Monday 29 April 2013

Day 370: Psychics and the Quantum Body (Part Two)

Then you get the Psychics that are Synchrological - and I use Synchrological instead of Psychological, because Synchrological is actually more Accurate if we come to what Psychology Actually Pertain - unfortunately Psychology has Aligned itself More to the Mind and Disregarded the Physical. So, Synchrological will be more the Physical Psychology, which is the Synchrological Psychology where there is a Synchronicity, a Synchronizing. (We will be doing Interviews about Parenting for instance in this Synchronizing so one can understand how to Support Children Effectively through a Synchrological Process.)

Now when you get to the more ‘Successful Psychics’ you’ll find a few very Interesting things: they have developed their Ability in a similar way to all the Other Psychics as a child. They have developed it as a form of Synchronizing with People Around Them, Finding their ‘Weak spots’ and then Manipulating situations from a perspective of ‘Protecting Themselves from Other People’; so it is essentially also from the Starting Point of Fear, Fear of other People, Fear of the Situation, Fear of Being Hurt, Fear of being Harmed. They thus have an Overtly developed sense of Self Protection. When they Become Successful (or they realize that they can), obviously they’re going to Use this all to their Benefit and They Have an Interesting Perspective: they have a Complete Disassociation with the Customer and would Specifically Focus on Identifying ‘Common Denominator Weaknesses’ within Groups of the Population, which they can Address and Speak-to by using Very Specific Compassionate and Empathetic Words. They are All obviously an advanced form of ‘Empathy’ and they can then Use this Information to Manipulate Groups to get them into an Alignment of a Following. This Following will normally Grow in Size and Provide an interesting thing: Lots of Money to the Psychic. The Psychic will Invent all kinds of Approaches, New Ways of doing things, Giving it Names, all kinds of stuff - Simply to be able to Identify Themselves with a particular Brand, because they are Basically ‘Capitalistic Psychics,’ which Develop their own Psychic Ability as a Consumer Product. Then, obviously, Do Value Added Products to it and will Offer all kinds of Causes; you for instance have the ‘Law of Attraction’ Psychics and Channelers that makes Lots of Money by using these particular ‘Techniques’ by Manipulating through their Ability to Synchronize for instance, with Those in their Environment. We’re not going to even go into the Channelers and How that Function, we’ve done a Lot of that – we will do More on that in Time.

Now, the Psychics that are Capitalists will Promote Themselves like a Brand and you’ll See them all over. They’ve Especially been Growing in Numbers since the 1970’s when the Initial Programming of the New Human Nature was coming to a Conclusion: the Human Nature of Self Interest and Self Happiness. From then on you had Many Various Degrees of New Brands Emerging within the Spiritual Communities and Many Branches of Brands and Products were Developed. These particular ‘Success Stories’ are Related to the Level of Effectiveness within the Psychic to Synchrologically Asses the Weaknesses of a group.
Here I’m not calling a Weakness to mean a ‘Personal Point,’ it is a Design Point within the way that the Particular section of the Populations were Designed, through the Parenting point, to have Particular Weaknesses so that they are Particularly Aligned to the Way the System Functions. The success of the system as it Now Exist Depends on Weaknesses within the Human Race. Weaknesses, which can be Exploited Extensively by Aligning the Synchrological Quantum Body of the Human to Particular Obsessions and Compulsions, because Obsessions and Compulsions are the Measurement and the Foundation of Success of Capitalism and Consumerism. Those that manage to Manipulate this, obviously make Bags full of Money. Their Interest, obviously, is Not At All in Producing a Better Human Race or a Better World - their Interest is, at the End, to Ensure that They are Successful.
With these Psychics that Manipulate Groups you’ll even get to Those that will Profess the Ultimate Lie where they have the Followers that Disassociated them with the Physical World and they will say that: “The Physical World Isn’t Real, Just don’t Worry about it, Don’t Care About it, just Care About your Own Happiness while you’re Here, You’re Just Passing Through, This Isn’t Your home, Your Home is Somewhere else After Death.” And all those with Weaknesses in Character that Cannot Handle Reality, that Cannot Stand up to the Responsibility in this world: will Follow these Psychics and these Brands.

This has made for instance, brands like ‘The Law of Attraction’ in some cases Very Strong, because Once the Weakness is Accepted and one Disassociate yourself with Responsibility of the Reality You Find Yourself in: it becomes very Easy to do Whatever You like without Any form of Guilt or Any Form of a Feeling of Responsibility; which is, in a way, Completely Psychopathic and Sociopathic, because - you Completely do Not feel a thing for Anything that Happens to Anyone in this World, Unless they belong to your Immediate circle of Self Interest where you are protecting ‘Them’. But, you are Not Really Protecting them: You’re Protecting Your Self Interest by Only Protecting your Family and Those that you call your Loved Ones. But, the Rest of the world, obviously, is Not your Loved Ones. They are Purely Cannon Fodder that Apparently Do Not Understand Anything about where they find themselves - they are not ‘Evolved’. Yet, you have Apparently Evolved and Reached a state of ‘Love, Bliss and Enlightenment’, which can Take you and Allow you to Disassociate you Yourself and Separate Yourself from this World and What we find Here.

This weaknesses in Character All Starts at the phase of a Child’s life between birth and mostly 14 years old. It’s primarily the first 7 years when the Quantum Body Develops the Capacity to Create a Mind and then the Emotional body is Created by the Mind as a way to Manipulate the Mind and the Quantum Body. Eventually we’ll Get to that, there’s a Lot of things to be Understood about How the Quantum Body Functions and How Energy as Feelings and Emotions are used to Manipulate it to function within a Way that Enhance that which one Believe to be True.

We’ll continue with Psychics and the Quantum Body (Part Three) in the Next Post
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