Thursday 25 April 2013

Day 366: The Human Right of Individuality

Yes, have a look: this is the One Thing Everyone Desires: Individuality, Free Choice, Free Speech.

Obviously, the Principle of Individuality is the Fact that One can Express it in a Unique Individual Way, but there is One Thing to Consider: If your Individuality Impose on another’s - making them either a Master or a Slave, then Individuality No Longer Exists. Then Individuality Becomes ‘Master’ or ‘Slave’.

Thus, a Fundamental Right for Each One from the Moment of Your Existence within Awareness is Individuality and the Consideration that: If You Express this Individuality in a way that Relates to others with Respect and Equality, with Respecting their Individuality and thus Doing and Participating within All Things in a way that is Best for Other Individuals as well - they’re going to Respond by Respecting your Individuality.
If you Don’t, then you have a World like Now where No-one Respects another’s Individuality, Nobody Respects another’s Right to Life - because Everybody is Scared of Everyone Else, because Each One Knows One Thing: You will Rather Act in Self Interest, because You Already Expect Everyone else to Do the Same. Instead of Reversing it, Instead of Realizing that: “As You Give = You Receive”.

You see, the Message of Jesus was the Ultimate Model of Individuality: “Give as You Would Like to Receive”, “Do Onto Another as You Would Like to be Done Unto” - The Foundation Principle of Individuality. If You Do Not Have this Principle Intrinsic as Your Own Self Value, then you’re Not an Individual – Yet.
First you Must Establish this Principle, then Individuality can be Born and you May at Last be Called Alive.

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