Tuesday 16 April 2013

Day 356: Will Monsanto Patent Genetically Modified Teeth?

Obviously, Teeth is Also an Organism – and as Experience has taught us, we are Born and at a certain stage Teeth are Activated and Grow, and then at a certain stage the Teeth Fall out and New ones Grow. So what do we Know about this? Teeth is certainly an Organism that follows a Particular Time Event Program Schedule – so, the Genetic Coding to Grow Teeth already exist In the Human. So, who’s going to be the First that’s going to make Fillings for Teeth Obsolete? Is it going to be Big Pharma? Is it going to be Monsanto? Are people going to scream “No! Don’t DO it! You are Messing with God’s Great Plan to keep a Dentist Employed!” What would be the Reason Not to have Genetic Modifications that Allows us to Replace our Teeth Naturally?

There seems to be, underlying the Big Hoo-Hah about Genetic Modification, shall we say, a Religious Undertone: “Don’t Mess with God’s Creation, it’s Not Perfect, but it’s All we’ve Got - and We are Not Allowed to Understand How it Functions. We get Teeth, then they Fall out, we get New Teeth and it was All by God’s Will – it’s Not the Program. A Tree doesn’t Grow from a Seed, a Human Being is Not the Result of a Sperm and an Egg. It’s Actually God’s Will – it’s Not God’s Willy” - it’s a Fascinating Bizarre thing that Happens when the Human Becomes Completely Submerged in their Imagination and Start to Believe their Own Mind to be Actual Existence. There’s this Crazy thing in Spirituality, which says: “Get Back to Your Mind, it’s Your Home, it’s the Now, The Now of the Mind” - Yes, You Certainly Don’t get it, do you? You Should actually Consider Holding your Breath to See if your Mind will Give You Oxygen and you’ll Notice a Peculiar thing: It Certainly Doesn’t Work.

But, Back to Teeth: Teeth are one of the Big Issues that the Human Face as Age Comes. We Already Know that Cells Replace Themselves All the Time – so, all this Replacement Technology is already Existing Biologically within the Human Body. Harnessing that – obviously without Patenting it, because seemingly if one look at All these ‘Patenting’ stuff, whomsoever was the Creator in the First Place Should have the Copyright, isn’t it? But the Copyright is being Given to Everyone Under the Concept of ‘Free Will’ - so therefore, Patenting anything seems to be Completely in Contradiction to Universal Law of Free Will. Free Will means: Take what is Here, Investigate All Things and Keep What is Best for All - that’s Free Will! Obviously, it’s been Mistaken to also Include: “Let’s Kill those that just Don’t Agree with us, Go to War, Abuse, that’s Free Will” – Obviously, that does Not seem to be Free Will, because if you Apply that Type of Free Will, then you suddenly find Some Don’t Have Free Will, because: They Don’t Agree with You and if They Don’t Agree with you then They Don’t Have Free Will, but You Have Free Will – it’s a Bizarre thing.

So, what are you going to Scream when we Start with Genetic Modifications? Which is Already Available and we Mess Around with the Mess, which is called “God’s Plan” and We Arrange the Growing of New Teeth – Imagine! No More Fillings. When you have a Tooth Problem, you pull it out, and you get an Injection or a Pill that Activates your Code and Whoops! You grow a New Tooth! - You have to obviously Adjust your Diet a little bit to get Enough Calcium and All Kinds of Stuff the Tooth is going to Need and then: you Grow a Tooth! Don’t You Think that’s like Amazing! You have taken Free Will One Step Closer to its Divine Intention: To Investigate All Things and Bring About What is Best for All. Until we do that, All Claims of Divinity is Certainly Bullshit, because You are Not Looking at the Blueprint that is Here and Employing it/ Applying it/ Using it/ Harnessing it/ Directing it as the Dominant Specie to Bring a Result that is Best for All.

Share your Points of View and Let’s See if You Can Grasp Free Will.

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