yoga
               99. La Famille ou Association des communautés missionnaires chrétiennes indépendantes [ The Family or Association of Independent Christian Missionary Communities]
               100. La Licorne de Jade [The Jade Unicorn]
               101. La Lunaire [The Lunary]
               102. La Paideutique
               103. La Parole de Jésus [The Word of Jesus]
               104. La Ramonette
               105. La Voie de la Lumière [The Way of Light]
               106. Landmark Education
               107. Le Hêtre
               108. Le Mantra d'Hasom [The Mantra of Hasom]
               109. Le Patriarche [The Patriarch]
               110. Le Rassemblement Europeen Ouvriers du Christ [The Workers of Christ European Rally]
               111. Les Adorateurs du Nombril du Soleil [Worshippers of the Navel of the Sun]
               112. Les Alchimistes [The Alchemists]
               113. Les Amis de l'Homme (à l'origine «L'Ange de l'Eternel») [The Friends of Man (originally "The Angel of the Eternal")]
               114. Les Assemblées des Frères Darbystes
               115. Les Croix de la Nouvelle Babylone [The Crosses of the New Babylon]
               116. Les Matsya A.S.B.L.
               117. Loge Noire [Black Lodge]
               118. Longo-Mai
               119. Maitreya (BAHA)
               120. Meditation Transcendentale [Transcendental Meditation]
               121. Messias Concern [Messiah Concern]
               122. Miroir Solaire [Mirror of the Sun]
               123. Mission d'Arès [Ares Mission]
               124. Mouvement du Graal [Grail Movement]
               125. Mouvement Humaniste (Le Mouvement) [Humanist Movement (The Movement)]
               126. Mouvement Raëlien Belge [Belgian Raelian Movement]
               127. Nació dos Muchachos [Nation of Guys]
               128. Noire Eau [Black Water]
               129. Nouvelle Acropole [New Acropolis]
               130. Oasis of Mellie Uyldertstichting [Oasis of Mellie UyldertFoundation]
               131. Ogyen Kunzang Chöling (OKC)
               132. Opstal
               133. Opus Dei
               134. Ordre de la Pleine Lune [Order of the Full Moon]
               135. Ordre de la Rose-Croix [ Order of the Rose Cross ]
               136. Ordre des Chevaliers du Temple, du Christ et de Notre-Dame (OCTCND) ou Fraternité Johannite pour la résurgence templière [Order of Knights of the Temple, of Christ and of Our Lady (OCTCND) or Johannite Fraternity for TemplarRenewal]
               137. Ordre du Divin Sacré Cœur (Cor Unum) [Order of the Divine Sacred Heart (Cor Unum)]
               138. Ordre du Temple Solaire [Order of the Solar Temple]
               139. Ordre Vert Druidique et de la Fraternité du Soleil Celtique [Druidic Green Order and Order of the Fraternity of the Celtic Sun]
               140. OSMTH/OSMTJ (Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem) [OSMTH/SMOTJ: Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem]
               141. Paramahansa Yogananda
               142. Payot Marie Blanche
               143. Pere Samuel [Father Samuel]
               144. Pluk De Dag (Centrum der Duizend Zonnen) [Seize the Day (Centre of the Twelve Suns)]
               145. Power
               146. Quadratoquintillia
               147. Religieus Genootschap der Vrienden Quakers [Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)]
               148. Renouveau Charismatique [Charismatic Renewal]
               149. Sahaja Yoga
               150. Satansekte [Satan cults]
               151. Sathya Sai Baba
               152. Savoir pour Être [Know in order to Be]
               153. Selfrealisation Fellowship [ Self-Realization Fellowship ]
               154. Servanta
               155. Shin Boedhisme (Jodo Shinso) [Shin Buddhism Jodo Shinshu)]
               156. Shri Ram Chandra Mission
               157. Siddha Shiva Yoga [Siddha Yoga]
               158. Sierra 21
               159. Sint Egidiusgemeenschap [Community of Sant'Egidio | The Community of Saint Giles]
               160. Soefi Beweging [ Sufi movement ]
               161. Soka Gakkai
               162. Ster van David (Huis Maria van Bethlehem) [Star of David (Mary of Bethlehem House)]
               163. Stromen van Kracht [Streams of Power]
               164. Sûkyô Mahikari
               165. Summit Light House
               166. Sunnatarem Belgium Natural Dubdist Meditation Center
               167. Szatmar
               168. T'ai chi
               169. Tao Yoga
               170. Teblig
               171. Témoins de Jehovah [ Jehovah's Witnesses ]
               172. Terre d'Enneille
               173. The Elijah Mohammed Foundation
               174. Theosofie V.Z.W. (Geüniëerde loge van Theosofen) [Theosophy non-profit organization (United Lodge of Theosophists)]
               175. Theravada
               176. Trans-Mutations
               177. Trois Saints Cœurs [The Three Holy Hearts]
               178. Vahali (I Am)
               179. Thérapeute Yvo Van Orshoven (A.S.B.L. Esse) [The therapist Yvo Van Orshoven (Esse non-profit organisation)]
               180. Verbond van Vlaamse Pinkstergemeenten [Union of Flemish Pentecostal Churhes]
               181. Vibration Cœur [Vibrating Heart]
               182. Vrij Evangelische Kerkgemeente [Free Evangelical Church Community]
               183. Wat Asokaran [Wat Asokaram]
               184. World Federation For Spiritual Healing
               185. Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
               186. YSS [ Yogoda Satsanga Society of India ]
               187. Zen
               188. Zida Yoga
               189. Zwarte Madonna - Satanskerk [Black Madonna - Church of Satan]”

