Monday 1 April 2013

Day 343: The Internet is the Global Mind (Part 2)

We will be walking this Global Mind and the Soul of Humanity as the Internet, Information and Knowledge - to Demonstrate, as we all already have for the last few years, How it functions.

All the Nasty messages You Receive on YouTube or on other social networks,  is In Fact the backchat that is happening Inside the Human. In those cases, the backchat has Already ‘become Physical,’ that means the person is Already Possessed by (Mind/Consciousness) Demonic Forces beyond his/her understanding. These things Will Escalate, because they have been given ‘Free Reign’ by the Very Person that Created those Nasty Thoughts, those Nasty Words and is willing to Address it like knives and weapons at other humans, at other beings - certainly the Stupidity to consider that that will Not Return in Kind Many-fold…Unfortunately, there is no solution that will stop the consequences, there is No Forgiveness. No Matter How Many ‘Jesus’s die on a Cross’ and How many times you ‘drink his blood,’ you are Not going to be Free from Consequence. (For more perspective regarding why/how we’re not going to be ‘free from consequence’, but have to face it, walk through it and change – read: Manifested Consequence)
You can Change Yourself through Self Forgiveness and Establish Self Honesty – but, that is Normally Beyond the character of most, because Your Character Only exists as a ‘Workstation’ in a System that requires you to be a Slave. So, a Slave cannot do Self Forgiveness, because a Slave has No ‘Self’. Therefore, the Slave Can only Hope for Forgiveness, because there is apparently a ‘Higher Power’ than the Self – so sad.

Those that ‘Claim’ to be ‘Self’, but they cannot do Self Forgiveness are Not In-Fact ‘Self’ - they are only their own creation. You Cannot Create Yourself in Isolation – Everyone Else is Part of You. That is what the Internet is Demonstrating: Whatever you Allow in it is Who You Are, Whatever you Justify in it is Who You Are, Whatever You Give ‘the Right to Exist’ in it is Who You Are. It Exist because You Gave it the Right to Exist.
So, if Hate is Allowed - You are the one that is Hating. If Abuse is Allowed - You are the one that is Abusing, because you are Allowing it to Exist, You Gave Permission for it and therefore, You Are responsible. Not Only in terms of the Direct Responsibility, but indirectly as well - that means: what Your Permissions Allow to Happen to Others up to the 6th and the 7th and the 8th and the 10th generation, of those who are Affected by your Permissions: Will Return to you.

If you understood anything about Quantum Mechanics/ the Quantum Mind/ the Quantum Physical/ Quantum Reality, You would Understand why and you would not dare to Open your Mouth, or Put Pen to Paper, or Speak a Word, or Think a Thought without first Investigating the Consequences, because: The Future is Yours that You Created.
And, as you well know, in Science - Energy does not Exist in Isolation, No Movement Exists in Isolation, it Exist in Relationships. You cannot Do a thing Without ‘the Butterfly effect,’ without it Affecting Everything. You are in this World, because: You Have No Responsibility, No Integrity and because you have Never Cared about Life in the Universe throughout All Time. You are, in a way, in a Prison. A Prison you created for yourself. You’re Not Going to Get out of This one…not here or in the hereafter without facing consequence, taking responsibility for it and changing for oneself and so for all as self.

So, as part of the process - to Find within Yourself a ‘spec of life’ and eventually Birth Yourself as the Tree of Life to ‘Bear the Fruit of Life’: You’re going to have to Change the Constitution of Yourself, you’re going to have to Genetically Modify yourself as Organism, become a GMO, Modifying yourself to That Which is Best for All Life. If you don’t, you’re Doomed by Yourself and Only You are Responsible. Even those Affected by Others, You Remain Responsible to What Happens ‘Within you’, Who you are, What you Allow or What you Accept – that is simple Science, it is Mathematics, it is the Function of Reality.
As we have Reached the Time where Whatever Man decides will have less and less effect, and the Consequences of the Quantum Reality will take Greater Effect: Do Not Wait ‘till Consequence Overwhelms you, because then the chances of Using this Life for What it Should be Used to Change yourself, to Truly Realize Yourself - will be Lost. And the Life that Was Given Will be Taken in a Single Breath - Exactly like it happened to everyone that’s gone before you. And exactly as it happened with Everyone that’s gone before you, that you cannot Find out ‘What Happened to them’ - Ever wondered Why? You wouldn’t believe it Anyway, because You Know, In Fact, that: when you look into Somebody’s eyes you can See the Life Force. Then, I Dare you to Look into a Dead person’s eyes and you’ll See There is ‘Something Missing’. That ‘Something that’s Missing’: is called Life. It’s gone somewhere, it’s No Longer In the Body – but, Understand: there is a Consequence for what you Allow, You Do Not get Away with it - Ever.

So, Join Us in this Journey to Explore the Global Mind as the Internet. Realize, that: for your Discernment - the Body of Man, the Mind and the Spirit of Man is on Display in this World, to Demonstrate ‘Who You Are’ and to Show that You Do Not Have Integrity, You Do Not Value Life.
Probably, if we Dare to say this: in a Show of Mercy, the Universe Gave you a Chance - a ‘Measured’-Chance. You only have so many Breaths. If you, What you and How you Accumulate these Breaths - determines Everything. Do Not Waste Any of them, because you will Notice One Thing is Certain: You Do Not Get a Breath Back Once it’s Gone and to try and ‘Make up Breaths’ that You’ve Wasted, Really is Not easy and in Many Cases Impossible.

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