Monday 22 April 2013

Day 363: Basic Human Rights and Crime (Part One)

Currently we have a very Bizarre Criminal Justice System. We have one that does Not Protect Basic Human Rights, it Protects Rights like ‘the Ownership of Property’, which Should be a Basic Human Right for Everyone on Earth, but entrench Protection for Only ‘The Few’. ‘The Few’ that Mostly Acquire this Right by Controlling the Free Resources of the Earth and then Engaging Wage-Slaves through the Control of Food and Access to other Basic Human Rights – like Water and a Home; by Controlling that, the Majority of the Humans are Forced into Slave Labor to Produce a Currency called Money with which they then Enchain (which is Chains) and Control the Laws of this World. But, These Laws are In Fact in Violation of Basic Human Rights, it’s in Violation of the Basic Human Right that Each Life is Equal. This ‘Equal before God’ Human Right is even in the American Constitution, yet if you look at its Application - it does Not Empower Everyone in the U.S.A. with the Most Basic Human Rights’ Access to the Right to Life, the Right to Property, the Right to Water, the Right to Education etc. All of this is Controlled by another bizarre thing called: Money, and the Money is Controlled by a Small Minority Instead of it Being Available for Everyone as an Equal Right.

If we have to Look at The Law when it would be Based on the Constitutional Equality of Life and Entrench and Protect the Basic Human Rights Equally for All: we will Not Have the Majority of Humanity living in Poverty and the Small Minority Living in Obscene Wealth = That is a Crime, because that is achieved through Violence. This Violence is perpetrated by Controlling, with Money, things like a Police Force, Security Forces, Armies… all of these Wage-Slaves laying down their Lives so that ‘Some’ may have their apparent ‘Rights Protected’. While these Rights are not Equally Available for All, because it’s made Subject to Bizarre Constructs like Money and by Claiming that you Apparently have ‘Equal Opportunity’. When ‘Equal Opportunity’ in fact means/should mean: when you are Born, you have the Opportunity for a life Worth Living, that you have the Resources, Education, Housing, Water etc. Available to have a Decent Life –that’s a Human Right. The current Human Rights and the Charities that Protect these Bizarre / Obscene Human Rights - are All being Funded by Corporations. Corporations that Acts as Mere ‘Cover-ups’ to Protect the Rights of a Few that has Obscene Wealth. Unfortunately, there is a Secondary Elite that’s being Created, which are all Employed by Corporations and are Enticed with Money to Also Protect these Rights - because Suddenly they have Wealth, Property and all kinds of Accesses, which is Not Afforded to Everyone on Earth. And because They Have it, they don’t want to Give it Up, because Apparently: “they Worked Hard for it’ - That is Not True. You had an Opportunity and because You had No Morality, No Integrity: you Took that Opportunity and you never Used what you Obtained Illegally from the Earth, to Actually Ensure that Everyone on Earth are Protected with Basic Human Rights.

The majority on Earth actually have the Legitimate Power to Bring about a Constitutional Change in the World in Every Country that will Protect Basic Human Rights in Every Way – that’s through Democracy. By Voting and Establishing Political Parties Based on Constitutional Equality, the Equality that is based on the Fact that All Life is Equal and therefore: there are certain Intrinsic Human Rights that Supports this Equal Life of All that Must be, by Virtue of Birth, as a Birth Right, which is a Human Right - be Available to Everyone.
Therefore, if we look at How our Legal Systems Currently Makes a Crime of anything that apparently Violates the Rights of the Wealthy, there seems to be a Serious Problem. Obviously, by Making Sure that the Money is Controlled and that Everything that Happens in the World is Controlled by this Money - makes it Very Difficult for the Majority to do anything, because: they’re Always Chained to Survival - instead of Being Chained to the Human Right of an Equal Life of Prosperity, Happiness, Freedom and Liberty. Strange enough: those that Hope to one day Achieve Wealth - will also side themselves with the ones that Abuse and Violate Basic Human Rights. Do you Understand the Consequences that May Arise once Humanity Realize that their Rights are being Violated in Atrocious Ways for Hundreds of Years? Where are You going to be Then? Isn’t the Poverty that is Happening in this World/ the Abuse of this World a Holocaust that is of a Magnitude that has Never Occurred Before? - and it is Escalating, because the Basic Human Rights of Every Human being is being Violated Every Single Day in Every Possible Way.

The Equal Life Foundation is Focused on the Education, Establishment and Promotion of Equal Human Rights, Basic Human Rights - that is Actually/will be, Measurably Result in a Benefit to Every Human Being and that Prevents the Abuse and Dictatorships that are Created by Controlling Access to Resources through Bizarre Mental Constructs like Money. That’s why we for instance propose Equal Money, because Money is being Printed anyway and the Value given to Money is Arbitrarily Assigned to it and becomes like a form of Coercion where one just Accept It. One can Print Money and Ensure that Everyone has Money. One can Give Money a New Value, the Value of Life and therefore: Money Becomes an Equal Value - giving Everyone Access to Resources in this World.

It will obviously massively Change the Way we View Life. It Will Change our Education System, because currently - our Education Systems do Not Advance Human Rights, Protect Equal Human Rights or Assist the Human to Understand, with Proper Reasoning, What it Means to ‘Be Alive’ even.
Everyone is Deliberately Trained to Enhance and Take Part in the Current System of Control, but this Current System of Control has already Failed: there are Not Enough Jobs - you Can Educate more People, yet there is No point to Educate More People when there is Never Going to be Enough Jobs and so, only Hope is sold, making them subject to Debt. ‘Debt’ that is in fact a Violation of their Human Rights, Debt that is In Fact a Crime Against Life.

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