Tuesday 23 April 2013

Day 364: Basic Human Rights and Crime (Part Two)

If you are Serious about Bringing forth World Change, it is time to Become the Master of Your Own Mind. Being the Master of Your Own Mind is to Not Fall in the trap of the Ideologies of Love and Light, because these Ideologies are Purely side-effects of the Consumer system. If you Look at it, since the 1980’s such Ideologies Developed in a Total Consumer System. All the people that should have been Standing up in Unison / Oneness and Equality, to Demand and Bring about (through Legitimate means, like Political Democracy) a New World System that is Best for All, which is an Actual Act of Love and an Actual Act of Enlightenment: are now Trying to use Love and Light to Make Money. Chaining themselves and others to the System and into a ‘Feel Good’ Ideology that will Never Produce a Better World.

How Long is it going to be before You Realize you’ve Duped Yourself and you’re Duping and Misleading Others? That you are Purely a Result of a System that Deliberately Manipulate and Control the Very Thoughts You Have? The Question is Never Asked: “Why was it that when I was Born I could not Think? Who Placed These Thoughts Inside Me? Where Do they Come from? Who Benefits from these Types of Thoughts? Why are they so Aggressively, Emotionally Controlling that I do not Want to Consider that my Fellow Man Could Be a Human of Integrity? Who Made me Believe this? Who Placed all this Information inside me?” Investigate.
Investigate What has Become of Yourself and if This Character, this Personality that you have Designed with which to Participate in this World - is In Fact based on Knowledge and information that is Valid and that is in Alignment with That which is the Basic Human Rights of Everyone: All Born Equal Before God/Creator. That Equality is Unquestionable – yet, there is No Reason that is Forthcoming from the Educated Elite of this World, as All is Using the Education to Enslave more and more, coming with the Idea that: apparently because they ‘Studied Hard,’ which was What - Reading from Books, Writing Exams, Getting a Piece of Paper (which is now suddenly ‘Worth Money’, because you can take this Piece of Paper and Make Money with it) and this is apparently giving you some Rights and Authority over What Is ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ in this World? It Gives you the Idea that you can apparently Control Who Gets Access to Basic Human Rights on Earth and that Your Basic Human right of Owning Parts of the Earth and Owning all kinds of stuff - is apparently Worth ‘More’ than the Rights of Those that Don’t Have the Same Opportunities as You in terms of Education, Housing, Food, Water?

In terms of Having the Know-How, which is a Basic Human Right - How your Mind Actually Functions, Where your Thoughts actually Come From and to Ensure that these Thoughts, these Programs are In Fact in Alignment with the Basic Human Rights that is Based on the Fact that We Are All Equal as Life.
Have a look at the Psychology that’s being Developed, None of it is investigating or bringing forth the Answer as to Where and How Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings comes from and are Created. Instead, Diseases are created by giving things/behaviours Names that are the Result of What is Being Implanted Into the Minds of Men and Making Money out of it. Making humans Believe that there is apparently Something ‘Wrong’ with them’, when there’s Nothing Wrong with You as a Human, per se. What the Problem is is what is being Planted Into Your Mind and you’ve Accepted it and Allowed it to happen - the Ideologies and Ideas about What You Are, What this World is; All this Information has become part of your Total Physical Existence. That’s why you can Think and Speak it, seemingly Without Seeing Where it’s Coming From: it is Embedded within your Physical Flesh. That’s Why the word ‘Flesh’ is the word ‘Self’ - the Real Self. That’s how you Learn to talk and walk, that’s how you Learn to drive a car - it becomes Automatic and Everything You Have Learned, You Have Learned ‘till it became Automatic. Once it was automatic, you Start to Believe, Erroneously, that ‘It is You.’
This is Why it is Important that One Do Not Seek Revenge for What has Happened in this world, but that one Seek Forgiveness. Self-Forgiveness for What you Have Allowed and Accepted in this World and Within Yourself - as to the Reason Why you have allowed and accepted Slavery to be Perpetuated in this World and Why you have Allowed to Accept the System that does Not Honor Basic Human Rights. Within this, also Being Self Honest so that you can Identify these Misnomers that have become Part of your Automated Process of Thinking and Behaviour – This is Not Human Nature. Human Nature is Based on What the Physical Needs are of Each Human: A House, Education that is in Alignment with What is Best for All life, Water, Food etc. as the Basic Human Rights which Every Human Needs - that is the Human’s Nature, that Nature of the Flesh that must be Looked After. Instead, Erroneously, you’ve made to believe it’s all that is happening in your Mind and that That is your Human Nature. But, that is what is being Implanted Inside you, because You are Not Those Thoughts, You are Not Those feelings, You are Not Those Emotions - they were Implanted into you by People that Didn’t even Understand How it Works: your Parents! They Didn’t Know, they’ve Accepted it and it’s been going on for Many, many, many generations.

