Thursday 9 May 2013

DAY 376: Experiential Reality Guidelines to Self-Honesty

DAY 376: Experiential Reality Guidelines to Self-Honesty

One may be in the Unique Position where you have Found Peace and Harmony within Yourself with/through Experiences, where you are the Center of Your Universe that Gives the Feedback that “Everything is Okay”, “You’re Okay” and “the Universe is Okay”. So, here you have to Do some Self-Honest Reflection. For the Self-Honest Reflection you have an Amazing thing, which is the Physical Reality. The problem though is that: One Use the Mind to Interpret the Physical Reality, so therefore - your Interpretation of Reality Structure/ Hierarchy/Position/Situation/Reason is No longer Physical, it is Your Opinion, Your Interpretation.

So, to Get some Foundation Self-Honesty Going, it is Suggested that one Sit Down with a Piece of Paper and you Force Yourself to look at Reality in the way that it Actually Exists. Here, if you have to Start with Your Own Reality, and you have to Write down the Influences in your Reality that Makes your Reality Possible – and the Very First Influence that you have Drawn a Column-for (because there’s going to be a LOT of Events and situations Influenced by it): is Money. You have to place down Specifically, what Influence Money Have that Makes it Possible for You to Experience Reality in a way where You can Reach “Harmony, Peace, Equilibrium, Joy” and all those Wonderful Things that Seemingly are ‘Without a Price-Tag’.

In a Column next to it you would have to Write Down for Those that Don’t Have What You Have - whether They are Able to Reach what You are Experiencing and therefore, Self-Honestly you have to do a Clear Comparison whether the Influences that Makes your Experience Possible is Equally Possible to Everyone Else. We Tend to Live in a Curious world, a World where We take So Much for Granted - Placing So Much Importance on our Opinion, without even Understanding the Most Basic Structure of the Mind that we are Using to Construct the Opinion with. Within this, we have No Idea How we are Actually Creating the Experience, Feeling and Emotion around the Opinion(s) to See ‘Where it comes from?’ ‘Why it Means What it Means to Ourselves?’ and How Easily it is Possible to Create an Idea that What we are experiencing is in some form ‘Free’/ is ‘Without a Price-Tag’ and Is ‘In Fact Real.’

One then Look at these Influences, and one Must Look from The Moment of Birth: What were the Conditions when You Were Born: What was the Price-Tag? The Home you Lived-in: What was the Price-Tag? The Lives your Parents had: What was the Price-Tag? All the Goodies you Had at Home: What was the Price-Tag? Every Single Thing throughout Every Dimension of Every Breath of Every Memory You consist-of – Remember: You are Just Memories. If You want to Make Sure that That is How it Works (the fact that you are just Memories), then Have Your Memories Removed and See What’s Left of you. So, Every Single Memory needs to be Plotted down, you’ll see: they’re Quite a Lot – and you have to See if You can Find One Singular Memory that Exist Without a Price Tag.
Then you have to Have a Look ‘How’ you have Constructed Your Own Consciousness and your Idea of Yourself Based on all these Experiences – which are In Fact just Memories that play-out – and How you have Used that to Create an Idea of yourself that you then go and Try and Sell to Others in Fact. Because, you’re looking at a way to Justify How You came Where You Are - Without Considering that the Physical World is In Fact the Accumulated Combined Multi-Dimensional Memories of the History of the Human Race, of What we Have Accepted and Allowed.

