Thursday 18 April 2013

Day 359: Pricing and Labeling in Equal Money Capitalism Profit-Share (Part Two)

The Era of Real Benevolence

As an example for instance, if we look at the Production of a Television: in the Production Label will be all the various Resources Necessary in Producing such a Device and it will be endeavored to have the various Factories in Close Proximity so as to Reduce Cost. Furthermore, the endeavor will be to Produce the product at such a level of excellence that its durability will be for a sustained period of time and that Only Significant Advances in Technology will Justify the Replacement of Any Device. Otherwise, the Device will remain Functioning for as long as it is Necessary and the Objective will be to Reach the Optimum Technological State the Device can be in, to Produce it to be able to be Delivered to Everyone on Earth, so that Everyone has got an Equally Excellent Product - the Best there can Ever be, according to the Human’s Current State of Ability in Science and Technology.
This will obviously then be Produced with Resources that are Sourced and where we Place as such, the Factories as close as possible to the Resources so that when the Product is Manufactured, the Resources used like Energy, Fuel and the Basic Metals, Chemicals and so on - is traveling the Least Distance to Use as Little Energy as Possible, to place as Little Pressure on the Environment as possible. All of it Designed - Not According to Profit, but designed to make sure that the Environment Profits from the Human Interaction with it, so that there are No side effects, were possible, within the environment whatsoever. This will obviously bring another point forward: the Mechanization of these Production Facilities will be Optimized. The Optimization of such points are simply necessary so that the Production of the End Product is measurably Equal in Quality and Effectiveness, and in this - the Machine is the Best.

Obviously, Production of Products will Reduce Significantly, because there will no longer be a Production Line that simply produce, for instance iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, virtually in one year. Such things will be Ludicrous and an Absolute Abuse of Resources (and human labor exploitation). Instead, products will be produced and will be warehoused for significant periods of Time Based on the projected Influx of new human beings that will become Users of the Products in significant Periods of Time. Then, where Necessary, Factories will be mothballed if we reach a level where, for instance, Sufficient amounts of the product is available and as for instance, History has shown: a Fridge can last for 50 years or longer – such Type of Products Will Be Produced, so therefore - there will be a Significant Reduction in the Production of New Products.
The endeavor of the human race would rather be placed on being Moved to Excitement and Joy by the New Life that Nature Produce regularly through its Cycles instead of the New Product you’re going to get every second day Just Because you Want to Have Something to keep yourself from Boredom.

Back to the television: so, the television will be produced…in the Label will be contained All the Parts, Resources and Technology that is used, because Everything will be Owned by Everyone. Understand that: All Technology, All Resources, Already existed before the Human Race Came to Be – thus, to Own the Rights to anything as Intellectual Property is a Fallacy inherent to What is Resourced on Earth. As, What exist on Earth is everything that’s already been Discovered, it existed Before and therefore, in essence, Belongs to the Earth and as the Earth is the Free Provider of this to everyone that Comes to Earth: it belongs to Everyone. Therefore, understanding how something works is of essence, so that one can understand how Resources are used and How that Impacts the Environment. Because, the Environment is Critical for Everyone on Earth to Remain Stable - especially for Future Generations, it’s not even a Question as to How Important This is to Be and Remain Sustainable. And so, as the Human Race - we will move into the Era of Benevolence, the Era of Dominion where we Cooperate and Coexist.

So, Televisions will be Produced and will be labeled and priced according to All that Plays a Part within its Production, its Distribution and its Eventual Delivery and Maintenance throughout the System. Each part of that will be Calculated as to What is Required to Sustain all Participants and the total Environment in Remaining Sustainable and Supported, to a Degree that makes Life and Living on this planet Worthwhile and a Pleasure. This means that: Each Recipient of Equal Money, of the Income derived from this form of Production, Pricing and Labeling - will receive sufficiently to Have Everything Your Heart Desires. If you can Come up with Something new, significantly improving what you already have: that will be Embraced, Investigated to the degree of the Intent of Implementing it and Introducing it within the world where that which is being Replaced…say we now have a New Television, multidimensional 3D plasma, where you have a complete experience of being part of the show and All the Previous Televisions didn’t do that. Then, the Previous Televisions will be Recycled Completely and everyone will Receive the New Television with Full Training, Understanding, Maintenance and whatever is Involved in it - and it will be ‘A Given.’ The only Reason why one Receive it, would be because you are Significantly and Effectively Participating in a System to Ensure that everyone always have everything of value that makes life worthwhile and that everyone thus profit.

In this, Individuality is Critical, because Individuality is your Self Expression. Your Self Expression can only be in its Optimum Level if you have the Best Possible Available Technology, the Best Possible Available motor vehicle, the Best Possible available Housing, Education…then you are at Optimum individual expression, so this is the objective of it: Optimizing Excellence.
It may at the moment seem like something that is ‘So Big’ and ‘So Idealistic’ that it is Virtually Impossible. It is only Impossible, because the current level of Brainwashing that exists, the current level of Coercion that exists - has embedded into you the Idea and the Ideology that apparently: ‘What we have now is All that can Actually exist.’ For that, we have means and ways to Help you Break this Control Over Your Mind and Your Life and Suggest that you Join Desteni Lite and Start in that Process - it takes some Years, unfortunately, to Break this Control, because you have Allowed it to Run Rampant in this World without Any Concern about the Consequences of this most Bizarre way of Life.

We’ll continue with Pricing and Labeling in Equal Money Capitalism Profit-Share (Part Three) in the next post

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