Wednesday 24 April 2013

Day 365: Is God a Fundamental Human Right?

Certainly, whether God exists - is Not Subject to Any Rights involving the day to day living of Humans within one Society. The Ideas and Ideologies of God is the Unlucky Event of Being Born into an Environment that will Program you as a Child to have a certain Bias and Belief about God. This Environmental Education of your Bias of God, creating a particular Psychology about Divinity and Life - is in itself a Violation of Basic Human Rights, because You will Regard ‘Your Belief’ to be ‘More Valid’ than someone else’s Belief and even someone else’s Life. When Your Belief is purely, actually, a form of Tradition and Culture that is Based on Hearsay, Parental Influences and Society Influences that is Without Actual Evidence.

The Evidence that is clear is that: the Human Emerging from the Merging of an Egg and a Sperm is certainly much more Advanced Biological Technology than what the human can currently Understand with Science. But, the Fact that it is Technology - is based in its Repeated Production of a Similar Object with Similar Specific Abilities that Varies in the Degree of its Genetic Ingredients. Obviously, if one improves the Genetic Ingredients = you Improve the Product. Does that mean there is a God? Certainly Not.
The imposing of Cultural Traditions or Ideas on Children so that they Become a Copy of your Ideology - is Certainly a Violation of Basic Human Rights, because what becomes ‘compromised’ is the Ability to Reason Effectively in a way that You Become a Contributor to Society in a way that is Best for All Life, which is Paramount and Fundamental in Producing a Society as Humanity that will be Best for All and that will have a Society that lives in Harmony and Peace. If this is Not Considered, we create a Segregated Society where things like Religion and God is made to be ‘Human Rights’, when They are In fact Not Human Rights. They are In Fact Causing Violations of Human Rights and Cause Segregation in Society that result in Consequences as we can view in the Relations between Groups in this World.

So, in Understanding and Considering Human Rights - we have to look at the Practical Points that Influence and Produce a World that is Best for Everyone and Where our Beliefs, Traditions and Cultures interfere with that - That certainly Becomes no longer a Human Right, but actually a Violation of Human Rights.

Here we would suggest reading DAY 363DAY 364 posts – as the Redefinition / Reconsideration of what Human Rights from an actual, real Physical Context practically means - which will in fact Contribute to humanity at large and even extend into and as the earth/this physical existence. Because, with regards to how Human Rights are now Defined: they are more contributing to separation, inequality – benefitting only the few, at the cost of the majority of humanity/this physical existence.
Therefore, to expand your understanding/perspective with regards to why we say our relationship to God/Religion/Ideologies is contributing to the outflow-consequences we’re now facing with regards to Human Right – please refer to the Posts of DAY 363DAY 364
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