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Day 385: Fetal Development Stages – Consciousness Research – Week 14 (Part One)

Discussion between Bernard and the Baby-to-Be

Fetus: Let me put it to you this way: in the Mind of the Mother-to-Be, there will be a Dominant Relationship to a Parent. That Relationship is then imprinting unto the Mother (that’s Pregnant) - from her Mother or her Father (whichever parent / parental figure the mother has a dominant relationship with in their Minds), and from there that Information is then within the Child already Imprinting. Meaning – the Child is already going to Know ‘What to Expect’ in terms of the Type of Relationship that their Mother is going to have with them.

So for example, what I now see within Leila, in her mind, it’s like centralized there – is her Mother. All of that information is then imprinting into you (Leila), and the Relationship that you had with your mother, for example what parent-child relationship you had with her, how you behaved, her relationship/behavior towards you and it’s already Resonating down to me – for example. In this, what is already being programmed is how I will be in behavior/relationship to you (Leila); our parent-child relationship is already being defined based on your parent-child relationship with your Mother.

Bernard: So that would then be the Knees, because that is the Ego, Survival – ‘How am I Going to Survive All of this?’ So, then that’s why the arms are sore, because they are increasing in discomfort – because it is linked to ‘How am I going to Handle this?’, ‘How am I going to Direct this?’, ‘Who Am I Going to Be within the History of my Forbearers?’ But, that is not seen on a Personal Level that is seen on a Survival Level – Purely as Pattern; which means that even Choices that will be made later on in Life, is already being Formed.

Fetus: The Life Pattern, yes.

Bernard: These Choices will be based-on Survival and will be Based on ‘Gaining Position’, that means Competition – to Establish the Position within the Hierarchy of Beings. That then already Determines What the Being will be in terms of Capacity, because the Capacity will be Governed by the Position in the Hierarchy. “This is All I Am Able to Be” –is the Decision that is already taking shape and also “I cannot be More than This”. That is very much influenced by the Lineage of the Parents and the Parents Before and what they’ve Been in Life in general.

Fetus: The energy of that (the statements of “This is All I Am Able to Be” / “I cannot be More than This”) is experienced as like a ‘Dullness’, as if you’re in a room and you’re contained and you can’t breathe properly or effectively. (This is what the Fetus is already experiencing/becoming aware of as the Limitation that manifested into and as its Beingness with regards to the preprogramming of who/how they’re going to develop into/as based on Survival)

Bernard: Constriction – which is actually Position, because Position is Constriction, a Space-Time Relationship to All Possible Relationships within the Context of the Self-Design, which is based on What has Been Before. Breaking out of that, is in most cases Unlikely, because the Environment is going to be the Parents and the Grandparents and the Family – which Determines Space-Time Position and ‘Who I Am’, ‘Who I Will Be’, ‘Who I Can Be’, ‘What is Possible’ and ‘What is Not Possible’, ‘What is Probable’ and ‘What is the Best Approach to Survive from Birth to Death’. So Death is already Placed as the Position Outcome within the Context of the Past and how to Best Reach the Optimum Death Point through Surviving.
And how long has the Baby been Developing?

Leila: Tomorrow will be 14 weeks

Bernard: The Back also.
The Back is the Space-Time Alignments, the Energy Alignments, how much Energy can / should the Body be Able to Retain and Process , How much Information – which will determine eventually one’s Intellect – has already been set.

Fetus: In the Spine itself as well, in the Spaces in between (the vertebrae), there is also Decision-Making, Primal Decision-Making Constructs manifesting.

Bernard: The Spine will be like a Ladder that a being Climbs – from Birth ‘till Now – starting at the Bottom of the Spine, Climbing up until reaching the Final Position of Consciousness at the Atlas – the ‘At Last’-Point ,which is completely Formed. Then you go into your Final Acceptance of ‘who I am’ and that is already Determined, not by time so much as by Events that take Place and each Event that Specify the Nature of the Being, where the Consciousness will Move One Step Up on the Spine and Come to the Point of ‘This is Who I Am’ (which in Spirituality they call ‘Kundalini Rise’) – this is like your ‘Primal Energy’ that Determines Who You Are. So, the ones that are Pre-Programmed as Masters, they’re Pre-Programmed so they have a Different Experience of the Kundalini Rising – but, they go through the Same Process, each vertebra will Indicate or be a ‘Test’ or an ‘Initiation’. So, the Point will be Initiated, the Initiation will Introduce the Being to a point in the Cycle of Development of the Consciousness Self – they will Form that and the Environment will Help Process the Particular Point through Association, Memory, Character Building Stage, it’s Containment – until it’s Accepted , then the Next Initiation Starts, Until at the Point at the Top where the Being goes into Full Acceptance of Themselves. If that Process doesn’t Develop Properly – obviously they become Less Effective in their Chosen Path, which they really actually haven’t chosen: because of their Design they’ve been Forced to Choose it, there’s No Choice that’s Ever Free. Then the Final Analysis – the Comfortability that the Being will have with Themselves will be when they have Done all their Steps/Initiations Properly and they’ll have a ‘Good Life’, because they are Confident in the Self they’ve Created to be able to Handle the Environment Effectively and they will become more Dominant in their Environment. If the Steps didn’t Play Out accordingly and to Conclusion: they’ll become a ‘Lesser’ Force in their Environment and tend to Step Back and not Take the Lead Role and Stay in the Background.

Obviously, we are going to work with it to specify it so that it is not This Particular Things/Process that Happens – but, it’s already Happening in the Specifying of the Being from the Perspective of the Initial Quantum Body to be able to Emerge from the Body at Birth into a Full Functional State. So when it’s in that Stage, what Happens now in that Stage will Also Happen in the Stages of the First 7 Years Cycle (0-7), the Second 7 Years Cycle (7-14) and the Third 7 Years Cycle (14-21) until you get to your Final Consciousness Acceptance. 28 Is usually where the Final Point is complete (Fourth 7 Year Cycle).

We’ll continue with Fetal Development Research – Week 14 (Part Two) in the Next Post

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