Friday 12 April 2013

Day 353: Karma and Spiritual Compassion

It is Important to look at Spiritual Compassion, especially from the perspective of there being this Belief that Others must be given the Opportunity to ‘Experience something’, to ‘Learn from it’. This bizarre idea has been around from the First Conceptualization of Karma and has created an Acceptance and Allowance, which has taken on Horrendous Dimensions in our current World.

Let’s take, for instance, the point of Skinning an Animal Alive to use its Skin for some form of Product and the Reaction that many have to that point, saying: “It’s Cruel” and then the Wish that is Expressed that the person who is Involved in this will Learn through ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’, which is Karma. What is Not Realized, though is that: the very Allowance of such an Existence of such a Cruelty – Actually, by the Nature of Karma, must then Happen to Everyone. Also to those that Accept and Allow it under the Disguise that ‘One will Only learn from the Experience.’ Here one Must remember that: You Do Not Return to this World, as it is demonstrated very clearly, with Any Knowledge of a Past life - you Enter this world the Way it exists Now, and the Way it exists Now is the Accumulation of the Past. So, from that perspective - you are Experiencing your Past Life.

What then happens is Fascinating: depending on the Environment, Position and Place you will take on in this world - you will Become the Part you Play in this, Nothing of what you have Apparently Learned before will be Relevant and you will Completely Embrace that which You Are in this particular life. Then, If You, by Design, face the Karmic Consequence of Having Allowed, for instance the Live Skinning of Animals and you become this Animal to be Skinned Alive - you’re going to notice that: you’re going to Experience there existing No Actual Compassion for your Experience. Regardless of your apparent previous ‘Higher Level of Consciousness’, you are simply going to experience Being Skinned Alive with No Help arriving due to Those that Actually Can Make a Difference - Not Making a Difference, in fact. But instead Justifying the Non-Action through some ‘Spiritual Higher Reasoning’ that ‘apparently’: the being experiencing being skinned alive Must be somehow a ‘Lower Class Being’, because you as a ‘Higher Class Being’ will never have to Experience this, because you already Understood that it shouldn’t Happen.
If you really understood it shouldn’t Happen, you should actually Prevent it by Taking Action and Making Sure it Doesn’t Happen – otherwise, you didn’t Learn anything and what you Apparently Learned in the Past lives has come to Nothing.

This is being demonstrated very clearly, because there are so many in this world claiming that they Must have had Many Lives and that they have somehow Achieved some form of Enlightenment and yet, if you look at the Evidence of this World you’ll notice: there is No spiritual evolution taking place whatsoever, there is no Preventative action taken, there is simply Nothing Done that in any way is Evidence in this world that there has been any form of Learning from Experience in the past by Anyone.
So, those that claim ‘Higher Spiritual Integrity’ Miss One Point: you have not yet acquired PURE Spiritual Integrity, which is Self-Honesty. To Practically look at the Result of what you’ve Accumulated through Multiple Lives, Multiple Beings on this Earth and how you have created the World System as a Result of that, because Everything that Exist Here Now - is the result of Accumulated Time and the Action and Participation that Happened within this Time. It Didn’t Just happen/ it Doesn’t Just happen - you all Know, this is not some form of magic that will somehow just Result in a Better World – you’ve already tried this, you know this. Having yourself in some Pure Consciousness, Ignoring the Reality of the Physical is Hardly Enlightened.

The Pure Application and Implication of Karma, ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’ imply very simplistically that: What you Allow, even under the Disguise of so called ‘Compassion,’ would mean that - you’re going to have to Experience that Event to Understand whether That Compassion was Actually Valid or Not.
Thus, I would Investigate what I See Compassion to be, I would Investigate Spirituality and the Purity of the Belief that is Embedded within it - to See if What I Accept and Allow in this World in any way, will Come Back to Visit me as a Consequence. Certainly, what we are Allowing in this World is Indicating that there has been no ‘Spiritual Progression’ whatsoever. There has only been ‘Spiritual Justification’ at an Individual Level, which is based on Pure Self-Interest, Self-Importance and that Base it on a Claim of apparently having Achieved some ‘Higher Form of Enlightenment’. When the Physical / this World, which is the Accumulated Time of ALL that’s been before (which means it includes yourself if you Do Believe in past lives) has Evidenced / Indicated that: there has been Nothing Learned, that there is No Real Actual Pure Compassion. Pure Compassion would be based on finding Solutions that Prevent these Atrocities that seem to be Accepted so Easily.

Therefore, to Purify your Integrity and to Purify your Compassion, which will be a Very difficult task - you should Join Desteni and start with Desteni Lite, where you will be supported to Consider All Things and Keep That which is Good, that which is Best for All. Where you will learn how to Prevent Things for real in the Physical World and you will learn what Illusion is and what is reality.
You may Find that That which you Believe to be Spiritual is Not in fact Reality, but is Only your Own Imagination, Justifying your own Self Interest – No Consideration for What is Actually Alive Here on Earth Existing and Experiencing Consequences of Massive Pain and Trauma, because You are ‘somewhere’ in your Own World Without Considering What is Best for all Life.
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  1. When I was a girl, my mom used to read a lot about spiritual ascended masters, she once told me that she had read/heard that the most privileged, elitist, beautiful, benefited people in this world are in that position and have beautiful attributes because of their karma and the "good things that they have done in their lives" it all made sense in that moment, how didnt I realize this. I mean, if high spiritual enlighted beings are so compassionate and if "karma" is about love, learning and compassion, why are they not changing the system so that the lives/physical that is suffering stop suffering. How does it make sense that an "enlighted, love act of god/universe thing", which is Karma, supports a system where some are benefited while others lack and suffer, it is so contradictory, un-equal, ugly! no-sense at all! Thanks for supporting us to open our eyes and develop common sense.