Tuesday 2 April 2013

Day 344: The Internet is the Global Mind (Part Three)

Now you’ll see that the Debate around ‘Free Speech’ that is going on, is an interesting one. Because, we’re dealing, again, with the Trinity of Control, which can also be used within the principles of ‘Freedom’ – but, it is used within a very Specific Format for the Control of the Mind of Those that have ‘Much to Lose’. ‘Much to Lose’, which is not their lives, it is their possessions - and are thus but Products of our Wonderfully Advanced Education System, which Produce Robots for the Corporations and the System.

In Real Life, in the Physical World, people have No Freedom. They’re bound by Money, Possessions, Physical Conditions, Property, Laws, Politics, Education and Religion - to Follow a System within which the Ultimate ‘Decision Maker’ is Money. Because, Unfortunately, by the Labour or “the sweat of your brow” - you do not necessarily ‘Earn your Living’, as some simply don’t have Jobs and Others Don’t Work, because they have Slaves working for them, so they don’t have to Sweat. The Only Sweat they go through is when they’re going to the Gym. They’re completely Supported by their Wage and Salary Slaves to have a Life Without Meaning, in terms of Life in General. But, in their own Particular Perception they believe they have a Life ‘With Meaning’, because ‘apparently’ - They are ‘Free’, they are ‘Happy’ and they ‘Have Everything the World can Ever Offer.’ Obviously, it’s Not the World that it is Offering it to them, it is due to the Slaves they Have in the Trap of Money that they have this Particular Advantage.

So, this Freedom of Speech on the Internet allows a Fascinating thing to take place: it’s like a ‘Free for All’ – there’s No Laws, really, and Nobody wants to ‘Make Laws’. Those that Can Make Laws don’t Want Laws on the Internet, because it is a Most Wonderful Tool with which you can Classify People according to ‘What they’re Saying’; and you can Build the Database up and Establish, through all kinds of Organizations, Who in this World are a Threat to Your System. This gives you the Freedom to Enslave Whomsoever you Wish with Money, so that their Labour comes to you, virtually Free, while you have all the Advantage. It’s simplistic: Give them an Outlet, a place where they can ‘Rant and Rave’ and Do Whatever They Believe is ‘Freedom’. So that there is this ‘Little Space’, like the Quarters of the Slave, the ‘Slave-Quarters’ - this little space, an Illusion, where they can ‘Feel Free’ to Say and Do ‘Whatever they Want’ – Abuse, Shout, Look at Porn, Write what ‘They Believe the World Should be/ their World is,’ Form their own Characters, Justify their Existence etc. And so you have ‘Freedom in the Mind,’ Freedom in the Global Mind – but, in Reality: You Have No Freedom. Freedom simply does Not Exist.
In Fact, the Outcome of this Wonderful arrangement is that: Everyone is now the Policeman of Everyone, the Policeman in the head. You should Watch ‘The Century of the Self’, you have become the very Thing you Scream you’ll never be and Fear - you are the Policeman, Policing the Words of Everyone else, Unable (as Noam Chomsky say so clearly) to Apply Critical Reasoning. Unable, because your Education has built Filters In You where You Believe, in Your Mind, that you Actually ‘Do Know’ something and Actually Understand Something.
Obviously, if you have to Look at Your Own Written Words and start Placing it within the context of whether it is In Fact what is Best for Life or Only what is Best for Your Beliefs, you’re going to find an Interesting thing: that your Self Interest is Virtually at the Level of Demonic Possession.

Now, as this Global Mind is being ‘Brought down to Earth’ and is being Made Physical - You’re going to See All of the Parts of it as it is Published and as it is Playing-out, Noticing the fascinating thing: to What extent this so-called ‘Freedom’ is more of like a ‘Free for All’, a form of Mob-Madness. It will be Demonstrated over and over again - the Irrationality of the Reasoning, the Extent to which Pornography and Sex Actually play a role within the Minds of Men and thus within the Global Mind when you put all the parts together. The Reasoning as to Why this ‘Should be Allowed’ and Why it is ‘Freedom’, that Every Person Apparently have the Capacity to ‘Make a Reasonable Choice’: will be Disproved by what happens in the Physical World and what happens when the Words that is Placed within the Global Mind is Placed in Writing.

That’s why it is important to do, for instance, your own assessment of your Mind in Writing, like through the Journey To Life. What you do is Read the Blogs, because You Should be Assisting yourself (because, you claim you’re able) - to ‘Assess your Own Psychological Wellbeing’ and whether that Psychological Wellbeing is In Fact a Threat to Other Life Forms or Not. Being able to assess and assist/support yourself - would mean you have Freedom. If you Cannot Do That, if you cannot Assess yourself in terms of: first of all, What Threat You Pose to your Environment and to your Fellow Men and secondly, to what extent you will Apply, even in your own mind, Violence and Control and its straight down and Nasty Abuse Against Others - That is what You Should Analyse, and Analyse in a person’s Words in writing according to How they Place their Words in terms of the Value of Life, and whether their Attack on People are Personal or whether they are Questioning the Values of Society in terms of whether these Values are Best for All or Not - that determines Who you are.
If You are Able to Write Stuff Down, You have Made ‘that which you Write’ and you are Making ‘That Which you Write’: the Physical Flesh, the Self that You are. And therefore, more and more - that will Manifest in your Life, until you Completely Become these Words.

We’ll continue with The Internet is the Global Mind (Part Four) in the next post.

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