Sunday 10 March 2013

Day 319: Spiritual Obedience - Children of the Law of One (Part Nine)

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

The implication of Spirituality, especially since the 1970s – is that it is in Fact an Extension of the Current form of Capitalism and Control in the World. To Understand this, watch the Documentary ‘Obey’. ‘Obey’ seems to be the Backbone of Occupy Wall Street – it is not a Solution to the World-Problem, but it is necessary to Educate yourself and realise that Spirituality in itself in all its Facets, its Total Development, is an Extension of the Principle of Obedience and has been developed therefore and Supported therefore in the Printed Media and in other Visual of Media Forms – simply because of its Effectiveness to keep the Populus Obedient. And all the Implications within it, is Vested in Obedience.

Now this is my Personal Experience – directly with this. When I first wrote the book, ‘Virus Free Mind’, in roughly 1998 – it was later on Self-Published – but First I went the route of getting a Publisher. For that I had to get an Editor, and there the Journey started that was Most Amazing. The Editor was editing the book – a book that was written by Very Specific Structured Words – immediately to Fit-in with the Corporations that Print the Books and if you had to see the Massive Amounts of Changes they wanted, to Fit-in with what People Like apparently – it was Changing the Total Context of the Book, to give a ‘Happy Message’ instead of the Truth.

Understand that when an Author is writing a book like for instance the Children of the Law of One – there is Changes made to it, it is not just Published. This is with every Spiritual Book. All the Great Spiritual Gurus, they’re in it for the Money! They’re busy with Marketing, they’re busy with the Principle of Selling Obedience to the System so that you can Accept the World the Way it Is and therefore Spirituality in its Development was a very Great Asset to keeping the Populus Enslaved.

And if you are Falling for it, it’s not just because you’re falling for it as it is something that is ‘Non-Violent’ and ‘Happy Feelings’ – it’s also because you have been Programmed to Fall for it. And you don’t understand how Simplistic things within your Own Mind Functions, you don’t Understand how your Created your Mind, you were not Born with a Mind, you don’t Understand how you Create Thoughts – you were Not Able to Think when you were Born. You don’t Understand how you’re able to Feel, you were Not Able to Feel when you were Born. You didn’t have any Emotions when you were Born – those are all things that were Created Through Time – that eventually Took on what you Term today The Big Con: Consciousness.

CON-Sciousness: The Vehicle of Obedience. And therefore you will Not See Spiritual People Stand Up for a World to Change. You will see them Accepting and Embracing the World and Justifying it and being the Great Passive Crowd that speak Great Things Seeking Self-Interest, Seeking Happiness, Pleasure, Fulfilment – But Not what is Best for Life, that doesn’t Exist.

Spirituality in Fact, is the Worst Possible Position a Being can be in, because you are Blind and Deaf, Deaf and Dumb in every way possible: You cannot Hear. The Very First Moment when I Broke Through the Control of the Mind and I was speaking to the First Spiritual People – not a Single one could even Hear a Word I was saying, everyone went into Violent Reaction – Can you believe that? Actual Violent Reaction – All Beings of Love went into Hate immediately.

A Polarity Reaction Proving immediately that All that they’ve ever said about Love was just a Lie, they didn’t Understand that they were Programmed actually into Opposites, that what they Love is in Fact their Hate and immediately I was Hated. A Fascinating Experience.

We’ll Continue with this…
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