Monday 8 April 2013

Day 350: The Message of Jesus (Part 2)

Now, I want to add something that one Must Hear, if you can. Jesus said: “Follow me, those that don’t Follow me will surely die”. He did not mean to Follow Jesus – he meant to Follow Self Forgiveness, Forgiveness, Self Honesty. He meant to Change yourself. As he said to the Rich Man: “Give away your goods, follow me” - Follow LIFE, is what he meant. You can check the Interviews we’re doing with him now, where he is Confirming this.
We have Access to the Hereafter, constantly, and we Investigate What Exit from the Human Body when the Human dies. We can Confirm one thing: what Exits is Not what is on Earth – the Human on Earth dies (meaning, nothing of your personalities/consciousness as it exist now in the Mind remain – it cease to exist), for real, forever. Just as Jesus Predicted, as he said what would happen if you do not Follow the Message.

So, please – your Life depends on it. If you do not Follow the Message of Jesus and Apply it ‘till you have established permanent Change and you have Reached the Awareness that Jesus had, to Walk in his Shoes, to bring about a World that is Best for All - where, for instance, he showed that the Money-Lenders are Not the way to go. He Showed that Violence or Rebelling is Not the way to go. He Showed that Discipline is the way to go and that is Why the people that Followed him – was called ‘Disciples’. Because of the Discipline they Applied. Not because they Followed Jesus, they Followed the Message. But, because they didn’t Understand the Message immediately, completely - they Needed some Help. Help is available, if you would Dare to Investigate and Change your Life to become Part of the Future of Earth, which is Heaven on Earth. Those that don’t, are going to die – and what will emerge on the Other Side, will be Nothing. Yet, People react and say: “we have Psychics and all kinds of things that Speak to the Dead”. No, they don’t. They Only read a ‘little bit’ of your own Memories and it’s Really Limited. They have Learned through Substitution, they’ve Learned through a Form of Energetic-Alignment to come up with some very scarce ideas, to say things that you can Relate to. They don’t Speak to the Dead. There is no-one they can speak to (meaning, the individual’s personality/consciousness as ‘who they were’ on Earth, no more exist).
After all – if the Dead were still the same as ‘who they were’ on Earth: they would have been able to give a lot more Evidence than what they give. But, unfortunately – when a Person dies: their Life dies with them and what remains is just a Life Force without Any Memory of the Life on Earth, in terms of the detail of the people that was with them in their life. For example, they don’t remember the children, the wife – nothing of that is Remembered, only the Pattern of the Life, which we Show in the Life Reviews we do. We have Investigated tens of thousands of Deaths on the Other Side, in fact – millions and things on the Other Side is QUITE different from what one would Expect it to be. It’s certainly NOT what is being Claimed to be happening there. If you had Access to the Afterlife – you’d be able to get there anytime, speak to anyone and Check what leaves the Body, investigate all things from the Beginning of Time, investigate how Earth became what it is Now – we’ve Done ALL of that. We’ve investigated what is the Practical meaning of Equality and Oneness.

So, the Group – Desteni, we chose a Name, because this World thinks Groups work by Names and we are about the Destiny of the World, the Destiny of Life, the Destiny of the Universe – if you Dare to Investigate. Understand that: the Life you now have on Earth is Completely of No Consequence. It only attain or reach a level of Consequence, if you can Align yourself to What’s Best for All Life, get your Ego out of the Way and work within a Group, Investigate All Things and apply Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty. We’re Sharing the Way it works and the Way that it Actually Produce Results – so therefore, unfortunately for the Ego: you’re going to have to do it the Way we Show. Because, we’ve already Tested it – not just One Person, but with many; showing consistently that: this is the Way to do it and it Actually Produce a Result. We have some coming and claiming that they Understand Equality, but – they don’t wanting to use what we’ve been using, because their Ego is too big, they’re ‘too Special’…
Be Humble and first find out, Learn from others – because if you can’t do that, you think you ‘already Know’, when you don’t even Understand where a Single Thought comes from…We Investigate that (where Thought comes from) as well, we have all the Interviews. Unfortunately, for some of it, we have to charge Money, because do you think Humans just Help to Spread a Message like the one we Have, that says: “your Life has been wasted and it’s a Lie”? (Meaning, how the Mind/Consciousness is/has been Preprogrammed – how nothing of ‘who/how/what’ you are now is ‘original / real’ as it was all programmed from/of various sources, in heaven and on earth) Oh No! They want to Stop us, do everything Possible not to Hear and call us Names, Laugh and Ridicule. Fascinating isn’t it?

If you Dare to Listen, you will Hear. You should Listen, because – the Situation is Grave, dear Graven Image. You End with the Grave, with only an Engraving on your Tombstone. Nothing continues. It’s the only Memory that remains and even that is eventually Forgotten. Have a look at how quickly you Forget. You can’t even Remember everything that happened the day before – Nevermind a month ago, a year ago. Investigate.
But, don’t Worry – if you don’t, you Die and with Death, the ‘You’ that you now Know – Ends. Because, you have not Prepared the Way Before you, as Jesus suggested. What comes out on the Other Side is being Assisted (For context/perspective of the Assistance – one can reference the Life Review Interview Series), but obviously Start at a much diminished Position and what could have been a Life of Glory, a Life of Eternity – must just Start again. Do you really Understand what it means to Start again? From Nothing?
Look at a Child: a Child is Born in this World and start from Nothing. Unfortunately, those that teach the Child is not Prepared to do it properly or even to Investigate how it should be done. Everything is just Accepted. Therefore, the Child becomes the Parent – generation after generation and the Situation gets Worse, with a False idea Created about What Life on Earth is All about, not Investigating what is Best for All Life, not Investigating and Considering the Message of Jesus.

So, when Jesus said “Follow me, or you’ll certainly Die” – we can Confirm that is an Absolute Truth.
(Here one can also reference the Death Research Interviews available on EQAFE)

Join us, because inevitably, you will – once you Die you will, every single one does; and when you get to the Other Side: you are without Everything you Learned in this Life and you Start again…
So, Life can only be Birthed from the Physical – you are here in the Physical, best to start walking your Process here, than having to face the consequence and regret that so many who has crossed-over have faced, when they realised the opportunity to/of Life they missed, when it was right here all along as themselves, as the physical.

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