Friday 19 April 2013

Day 360: Pricing and Labeling in Equal Money Capitalism Profit-Share (Part Three)

Optimizing Excellence in Production EMS

So, let’s recap: A Television Produced in an Equal Money Capitalistic System will within the Label include Who Participated, What Resources were Used, Where was it Manufactured, What Technology, what Science is behind it and How Action was taken to Prevent Environmental Impact and What Recycling will be Necessary. It will also show in the Pricing exactly ‘Who’ Gets ‘What’ so that You can See that Everyone is Treated Fairly – there May be obviously different ‘Types of Technologies’ that are Possibly Equal, and then you’ll have Choices between some Products. But the Choices of Products will be more about Excellence than it is about for instance, having ‘Lots of Choices’ ending up with Products that are Useless and that only Harm and Damage the Environment.

So once the Product Arrives at your Doorstep, or you will be able to Go and Look at the Product at the Facilities, the Shops where it will be Demonstrated and Warehoused, then you will Know Who you supported, Why you Supported them and How the System Functions and Why it is Necessary for Yourself to also Participate Within the System in Producing Something of Value that Makes Another’s Life Worthwhile. Obviously the nitty-gritty of this Type of System will Require Extensive Data Accumulation and Planning – and the Measurement of Data will become one of the most Important things Ever, that means Honesty is going to Become the Most Important Thing Ever, because if you are not Honest about your situation and you do not Report the Information from your Environment in an Honest Way, the Data will be Flawed and therefore you’ll either get Too Little or Too Much of Something. And here the Auditors again will have to play a role – and unfortunately until your Honesty is being established as a Total Integral Part of Yourself, there will have to be a Cross-Reference of the Information and Data that you’re going to Feed into the System. Otherwise it will Defeat the Object of bringing about a Society of Equality and Ensuring that Everyone Gets Enough, and Ensuring that the Environment does Not get Abused, and Ensuring that there’s an End to Greed, and Personal Abuse of Power.

The Power that you’ll have will be in your Honesty because the Power of the System would be in Having Correct Data so that the Planning, the Distribution of Resources in a Fair and Equitable way Can be made Effectively. Therefore, any Position of Skill - and this Includes Politics - will require Minimum Qualifications, you cannot Pretend to be a Manager of a Country, Governing a Region when you do not have the Qualification to do it, when you have not Studied the Technology involved in such effective governance. So Politics will no longer just be about ‘Who Wins the Election,’ it will be about Integrity and Honesty – does this particular person that makes themselves available to elected as a Leader of a Region actually Qualify in terms of their Capabilities to Make Decisions on Behalf of Everyone that can be Trusted? So Trust will be Critical. In this Everyone Understands what I’m saying, because At some level you desire all of this, you’ve always desired this –the Problem is your Negativity, you have been Infused Completely as a Negative Being, that’s Why you Seek the Positive side so much because the total Consumption System currently is to give you a Positive Experience every now and then and the Total Consumption System as it Exists now, the Economic System that exists now is Based in and Inherently Depends on your Negativity, because then it can give you something Positive that you can go and follow and Feel Better for a moment – and therefore your total existence now is an Actually Controlled Not by the Positivity, but by your Negativity because that Allows you to be Controlled by Positive Events. You are now an ‘Events being,’ you are basically Without the Capacity to Produce or to Understand your Environment and Interactiveness with it At All, because all you’re looking for is your Positive Experience - and for that, you’re always in a negative state.

So, what we are presenting is Not a Positive Experience initially, but It Is a Positive Outcome that is Best for All Eventually, you’ll first respond to this in a Negative way because You Believe yourself to be Incapable of such a Level of Discipline, and such a level of action to bring about a Change in the World, you have Completely been Disempowered to Exist Only as a Negative Being that waits for Positive Events to ‘Feel Better,’ and therefore everything you do are based on this particular cycle and you cannot Conceive that You can Be a Different Human Being. This is being Done deliberately to you - You can study The Century of the Self, This Negativity with the Positive Event Consumption has been Programmed into Society for several decades already, it is at an Optimum Point now where you are Completely Controlled.

Obviously those that did this in the beginning didn’t realize to What Extent this will Cause Problems in the Human Existence and they don’t have a Way to stop the Problem now, all they try and do is ‘Keep it Going’ but it is Collapsing because you cannot Sustain this type of System Indefinitely. So we have a problem and we require solutions, we have the Solution and the Technology and the Psychology and the know-how on how to sort this out, and you have to now educate yourself. That is where Desteni comes in, Desteni is a process of Self Education, it takes some years because the Problem is so big, and the problem is Invested in Time. Unfortunately, those that Believe that they are already Having Something Positive, that have found a Constant State of Positivity as Spirituality or some form of Positive Mind experience have separated themselves Completely into this New Positive Event System and has Managed to create a State of Being where they are Constantly Feeding themselves Positive Events – the fact that it’s all illusions is rather irrelevant to them because they Control this particular Positive Event that ‘It Must be Real’ because: they Can Create it – you certainly Don’t Understand your Mind, and you don’t understand the Massive Negative Effect you’re having on the World and the Environment, and How You’re contributing to the Negative Condition of Poverty in this World, and War and everything else by Remaining within your Positive Events Environment where you are using Thoughts and Energy to Produce positive events, Inducing your Physical Body to Produce the Chemicals to ‘Make you Feel Better’ - there’s going to be a Massive side-Effect to that that effect is already Massively happening and it will specially be seen in Disease.

So I suggest that you do stop and get this brainwashing out of you so that you can become a human being of integrity, so that a Positive World can be Created, not a Positive State of Being, a Positive Environmental Change, a Positive Economic Change, a System that is Sustainable according to How our Current Physical World and the Rules of Physics as it Exists Here, Join Us: We Are the Future.

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