Sunday 12 May 2013

Day 379: Motherhood and Brainwashing

So let’s Start at the Beginning, because for Practical Purposes and also for that which one is Able to Understand within the context of Brainwashing, we start at the Beginning Point, the Point of Primary Influence: Motherhood.

Any Mother that has a Child planned (or shall we say Most Mothers, because it’s not All of them) – will Feel an Extreme Bond with their Child and will have an Experience that they call ‘Love’ for their Child. Every Mother will Understand the Needs of the Baby and to What Extent the Baby is In Fact Absolutely and Completely Dependent on the Mother. It is an ABSOLUTE Dependency, as there is simply No Way the Baby can Take Care of themselves. Therefore, the Mother understands their Duty to Care. Yet, the Mother’s Fear is So Great (especially when she has More of the Resources of Earth, More Money available to her) - her Fear is So Great and the Justifications so Extensive that: the Mothers of the World Cannot Consider that Those that are Able, have a Duty to Care for Every Single Child Born on the planet. This means that: Mother’s fears of their own survival/money and so that of their own child is so GREAT, that they do not see beyond their own fears / survival and only their own Child/children – to be able to take into consideration the state/condition of/as Life for ALL Children within this world/on this earth. Because Every Single Child is Equally as Dependent on their Mother, and thus COMPLETELY Subject to the Resources and the Ability of the Mother to Care. So, if the Mother does Not Have the Means, the Baby Cannot Help Themselves! This is Known by Every Educated Man in this World, Every Religious Person in this World, Every Politician, Every Human Being Knows that This Dependency of a Baby - on at least the Mother - is a Complete Dependency. And Yet, the Humans are So Brainwashed that they Will Not Feel a Thing about those who are Not in their Immediate Visible Environment, Even if it’s a Child - they will Not Care, because the Human Being does Not Understand Caring. The Human Being does Not Care and does Not Understand Love. The Human Being Function at the Level of FEAR - and Happiness and Love is when you have Less Fear, because you have, for instance, More money.

The Brainwashing is So Absolute, in this Singular Instance that: Even the Duty to Care that a Mother has due to Motherhood - is Not Strong Enough to Extend Beyond her Own Baby, Imagine that! This is How Effective the Brainwashing Functions. How can Any Mother Exist and Care about her Own Child KNOWING that there are Children in the World that Do Not Have the Same Opportunity of Care? How can One be ‘Happy’ and ‘Love Your Child’ without Considering that this Should Be Available Equally to Every Child on Earth, Always? But, because the Mother is so Completely Embedded and Brainwashed within the System as it Exists, the Mother would not even Conceive that the Easy Way to Change this: Is to Change the System! To Ensure that Every Mother is in a Position where they can Take Care of the Child, that Every Mother is Educated and Able to Take Care of a Child; because that Child Will be Brainwashed and Shaped by their Environment, and the Past will become the Future and the Same will be Repeating. The Same is only Repeating, not because “This is the way it is”, but because this is The Way it is Accepted and Allowed to Be. It Can Change with Great Simplicity If the Mothers of the World would Take the Care, the Duty of Care of Motherhood and Extend it to Become one of the Foundations of Existence on Earth, that No Child Ever goes Without Proper Care.

We will continue with Motherhood, this is the First Point about Mothers.
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