Sunday 3 March 2013

Day 313: Feng Shui your Life, Feng Shui the World

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Feng Shui has become quite a Fashion in the World, especially of the Wealthy. I have worked with Specialist Feng Shui People, known them, watch them Operate – and, the Key Ingredient to their Success: is a Customer with Money. No Money = No Feng Shui. Very, very Spiritual…

So, let’s look at the Problem of Feng Shui and Why the Way Feng Shui now Functions in the World, In Fact - is to the Detriment of Life in general, and specific. How do we Know it? It is Simplistic: Feng Shui as it is Now Applied, is Done so in Consideration of the System as it Now Exists. There will be for instance, Specific points where things would be Placed, Mirrors will be Placed, frogs with a Coin in the mouth will be Placed – to Help with Money-Flow, or to Stop Money from Running away….So many Aspects of Money.
Strange that the Masters of Feng Shui should Worry about How to make the Few Wealthy, instead of Looking at How can Everyone in the World be Wealthy - Where you don’t have to Worry about Money running away, or your Luck Running Out.

I mean, what is Luck, but getting Money? Luck is the Casino, isn’t it? Luck is, Winning. Luck is, Not Being the Best. Luck is Not about What is Best for All.
If Luck is Applied according to Labour under Correct Knowledge, then - we Should be Creating a World that is Best for All. If we Feng Shui the World, by Placing all our Resources in a Way that it Supports All Life, Effectively, and make sure that Everyone has what is Required for Any Living Being on Earth to have a Successful Life – Confirming that God’s Creation is a Success: Then, we should Feng Shui the World in a Way that is Proper. We should Not Harm the World, purely for Profit. We should Manage it, so that All Living Things can Live a Life of Worth. That would be REAL Feng Shui. Because, according to that: One will then Feng Shui your Life to Fit-Into a World that is Feng Shui’d into a Way that is Best for All Life.

So therefore, I would Dare All Feng Shui Masters and All that Claim that they’re doing ‘Good’ using Feng Shui: To Really do some Inner-Investigation, I would dare to use the Word ‘Soul Searching’ – because, I mean, the Soul you’ve Created is Not a Soul Worth Having. So, you should actually Search for your True Soul – which is the Soul of Life. You’ve Missed it. That’s Why you would do things for Money – you would not do it for What is Best for All Life. THAT is Like a Strange thing, to Claim Spirituality – when the Real Reason behind it all, is: That you’re Doing it Just for Money.

And, go and Investigate – What is Behind Feng Shui, the Role Money Plays in it. And Money, as it Now Exist, as we Will All well Understand - is the Root of All Evil. So, you’re Aligning your Clients and yourself with All Evil? Which means Complete Separation, which means you have to Look after your Self-Interest while others Suffers - and while they Suffer, you must Feel Nothing…that Is Evil, isn’t it? Feng Shui’d Evil – under the Disguise of Spirituality. And, this is being Allowed.
Is this not just Confirming a Simple Fact, as Desteni has been Explaining: That Even the Greatest Masters on Earth, is just Brainwashed. And that your Success Depends on How many people Feel Good when you do something for Them, which will Serve their Self-Interest, which will Give them an Idea that: they on a Self-Level will be ‘Better-off’ without having to make Any Effort to bring about a World that is Best for All.

So, please – Dear Masters of Feng Shui and Users of Feng Shui: Let’s Feng Shui the World to What is Best for All Life, and then you can Virtually Forget about most of the things that is Currently Taught in Feng Shui, because it won’t be Needed. Everybody will have enough, Money won’t run away, Luck won’t Run Out – I mean, All the things that is so ‘Important’ and that makes Feng Shui a Sellable Idea: will be Gone. So, the Consumerism of Feng Shui will End.

Isn’t it Fascinating, that one could Not See the Simplicity…

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