When are you Going to Realize that there is a Fundamental Problem within What is Being Accepted in this World as Human Nature? When are you going to Realize that Human Nature is the Flesh and is thus where Human Rights Must be Focused?

Make Sure when you Study Human Rights that you Draw a Little Picture of Yourself on a piece of paper and Start having a look at What are the Rights You Should Have and Everyone Else Should Have to Have a Life of Decency, Happiness and Fulfillment in this world. You can Actually Work it out for yourself - Even with a Mind that is being Controlled by Thoughts and Information and Knowledge that is Not Valid according to What is Best for All Life on Earth. Then, Start the Process of Reeducation - we have Free Training Programs with Support Available to Help You to Break the Brainwashing that is Controlling What you Believe you Are, that is Controlling your Thoughts and Emotions. It’s a Process that’ll take Time, yes! You Have Allowed it to Exist within you through a Process of Time. It takes Time before a Child starts Speaking, Thinking, Building a Personality, Walking and Crawling – These Things Take Time. Therefore, it’ll Take Time to Break your Brainwashing - that is What it is and that is Why Desteni was for instance Created: a Ways and Means to Break the Brainwashing. That is Why we are being Attacked so Violently by those that Understand one thing: We Have the Answer and We Are in Fact a Problem (to them) - that Will Bring an End to These Ideologies, where Wealth is Centered just in ‘the Hands of a Few’ and the majority are Without Basic Human Rights. They Know and Understand that Eventually, once the Human Race Starts Understanding, there will be an End to this System as it Now Exist. It is Already Collapsing and there is No way it can be Saved. It is impossible.

So, now it’s Time to Wake Up. Do Not Let things ‘Slide’ in this World, because it will make the Process of Correcting the System on Earth a Lot More Difficult if You Allow this to Slide. In Every Country those that are Ready Must Start Looking at Forming Ways to Bring People Together around an Approach of Constitutional Equality, because it is Necessary that we Start Looking at the Situation and it is Necessary that we Start Educating People so they can Understand the Problems We Are Facing.
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  1. In reading this post, I am seeing now that what we call human nature, the point that we mistrust in each other, which we say cannot change and which we blame for the problems in this world, is not actually HUMAN nature, per se. The human nature is actually the sum total of how the human is designed to interact with its total environment. For example, it is in the nature of the human to breathe - that is part of the physical set up of the human. Humans require shelter. We require to communicate with others and labor to produce food. Those things are part of our inherent nature as part of our physical design.

    But when we talk of human nature, we tend to think of for example, how most humans are competitive. Humans are focused on survival. Humans don't trust each other, etc. But these points are not actually according to our nature, our physical design, per se, but rather what we have accepted and allowed as our minds based on how we have interpreted the environment we are raised in. And this environment is not 'natural' - it is designed by humans through economics and education systems.

    So really, it doesn't make sense to argue that human nature cannot change, because that is not the problem. The problem is how we have modified our environment to mold the way in which we think about ourselves in relation to each other and to the environment itself.

    Deep down, we all know that we each require food, air, water, shelter, education, and thus these should be guaranteed as rights for each human, but what has happened is that, because these points are fundamental to each person, these rights have been abused and thus through manipulating the environment to not guarantee these rights but rather to make them points we must compete for, human nature has been manipulated and misrepresented.

    So when one would argue that human nature cannot change, in fact it is only showing that one does not want to lose the benefit they receive from having an unfair advantage over another through the environmental set up where the rights of one are guaranteed through denying the rights of another, to manipulate them to basically 'do the work' for someone else.

    Thus we have in this world those who do the actual labor in order to secure the rights of those who are in positions to actually direct how the environment is shaped through education and politics, and this is done through systematically denying the fundamental rights of the majority of the people in this world, who then have no 'choice' but to comply, because their rights are not guaranteed.

    And accordingly ideologies are spread, particularly to the disadvantaged, to not question this system, and for those who would be in a position to benefit from the system and to also change the system, they too are exposed to belief systems which would tend to reinforce the idea that those who benefit somehow deserve it, though really there is no justification for this outside of the reasoning of the system itself, which clearly cannot be trusted as sound reasoning because it is only reasoning done in self-preservation and not actually considering what is best for everybody.