Tuesday 30 April 2013

Day 371: Psychics and the Quantum Body (Part Three)

So, What to Do with all of This? If one is Able to Actually Realize that you Do Have a Synchrological Problem (which is actually a Psychological Problem), that You have Disassociated yourself from this World and Responsibility that exist Here, where you have Billions of People in Poverty and you have a Holocaust in the Animal and the Plant Kingdom going on for Generations already. Without Anyone Standing up to Actually Take Responsibility and to Create a Solution within Legitimate means, like Politically and/or Economically, so that one can Actually Redesign Human Nature to be Synchrological that which is Best for All Life

What to do with this is: if You are Able to Hear what I’m Saying, then you have to Start your Process. Your Process is going to take Years to Correct the Weaknesses in your Character - Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty, if you manage to establish that Self Honesty, which will take time, you’re going to Discover a Total New Reality, a New World, a New Responsibility. You’ll be able to Set Yourself Free from being manipulated and Brainwashed by Those that has learned How to Abuse the Quantum Body, the Water within the Body and that has Learned how to Psychologically or Synchrologically Influence you without you even Knowing it’s Happening! Because, you are responding to Feelings and Emotions and you are Responding to the Feeling that it feels like ‘You Know the Person,’ but That is Not Real, because: they are Simply Utilizing YOUR Programming to Activate You with Words in ways that you then end up Experiencing it as if it is a Feeling of home and it’s ‘Your Truth’ – but how can Anything be True if you don’t even Understand How your Quantum Body functions, if you don’t understand How You Create your Thoughts, Where your Thoughts Come From, your Feelings, How your Water Align, how the Crystals in your Water is Designed, How the Relationships and Associations with Memory – long term/ short term – is Designed, the Relationship between the Subconscious, the Unconscious and the Conscious mind, how the Consciousness that you actually Exist as is In Fact Not Real, it’s all An Illusion…? You don’t know Any of these things! Then to profess that you have found ‘some truth’ purely because ‘You Feel Something in your Body.’ So you Trust your Body ‘to Be the Thing that Gives You the Feeling’ about what apparently is Real and Not Real, but at the Same Time you say that the Physical World is an Illusion – It’s a Contradiction, completely. How can you Allow such a Contradiction and Not Realize the Dishonesty Embedded with it? But, that after all is the Weakness in your Character. That Weakness is One of the Many that will have to be Addressed. A Weakness is the Allowance of Yourself to be Brainwashed through Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts, Visions or Any Part of Association that you Form with something simply from the perspective of Your Self-Interest. Self-Interest in itself is one of the Greatest Weaknesses of Character that Exist and it’s become a Total Industry.

So, it is necessary to Truly Investigate and Consider that there is Another Way and to Investigate - How you became what you are now? Why are you Able to with Such Ease, Disregard the Suffering of Billions of Humans, Trillions of Animals and Gazillions of Plants? We’re not Talking about All the Other Beings that’s also within/on this Reality With You and Most of them were Here Long before the Human Race Ever were Conceived even.

We will be doing also Explanations on the Design of the Programs a lot more so that One can actually Assist Yourself.

Join us.

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