Friday 26 April 2013

Day 367: Investigating Human Rights

It is Important to Investigate All Those that Profess to Stand for Human Rights and to Measure what They Do under the banner of ‘Human Rights’ and whether that is In Fact only Propaganda for the ones that Fund these Human Rights Organizations. You have to Investigate whether they are In Fact Focusing on a Solution to bring about a Constitutional Human Rights System that is Based on Equality, that Improves the Quality of Every Human to be Equal to the Value of Life, that they are Ensuring in their Actions to Lead to an Outcome that will Produce a world where Every Child Born Will have a Home to Stay in, will have Food to Eat, Will have a Proper Education, Will have Decent Clothes, will have a Family that is Well Educated to be able to Educate the Child to be a Human with Dignity, that they are In Fact Acting in the Best Interest of the Human Race.

You have to Look at their Track Record, How Long they’ve been Around? What Funds have they Had, What have they Done with these Funds and Why have they Not Actually Produced a Better World? Then you have to Ask Yourself: Why Do you Allow them to Exist? Why are You Not Either been Starting an Actual Organization that is Focused on an Outcome that’s Best for All or Join One that is Focused on What is Best for All and Make Sure that, in the End, when you Measure what is Being Presented and you take it to a Practical Application and you Check that the means and the Ways they are Proposing will actually Produce such Change through a Political-Democratic Way, thus not Supporting some form of Violence to Try and Get Attention, but that they are In Fact Educating the public to become Better versed at What it Means to Bring About Real Change in the World – How a Political System, a Democratic one Actually Functions? Why the Majority that Stands Together and Vote for a Solution can Actually Change what is happening, and Actually Prevent what is happening. You must investigate Why Culture and Tradition are Allowed to Influence and Violate Human Rights, when Culture and Tradition are Not Actually a Level of Education that One would Like to See for Every Human Being, Every child Born. Cultural and Traditional Ideologies are normally focused on some form of Fear and are Not there to Produce a World that’s Best for All.

Culture which is Fun where one Come Together in a group and Enjoy Yourself = that is what Culture is –That Culture is Obviously Absolutely Wonderful! But the Culture that’s being Bastardized Claiming that it is Culture when it in fact Promotes Inadequate Environments for people and Children Especially, is certainly Not Culture and Must Be Considered to Focus on the Re-education of People. How do we know that Education Works? This has been done already, after the Second World War and you can go and Study The Century of the Self Documentaries, the Human Nature/ the Behavior that is within the Human Mind – now we are not talking about the Physical Human Nature which is the Real Human Nature, we’re talking about the one that they’re trying to Convince You is Your Nature – that was Changed Deliberately to Create a Consumer Society, to Create a Society that Cannot Reason Critically and Investigate All Things, that Does Not Question, a Society that Follows and Only Looks after One thing: Self Interest “Me: the Only Important One.” And in a way this has created the Mess we are in today in the World – an Absolute Violation of Human Rights was this Particular Change in Human Behavior through Manipulating Human Minds. That is Brainwashing and they Admit to it Freely, you can Check this Documentary, you are the Product of that. How Do You Stop That? Do You Understand How it was Done? Do you Know Where this Desire comes from that you must be an Individual that Must Look after your Self-Interest? How this is being Perpetuated? How this is Implanted in your Mind? Do you have any Idea where your Thoughts Come From? Have you ever Questioned it and Investigated it? Have you Ever Mastered the Ability to Actually Remove a Thought and to Place-in a Thought that is Best for You and Best for Everyone Else so that You Do Not Have to Live in Fear and Conflict? No, You Haven’t, Why haven’t you? Because even That, the ability to Help Yourself Has Been Removed through How you’ve been Programmed.

And All The Organizations in the World that Do Not Follow Practical Solutions to bring about a New World that is Best for All, you better Investigate them because there are Vested Interests that Created this so that it ‘Looks’ like ‘Everything is Okay’ - How will you Find Out that it’s Not ‘Okay’ to be in Poverty? Give Away All that You Have and Go and Live like a Poor Person and See How Long You Last? See what You Will be Willing to Do to Eat, have a look what happens if you Have Children while you are Poor, what you have to Accept, what you Think about? The Thoughts that is becoming the Dominant Factor within your world about Survival and just trying to Get the Best For Your Children – this is completely Unacceptable and Absolute Violations of Human Rights, and yet it is Justified. There is nowhere where you can see Organizations Standing up and Questioning that – even our Psychology is being Designed and is being Used to Design a System that Does Not Consider that which is Truly Valuable in a Human’s Life. Instead that which they claim ‘they Can’t Measure’ which is Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts – has All been given Names and now they Attempt to Control that with Chemicals, strange! Because Chemicals are actually Physical things, which means the Chemicals must be ‘More Powerful’ than the Thoughts you’re having and the Feelings you’re having and yet, the Fact that Human Nature is a Physical Thing – that Needs for a Home, the Need for Food, the Need for an Environment that is Effective, the Need for Proper Education, the Need to be able to Speak Properly - All of those things that are Actual Physical things, they are simply Not Placed as Human Rights. They are more placed as Hopes. And as long as you are Mentally Fairly Stable apparently ‘You have Human Rights’ – that is such Bullshit.

Investigate because if You Do Not Take Action to Safeguard Yourself Against the Brainwashing that’s Taking Place, You are Never going to Be Free from what has happened in this World and You Will Teach Your Children to Also become Slaves to a System that Violates Human Rights at a Massive Scale around the World, and That would mean that You are Equal to that Abuse because: You Accept it and You’re Allowing it.

Take Action, Set your Mind Free - and all those that claim “You must Set your Mind Free” Check if they can Actually Explain to you Where the Thoughts and the Feelings Come From? And why they are Just saying “Set your Mind Free” but They Can’t Help you to Actually do it – then there’s a Problem! That’s just Propaganda and you are going to scream “I have Set My Mind Free! I am Me, I am FREE!” But, that’s Not True because You are a Slave to a System and you’re Unable to Change it, you’re Unable to Reason with Effective Considerations, How to Change the System – and therefore you’ll form Groups that have No Potential of Impact Whatsoever, you’ll even go as far as Promoting Violence – Really, To Promote Violence? Do you Understand what that Will Cause? There is Peaceful means with which to Do This.

First of all become a Master of Your Mind so that No Thought in Your Mind is Not what is Best for All Life Always, you have Personally Checked it and you have Removed Anything that Creates Fear Within you, because whatsoever Creates Fear within you Is Brainwashing.

Join Us if You Want to Set Yourself Free.
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  1. How will you Find Out that it’s Not ‘Okay’ to be in Poverty? Give Away All that You Have and Go and Live like a Poor Person and See How Long You Last? See what You Will be Willing to Do to Eat

    On EQAFE, there are also many points of support in the life reviews of the people that has gone through poverty to have some background on what they did and how they lived, here the links