Saturday 20 April 2013

Day 361: New Science - A Battery that Lasts a Thousand Times Longer

This is obviously a significant Advancement on current Battery Technology and can potentially Change the Face of Technology as we know it. Also, if this Technology is Made Available to Everyone at an Affordable Price - it will Save a lot of the Current Waste that goes into the Environment with the old batteries that don’t last and so Reduce Waste Significantly. Obviously, the Downside is that it’ll also Cost the Jobs of Thousands of People. That’s the ‘wonderful thing’ about ‘New Advancements’ – New Advancements in Technology means: Less Jobs and a Smaller part of Humanity becoming part of the Significant ‘1%’, because suddenly a New Technology will create Massive Wealth for a Few People, but cause Many to Lose their Jobs and ‘the gap’ between the Rich and the Poor will increase. According to the Benevolent ‘1%’ though, they are giving a ‘Wonderful Service’ to Humanity, because they give them Cheap Energy – but also a Very Cheap Lifestyle, literally and figuratively, because there’s Less Money Available, Less Money being Generated in the System, Less Money in the Money Supply….so, just a Few Economic Problems that comes with these things.

From the Equal Life Foundation’s perspective and the Equal Money System Economic Approach: All New Science is a Basic Human Right and Must be Made Available to All of Humanity, especially because it brings about Significant Reduction in the Use of Energy, the Abuse of Resources and it Makes Lives Easier. So, it Fits-in with the Basic Human right of the Pursuit of Happiness.
Why this Actually Belongs to Everyone is because it is Implied and/or Tacit that the Creator of this planet, in Producing All the Parts that it is Made-up of (which is then Used by Science to place together in a particular Equation, which you can call a ‘Genetic Code’, which then Allows the Production of Some Product ), was Foreseen by the Designer, because: it’s already Here. So None of this Belongs to Anyone, it Belongs to Everyone – even Every Single Part that Exist in this World from which Technologies, other Resources and Advancements are made, a Little Fraction of that exist in Every Human Body – you’re all part of this.
So, there is actually Never Anything Original that is discovered that’s New, that as such Deserves ‘Ownership’. It Deserves Benevolence where you can say: “I have Acted in the Interest of All Life and have Realized that There are Certain Advancements Available on Earth that was already Preplanned within the Design of Earth, which will Make Life Easier for Everyone”.

It seems More like this has been a Test All Along, to see What you Will do if you have Everything Given to You and All You Have to do is take that and also Give to others like yourself – Will you actually Do It? The Great Test of: Will you Give as you Receive? – Will you In Fact Be a Being of Love, Will You In Fact Be a Being of Divinity? What we have seen so far in the evidence of these tests is that: The Test has been Failed Miserably. All that is Being Created is Misery. The Basic Human Right of an Equal Life that is Equal in All and that All have Equal Life Rights to All Resources - is simply Ignored . There is Really No Significant Reason ‘Why’ it’s simply Ignored, but self Interest that Claim you’re apparently Endowed intellectually by some ‘Genetic Miracle’ with ‘Greater Intelligence’ that Allowed you to Find out ‘Something New’… when it Wasn’t New. It was already here, you see: the Designer was More Intellectual than you, knew More than you, He designed it! You are Just a Product.

To Escalate or Elevate yourself from a Product to a Creator when You do Not Understand What it Means to Be a Creator = only makes you a Dictator. These Dictatorships, Economically, that has been Reduced to a Form of War where Paper and Paperless Money has become the Weapons of Death and Destruction - that seems to be Missed by Everyone. We Now have Global Dictatorships, which are presented as ‘Corporations’ with Brands which acts like Political Parties. But, not only Political Parties in a Country - Global Political Parties where you Vote for your Brand of Political Happiness through the Products You Buy. The Exclusion that happens through this to Those not able to Have the Means and the Weapons - like the Money - to be Able to Participate: they are simply Ignored and it’s actually seen as a Benefit if they Die. Because then – ‘Apparently Justifiably’, there is this Argument that: when they Die - there’s Less Pressure on the Resources. No, they have Never Placed any Pressure on the Resources, You’re forcing them into a position where they have to Live off the Land, which place Pressure on Resources, because the Trees they cut to Burn, to Cook, takes seven to ten years to Grow – and they burn it all in one, two or three days.

So, the Energy Consumption that the Rich is Forcing upon The poor is putting Definite Pressure on the System, but there are Alternatives - like these Wonderful New Batteries. But, Will the Human Race Start Considering that it is Necessary to Look at a New System?

Investigate the Equal Life Foundation, where Human Rights are Redefined to Actually Consider that which is Equally Valuable within Every Human.

"Equal Money Capitalism Equal Money Capitalism will be the necessary transition step to as a global society towards establishing an Equal Money System as presented at We are thus here starting a project of investigating what Capitalism should be like according to its very own principles - and thus, what requires to be adjusted within the current Capitalistic system to make it a system that works for everyone." - Equal Money Capitalism: The Way Forward

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