So, this Mr Anonymous who is Acting like a Hitler – Sweeping up a Mob and Converting them to his Words, is in fact a Demonstration of the Creation of a Cult In an Instant - that’s quite Amazing. You see, because our Dear Internet Shills are well-trained in How to Manipulate people – because they’re getting Paid for it. (For reference regarding Paid Internet Trolls – see this Post). They have to Earn their Money and therefore, they must Use and Produce Results – especially on people who have been Prepared for such things, through Education, as Noam Chomsky so Clearly Explained. (For reference regarding Noam Chomsky – see this Post)

So, people, Quorans - you have had an Example of What it is that is Really going on Inside you. You are not in fact in Charge of your Own Thoughts, your Own Feelings, your Own Emotions. You are Simply Programmed to Follow a System. You don’t have Integrity. You don’t have Commonsense. You don’t have Critical Thinking Abilities. You’re only Following the System of Control – because THAT is in Control - and, this has been Demonstrated APTLY – so that one COULD, if one has some Integrity: STOP and Help yourself and Break the Brainwashing.

Now, here to Note is that: everybody is Acting in Self-Preservation. Hitler Acted in Self-Preservation. The German people Acted in Self-Preservation. In the Revenge that the Jews are taking on the Germans about this – they are Acting in Self-Preservation. And the Jews holding the Palestinians in Gaza, is an Act of Self-Preservation. The Acts of Mr Anonymous is Self-Preservation, because he’s doing it for Money and for Building his Own Self-Ego. And, the same happened with the Quorans – Acted in Self-Preservation, Preserving the Ego, Preserving their ‘way of life’, which is All Actually just a Mental Condition. The Fact that for instance, Mr Anonymous so effectively Demonstrate How Hitler Functions in a Modern-Society and where a Single Person just with Words and Fear can Generate a Total Mob that will Act like a Cult - and All of these people are apparently Highly Educated: just Shows the Reality of our Current Level of Brainwashing that Exist in this World. All of you have to Consider Forgiveness, because – you are All Acting in ways that is Not Best for All on Earth and therefore, you are Part of the Problem on Earth. Realising that is the Beginning of Change. Realising that is Actually very Powerful, because you can Then Find out what Real Integrity is and what Power is: The Power of Self Forgiveness, the Power of Self Honesty. Investigate Desteni, and Equal Money, and Set yourself Free from your Fears.

So, a Last Word for Mr Anonymous: what you are doing on Quora is a Crime. In South Africa it’s called “Crimen injuria” in getting the Group to participate in it, the Quorans – make of them Criminals. It is interesting that your Actions has Lead to a Point where the Destonians are called a “Religious Group”. In South Africa Religious Groups have extreme Protection under the Bill of Rights with the Equality Clause. You are misleading others, and you are Taking people with you. They’re not Innocent, unfortunately – because: they should have had some Integrity. They didn’t. Should come and Visit us in South Africa, so that we can Introduce you to a Constitutional Democracy where Minority Rights are Protected. The only Problem we have in South Africa is Crime because of a Lack of Money….the Wonders Equal Money can do for that.  

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