Sunday 28 April 2013

Day 369: Psychics and the Quantum Body

(We would suggest, in conjunction with this Series “Psychics and the Quantum Body” – to read the “After Death Communication Research Series in this Blog – starting from DAY 151.)

This is an explanation to Help Psychics, as well as explaining the Phenomena within the Design of the Quantum Physical. Here we’re going to look at the Quantum Body, which is the Human Body and its Functioning. It is necessary to also look at All the other Research we have Published and the Explanations we have published through Heaven’s blog and my Blogs - and if you Dare: to Start the Process/Journey to Self-Responsibility.

Now, as I have Explained in other blogs, you have Psychics that are Born and you have Psychics that are Taught. Born Psychics will be somebody that as a Child already has (without any Exposure to Psychic Phenomena or anything related to it) Unusual Abilities, which may Include for instance, the ability to Predict Events that Actually Happened. There won’t be many, in the Design there would only be a Few Instances, but the Instances would be Substantial. If you look for instance, Nostradamus - an Instance within the Nostradamus Ability, (which would be Extraordinary and would be a Confirmation that there is a ‘Born-in Gift’) is where he for instance, kneeled and kissed the hand of a young monk saying that this monk would one day be the pope and then that Actually Happens. That is also obviously Confirmation that Reality is Preprogrammed and that Psychic Ability is Not like an Extra-Ordinary Ability of Freedom, but is actually quite a Nasty thing to Have, because: You are able to See the Preprogramming and what you are able to See is not always ‘Nice.’ Psychics that are Taught, they are Taught to Only See the Nice Things and they are even Taught never to Speak about the Nasty things or never to Talk about Death and stuff like that, which is obviously very interesting.

Now, there’s Various Categories of Psychics, so I will assist with Categorizing the Variations that one have. Psychic Ability is Specifically related to a Predisposition within the Quantum Body where a person has, as a Child, developed a skill, a ‘Synchrological skill’ - that means an Ability to Synchronize their Water. (We’re going to use Water as our Primary Substance within the Quantum Body, because throughout many of the Interviews Done and to Come, we have and will Explain the Major Role that Water Plays within the Total Existence of What is Currently called ‘Consciousness’ and how it Functions in a Quantum Reality of the Body. Remember, the Mind is Not a Real Quantum Reality, it is Purely a ‘haphazard’ putting-together of Only Some facets, which are Specifically used in a being’s Self Interest and Survival.) So, the Psychic will with the Quantum Body, with the Water specifically, Develop and Start to Program the Water to Synchronize with People Around them Under a Specific Banner. The Banner would Initially be Survival and therefore: the Psychic, as a Child, will Use the Ability to Manage their Environment and Specifically to ‘Stay out of Trouble’ and/or to Manipulate Those around them to Get What They Want. They will Use the Synchronization to Identify the Weaknesses in Characters of the People around them and then Align Themselves in How to Use that Weakness to their Benefit, so that They can Get the person’s Attention. Therefore their Word Choices, Body Language, Tonality and What they will Speak about will be Very Specific to the Person, so much so that the Person would feel like ‘the Psychic Knows them.’ The Psychic Actually doesn’t Know them, they are only Functioning within the Synchrological Constitution that they Developed as a Child and as an Adult, they will Find that the World at Large is even Worse than the Family that they were trying to Survive in where they Learned the particular Abilities to Manage their Reality.
You’ll find that there’s a lot of Psychics that’s being taught. They’re Unable to Make a Decent Living within the System and one of the Big Struggles in the System is Survival. Therefore, they would Use their Ability by Becoming a Psychic, utilizing - whether it is a Tea cup, Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball or whatever it is they’re using, Using that Specifically to Survive in the World. Because they Believe somehow that Everybody at some level Experience what They’re Experiencing and that they are thus a Vehicle of Emotional and Compassionate Support. Unfortunately, the Psychic does Not Understand What that Means, because they don’t understand the Quantum Body’s Mechanical Functioning. They Don’t Understand also what Happens if You through Synchronicity would allow a Design from another Being, through your Belief, Compassion and empathy– if you allow that to Actually Take Hold of Your Water Substance and Imprint on it so that You can Interpret it through your Mind and your Mind’s Interaction with your Quantum Body, then Use this Interpretation to Speak to the person in a way as If ‘You Know Them’. You’ll Call that that ‘you’ve Placed Yourself, in a Way, in Their Shoes’. So, to a Degree - yes, the Psychic did that, but the Side-effect is that they would be Without the Necessary Skill to Actually Deal with the Information that they have Synchronized from the person they are busy helping. And so, slowly but surely, the Psychic will Accumulate Multiple Design Programs from other people’s lives, they will be Allowed to Run Rampant within the Psychic’s Body, it’ll affect the Psychics Life, the Psychics Relationships, the Psychics Home-Life… All kind of things within the Psychic’s World that will not Function Effectively.

If you would go and spend some Time with the Psychic you’ll see they Live in Two Worlds: the One World where they are Dealing with their Customers and Clients and Another World, which is Completely Different where they are Trying to Deal with their Own Lives, and Not very Effectively. You Seldom find Effective Psychics – we’ll get to the Effective Psychics just now, but most of your Ordinary Psychics: they are Not Very Effective with their Own Lives. When they’re Not very Effective with their Own Lives they also Don’t like to Promote Themselves as Psychics ‘big time’.
There is this Belief that what they’re doing is like ‘God’s Work,’ it’s ‘Spiritual Work,’ it’s ‘Special Work’ and therefore, they would even go as far as Not Charging for it, but Asking for Donations. They can’t explain Why they Feel like ‘That’s the Way it is’ - they would justify it, as I’ve said, with some of the forms of Justifications that it is ‘Special Work’/ ‘it should be available for free’ / ‘a person that Needs to Help Must Get the Help even if they Can’t Pay’ and things like that. So, they would be taking the Empathy and Compassion point quite Far. But, unfortunately, this Empathy and Compassion will have a Side Effect in their Lives, Affect their Physical Body and they will develop All Kinds of situations in their lives, even Health situations, Relationships situations, Money situations that Simply ‘Doesn’t Want to Work,’ they simply ‘Cannot Get it to Work,’ they simply Can’t Make an Effective Decision just about their Own Lives, because there is Too Much of the Information that they have taken on from their Customers that Actually found a Resting Place within their Water in their Quantum Body and is now Influencing their Own Design.

We’ll continue with Psychics and the Quantum Body (Part Two) in the Next Post

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