If One Could (which You Unfortunately Can’t) Access the World Beyond Death, you’re going to See an Interesting thing - First of all: You’re Not Going to be Able to Communicate Back with the People on Earth, at least Not in the Way that You would Like to tell them/ communicate with them like, for example: “Hi, My Name is Mary, I am Dead, tell my Family it’s All Okay, I’m Still Alive” - because that’s Not True and not the way it in fact works when you crossover/die. When you crossover/die, you’re Not going to Even Remember your Name is ‘Mary,’ you’re Not going to Remember Anyone you Loved….because: All of that are just Accumulated Memories by Coincidence – meaning, the memories Exist because of your Experiences. And, because Your Experiences and so your Memories are Dependent on All the Relationships in your World, the Problem is Very Simplistic: Your Experiences and so your Memories are Subjective, they are Not Based on Reality that Involves Everyone, they are based on a Reality that Only Involves Yourself. Therefore, they are Not a Real Experience, they are a Subjective Experience – the Only Real Experience that counts is the Experience of Humanity as a Group, Understanding How we have Managed to Construct it in this way and How we have Ended up Accepting and Allowing It. Claiming that in some way: “It’s Okay, everybody else Wants it this Way” - That’s Not True! Nobody Wants it this Way! You have No Choice in the Way it exists, because Who You Are was Indoctrinated and Brainwashed from Birth to Accept it this way. Within that, you have Ended up Making Decisions for One Simple Reason Only: Your Own survival, Your Own Self-Interest – and in All of that You Always had to Pay a Price. But, You don’t Want to Remember that, because somehow: “That’s Just Not Important”. Yet, Without the Price and the Ability to Pay the Price - You would Not have been Who You Are. So, Every Single Memory you have, Has a Price-Tag and that Price-Tag Determines whether You will have the Memory or Not. So, Suddenly all you are, all Harmony and Joy and Everything that you Consist of - Consist Actually from/out of, at its Very Foundation, One Thing Only: Money! How much Money You had, how much Access and how much Money the People Around you had - Not a Single Memory that Exist, Not a Single Part of the Consciousness of Any Human Being on this Earth Exist as Anything else but Money. You could’ve Just as well been a Dollar a Bill, a Face on a Dollar Bill – there’s Really Nothing else to Who you Are.

Nothing of what You Believe You Are is going to Transcend Death, because in the first place: it was Based on a False ‘Impression,’ an Impression Without ANY Understanding as to How it Was Created. To have Dominion, to be Divine - You Need to Understand How things Work. Without Understanding How it Works, you Invalidate Everything You Claim and When the Test Comes (which is your Last Breath) – then Suddenly, it’ll all Be Gone…You won’t Even Remember that You were ‘Supposed to’ Remember; because: the Memories You had were Only Relevant to the Physical Reality and because Everything you Experienced are Subject-to the Rules of this Reality as you’ve Accepted it, the Hierarchies (the Keys that One Claim to be the ‘Higher-Keys’) - these Keys All having a Price-Tag and on the Other Side there being No Economic Foundation, No Money System like We have Here, makes things a Problem. Because, the Investment You’ve Made in Yourself is Not Bearing Fruit, because that which You Claim you are as Consciousness is the Fruit of a False Tree, a Tree of Knowledge and Memory. You’re Not willing to Consider/Investigate/Introspect the Knowledge/Memories, because Somehow you’ve Managed to Claim that these Memories ‘Have Value’ and is Making You Important. But, Not a Single Memory you have at this Stage on Earth is in Any Way In Fact Consisting of That which is in Fact Important: which is Life, which is In Fact Equal in Everyone. And because None of that is Existing: You that is Being Created, thus Do Not Exist as Life - you Exist as Memories through Which you Have Experiences, All of which Have a Price-Tag. You are Just a Piece of Money on Two Legs, a Smile of a Face on a Piece of Paper, Looking for Value, Looking for Some form of ‘Validation’. Unfortunately, All the Experiences were Invalid, so if you Base your Reality on Experience without Understanding, Self-Honestly, where Experience comes from - from the Investment in Your Memories and the Money that was Involved: How can You Expect in Any Way to be Valid?

We have Looked at this Exercise Only at One Point, we’ve Only looked at Money so far – You can make a Column of your Education, for instance… but, at the End of the Day, again, you’re going to Notice: your Education is Going to Go Back to Money. So, Really - One Column: the Column of Money and Establishing the Price-Tag of Who You Are and the Experiences You had - Is the Fundamental Step to Set Yourself Free form All Delusions. It’ll Take Years though, because only Once you Realize this Point will Your Process Start - of Identifying Every Memory, Every Experience that Constructed the Illusion you call ‘Yourself.’
If You have the Guts, if there is a Grain of Honesty and Integrity In You: You’ll Hear Me. if There Isn’t = You’ll Try and Find the Reason to Attack me, but it Will Not Mean a thing. Because, what I’ve Shared with you - if you Go and Study it, You’ll See it is Foundationally True, it is How things Exist: You’re Just a Price-Tag. And What You’re Experiencing in this World is Just a form of Fashion you Try and Sell, you’re just a Fashion Designer, a Cloak in a Closed Design, a Personality Designer. Not Interested in Reality or Life. That’s Why this World is going through Holocaust upon Holocaust, Uncountable Amount of Animals have Been Killed In the Name of the Price-Tags that you’ve Placed on Experience.

This is Going to Be a Very Difficult Journey.

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