Saturday 13 April 2013

Day 354: Bitcoin and Rumors

The Proponents of Bitcoin are Facing the Truth of being Subject to the Whims of Rumors and these Rumors are called ‘Market Forces’ – that is when you are Functioning with a Currency Ideology that is Not based on Constitutional Value, you even have that with Gold - so even a Gold Based Currency is Subject to Rumors and thus Subject to sudden drops of Values, which allow Some to Make Fortunes (the 1% normally) and the 99% to Lose the Value and the Faith they’ve placed in some ideology. You cannot base economics on Ideology - You have to Base it on a Constitutional Value.

The Only Value that Each Human Being Actually Value and would like to be at the Highest Level possible - is the Value of Life. The Equal Money System is a Constitutional Currency based on a Stable Value, the Value being Life. Thus, it’s Not Subject to Rumors and therefore the Value does Not Rise or Fall - it’s simply the Value of Life.

And so, there you have it, the whole Ideology of Bitcoin is Not going to work, just like All the Other Currencies that are Purely used to Rape the Poor Countries and enrich the rich countries, the same point of the 1% and the 99% is functioning through the Currency Systems, and the Human is So Controlled through Cognitive Disinformation (you better Study what That is) that a Simple Rumor by just one or two, brings out All the Negativity that is Preprogrammed Into the Human and Suddenly Values Change. We’ve seen this on Quora as well (For further perspective on the Quora Process – read DAY 328DAY 332) where one person can Influence All the so-called ‘Intellectuals’. You can go and Study this in the blogs we’ve done about it, to show how the Intellectuals have No Integrity in their Value System, they Do Not have Critical Reasoning Skills, they are purely just subject to Rumors, Believe Whatever comes their way and that would Support their Own Ideologies. Again, No Constitutional Stability - That is the problem.

A Democracy, the Change of a World System, the Change of the Economic System must be Based on Constitutional Values that Remain Stable Regardless, Not based on Changes in the Weather, Changes in your Mind, Changes that’s caused by Rumors and Fears – it remains Stable, because it is the Value that Cannot Change. The Life Value of a Human does Not Change just because you Dislike somebody or because you Disagree with Somebody. It doesn’t give you the Right to go to War and Kill them just because They Don’t Believe as You Believe, there’s still Life Values.

So, Study the Equal Money System and a Constitutional Stable Economic System where the Currency does Not Fluctuate – what Fluctuates are the Available Resources, because much of the Resources are based on things like Weather Conditions, like your Food Supply – but, the Technology has already reached a stage where Even That can be Managed to a Great Degree to remain stable, Regardless of the Weather.

So Do Not Let Rumors and Ideologies Determine your Value System. Your Value System must be on a Constitutional Integrity within Yourself - Study Desteni for that, which is Based on Recognizing and Honoring Life Equally within All: an Equal Life System, an Equal Money System - We Were All Born Equal = that is True Value.

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