Wednesday 1 May 2013

Day 372: Desteni and the ‘Cult Branding’

One must Ask Yourself a Simple Question: would Those whose Interests are Control in/of the World and Protecting the Much they Have, would They Support any Organization/ Group/ Charity that in any way would Challenge their Control or Put their Possessions At Risk? Obviously they will Not. That’s why Desteni is a ‘Threat’, because Desteni is Not Funded by Corporations, Governments, The United Nations or Charities. Desteni is Funded by the Group of People that already to a Degree has Broken their Brainwashing. ‘Breaking Brainwashing’, which has been going on for generations, is Not a ‘Quick-Fix’ Fast thing. It takes Years to do this, a Minimum of 14 years to Break Brainwashing. If you haven’t Done that work Daily, Know One Thing: You are Still Brainwashed.

Therefore, very easily, you will ‘Brand’ Anything that Challenge your Reality a ‘Cult’, simply screaming: “I’m afraid! I’m Afraid of the Truth” - that’s what anyone that use the word ‘Cult’ Actually says: “I’m Afraid of what I will Find out about Myself.”
Unfortunately, you also have Those that are Funded to Specifically Brand the ‘Cult’ thing. Understand that Any ‘Quick-Fix’ Magical-thing that takes you through a Process of Evolution that is Born out of the Current System of Brainwashing – like for instance, Moving from Christianity to Spirituality, to ‘Love and Light,’ to Consciousness to ‘Advance to a Higher Divinity’/‘Namaste’ – all of that are examples of ‘Error-Trappings’, of Brainwashing. (Error Trappings– is how a program is managed to keep giving the result it was intended to give within its design). It’s simply Another Dimension of the Same Brainwashing that is just ‘Packaged’ and ‘Colored-in,’ in different colors. Thus, you believe ‘erroneously’ (error-trapping) that you’re moving into a ‘change’ – when in fact, you’re moving into the exact same construct – just presented differently.
You’ll see, if you look at the History of this development How the Colors and the Pictures that the People use to Define their ‘Evolutionary State’ and their ‘Advancement’ in Spirituality and Consciousness: they’re Using these pictures to Define it - and you’ll see these pictures becomes Brighter, More Colorful and All Showing/Presenting How they View Themselves. But, if you have to Put the Picture Down next to a Real Life Situation on Earth of Poverty you’ll Notice: The Two Don’t Fit. But, to the Person that’s Brainwashed, the Reality of Poverty is Illusion - while the Reality to Them, or the Illusion of their picture of ‘Bright Colors’ and Light, is Reality…that’s like: “Test 1: You are Brainwashed” – Duh! You should be able to Realize that, but You Can’t - you see, that’s the Whole Point of Brainwashing.

That’s Why Anyone Challenging your Reality: you have to Brand them, Label them, Categorize them and Put them into a Little Box so that You are ‘Free’ from Any ‘Influence’ that may in any way Change Your Mind, because Your Mind is already Chained and Specifically Chained through a Process of Brainwashing that Started from the Moment of Your Birth that Developed to Eventually form a Complete Program which ‘apparently’ Handles ‘Anything that May come Your way.’
There is actually only One Way to Break Brainwashing. Only One Answer. That ‘One thing’ they Couldn’t Program in, therefore - they had to take that ‘One Thing’ and they had to Make it ‘Evil’, ‘Scary’ so that Nobody would Go there, because: “It’s simply Not Possible, it’s Simply Bad”. That Single Point was Equality –Equality as Life. That was the Only Point that they couldn’t ‘Brainwash out’ so They had to Make it ‘The Scarecrow’. The Scarecrow has been Programmed into History over Generations.
You Study what was Happening in Heaven and in the Soul System - you’ll Understand How much Detail went into Programming the Physical Reality to Make Sure that the Slaves on Earth Remained in their Place. Dear Soul: you’re Just a Slave.

As Time now Compress to Bring this Disaster, which is called ‘Life on Earth’ to a Close so that Anyone can be Born: you’re going to be Challenged. You’re going to be Challenged in Everything that You Perceive to Be Reality and We Ask You to Consider that: the True Measurement of Reality is What is Happening in the Physical World. So, Study the Bill of Rights of the Equal Life Foundation, Study what Desteni is doing, Study the Equal Money System – Challenge Your Fear, Realize: As long as You Don’t Know Where and How your Feelings are Created, Where they Come From - or your Thoughts or your Characters, and You Can’t Plot it on paper in Absolute Specific Detail Word by Word on a Timeline that Shows Exactly ‘How’ you have Designed it = You have a Major Problem.

At the DIP Lite Course you start a Process where Eventually, If You Want to Help yourself, You can actually Learn how to Plot your life and Get to ‘the Real Story,’ a Shocking Story: the Story that Everything You’ve Ever Believed: is Just a Lie.

There is No Quick-Fix for this. Any ‘Quick-Fix’ know One thing: Brainwashing Error-Trapping, you are just being taken on Another Loop and that Loop is going to Keep you Busy as Long as it Possibly Can.
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