Friday 10 May 2013

Day 377: Let’s Fly High!

Now, for the Awakened - this will be a Rude-Awakening, because you’re going to React to what I’m Sharing with you here.

Now, ‘Flying High’ as an Energy Experience follows the following steps: You Start in your Life, you enter your Teenage years and then you become a Youngster in the world. You Play and do all kinds of things, until eventually you start Settling down…and I’m just taking this One Scenario. In all of this, you are creating your Constitution. Your Constitution is the Rules of your InterAction with your Physical Being and this is based on a Reward System. Within this Constitution you will Create and Construct, through Time and Effort, Relationships with the various Body parts, Chemicals and the quantities of the chemicals in your body to Reward you with things, which are called ‘Feelings’. These Feelings you will then Categorize into things like ‘Love’ and ‘Joy’, and eventually - through effort and especially through Meditation: you will be Able to Create Your Own ‘Drug Company’ in Your Own Body; through which you can Produce, ‘at Will’ so to speak, the ‘Flying High’ Experience. Within that you will Claim / make the most Amazing Claims that you are ‘Awakened’.

So, let me Awaken you: You have Produced All your Experiences by Imprinting and Designing, through Time - a Chemical-Biological Constitution in your Body that Produce Energies in Various Formats as your Personal Reward-System. Within this, you will obviously go out there and you will tell others ‘How Wonderful it is’, ‘How Wonderful it Feels’, ‘How Awakened You are’ and you will put-up Such a Show that you will Actually Convince others that what you’re saying is True. But, in All of that - You haven’t got a Clue How it Actually functions at all. In fact, it all just like happened Automatically, Robotically. Normally you would’ve had some form of a Guru where you have given Attention to their Words that Implanted All These Seeds within you to ‘grow’ and you’ve been Called and Shown to Apparently ‘Grow Spiritually’. But, all of that is Not True, it’s a BIG Lie. The Real Truth is: You have Created Your Own Factory of Drugs. You’re Just a Drug User/Abuser. You will Not See Reality. You will be a ‘Happy-Go-Lucky Fly-High-Lovey and Dovey’ – but, you will do Nothing about the Suffering that Exist in this World whatsoever. You’ll Use a fascinating thing that your Reason has become, which is called Justification. You will Justify ‘Why things happened,’ You Will Reason through Justification until ‘It makes sense’ – as Long as You Do Not have to Give up your Addiction, your Addiction to the Drugs you’re Creating in your Body.

I Must say it’s a Very Clever way to Not have to Spend Money. At the end of the day, you don’t have to go and Buy your Drugs, You Create it Yourself - Very clever. Although, You are Actually Buying it, because all the Gurus that Taught you through their Examples and their Meditations ‘How to Create these Drugs,’ They Made Money Out of You. You didn’t Really Care How Much you had to Pay for it, because All You Want is You Want to ‘Feel Better’. No Matter What it Takes: You want to Feel Better. And so there we have the ‘Great Awakening.’

It is Necessary that one Do Realize that Life Consists of Breath. ANY Feeling that You are Having in Any way Whatsoever, Any Experience that is Personalized - are ALWAYS the Result of Your OWN Programming. You have Constituted it, You have Designed it, You are Producing the Energy and the Experience – it is Not Based on Actual Reality. Actual Reality are the things that Takes Place In this World - Breath by Breath - in the Relationships between People, in the Way the world Functions: That Is Reality. Awakening is to have a Look at How Reality Actually Functions and then to become Part of a Solution so that One is No Longer taken ‘on a Trip.’ Then, your Trip is Real: a Trip on Earth where you are Investigating WHAT is Best for ALL Beings on Earth, because - you were Not Born All Equal Unfortunately, you were Supposed to be Born Equal, but there is No Equality.

So - When the Quality of Your Life Allows you to ‘Fly High’ when Millions are in trouble, You Have to Investigate, because You are Not Self-Honest. You have Justified your Dishonesty to a Massive Degree. You Have Formed an Addiction within your Body through the Constitution of All Kinds of Devices, all kinds of Vices, ‘a Way to Keep You Occupied’ so that You Do Not have to Take Responsibility; and because you have a Wonderful thing called ‘Money’ and ‘Security’: You Do not have to Worry about Anything, because you have already Justified that you Only have Money and Security because You have Developed this Amazing ‘Love and Light’ within you, and it Feels SO Good. Sorry, it’s Just a Lie, You’re Just Dishonest, You Don’t Really Care, You Have Never Cared – You’ve Only Ever Worried about Yourself. You have Never really Taken Part in Anything of Substance or Consequence in this World. CAREFUL what You Claim, CAREFUL especially when you Don’t Understand How it Actually Works.

So, for All of You Out There that has Managed to Create your Own Drug Companies, trying to Sell this Abuse of ‘Love and Light’ to other Beings, this ‘Energy Highs’ and ‘Flying’s’ and ‘Traveling’s,’ remember: there is One thing More Powerful than You could Ever Dream to be - it’s Your Breath. There Will be a Last Breath and then, None of this Will Remain. So Sad, because You Won’t Even Remember.
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  1. In this video Osho even admits that "his meditations" a are just perfect drugs, because it is self created and chemical free. Though, regarding government and god he makes some good/interesting points.