Saturday 4 May 2013

Day 374: Universal Secrets of Automation as Keys for Success

Automation implies Systems and Systems are Only as Perfect as its Creators, as the World shows us. Each One within the World is Part of a System, Forcing each other either into an Imperfect System or a Perfect System - there is really No ‘In Between’. When we Accept the System ‘the way it is,’ we Act Spontaneously and call it ‘Human Nature’, eventually Convincing ourselves that ‘we Can't Change it’, that ‘it has Always been this Way’. And because we don't remember or even realize how we created it we claim ‘we didn't do it’. So, at this level the Human Body is by far the Superior Creator, but if you ask any part of it individually, why it allowed itself to be part of an imperfect system you get a similar answer to what a human would say: "I didn't realize what I have allowed". So, for the Body the Process is No Different to the Individual Process of a human and is No Different to the Individual Process of the Dimensions or the Process of Every Planet, Solar System, Dust particle, Virus or Bacteria - All Part of One System We call the 'Uni'-'Verse'. Apparently we are saying something with it as a Verse, but All We can Say for sure is that: It has all become AdVERS(E)ity.

So you see, we have just Begun on the Path of Awareness and there is yet a Self that Must be Birthed that is Worthy of the Responsibility to Stand at/with/as Every Part that Participate in this Multi-Dimensional System in - Unfortunately at this stage - Automated ways. It is like the 'Auto Maid' where we have created the Systems in a way to be Slaves, Making Those that Form Part of the System, Forcibly Part of Slavery; and Because we are Part of the System as well, we Force Ourselves into Slavery. Then We Seek the Answer, We Seek Who to Blame, We Look Everywhere but to Ourselves and the Role We Play in this Automation. The mind is just the Design of our Automation - Call it the ‘Operating System’ of the Biological Machine we have become, but We Claim that the Operating System (Mind) is the Only Thing that is Aware - but as you see, the Operating System (Mind) has No Clue and can't even Fix the Biological Machine/Body.

So - Within the Process we have to Realize the fascinating simplicity: Any Singular Point, anywhere in the Universe, is Always Connected to Every Other Point in the Universe through this Automation called The System. Therefore, Any Singular Point at Any Stage can Stand up and say: "I will no longer be part of this / accept/allow this" – but, What Must One then Realize? If You are No Longer Receiving Automatically from the System that You have Accepted, You are going to have to Do Everything you can by yourself, until You can Convince Every Other Part that you Have Always Been Connected to, that they Should also Stop and that Together We Must Create a New Automation - One that is Not Adverse, one that is in fact 'Universe', Equal and One.
This we do by Identifying our Movement within the System - noticing How Much of it we are actually Forced to Do and in a way - it is Actually everything that We Do: We are Forced by the System that We have Accepted as Ourselves to Keep on Doing what we have Always Done and We Keep on Getting the Result we have Always Gotten. So, when we say: “Stop” - there is going to be Resistance, there is going to be Conflict and All the Parts Around us is Going to Scream: "How Dare you, you have No Right, you are Destroying My Life" And yet, if You are Certain that there Must be/there is Another Way: You have to Remain Standing.
In this, you have to Realize that: As You Move In the System, You will also Notice Movement of Other Parts in the System and then You will Note you Could have been those other Parts as well - Each virtually like Coincidence that You are This Part that You are and others are the Part they are. There is Nothing Special about it.
For the System to Function it Must Have Every Part. And then You can See that All this Follows a Pattern and this Pattern in its Movement creates a Rhythm. The Rhythm we interpret as Energy and then we take this Pattern and we use our Mind to Imagine it and we Create more Patterns, until we are Full of Energy - so much so that it Possess us completely and then we call this Energy that we have Created our ‘Individuality’; and we Trust the System that Created all of this so completely that we even Imagine it Doesn't Exist - Just like a Slave Does Not have Value for its Master, not realizing that: in That simple Action we have Conned our Awareness into Consciousness and Changed Our Value Systems to Create Ourselves in our Own Eyes as ‘More Than’ the Part of the System. So, we Start to Abuse the System, Changing it to Benefit Just Us and our Self Interest Grows. As it Grows we start to Destroy the System, Everyday more and more - and We Don't Realize, because we have Convinced ourselves that ‘We are Gods’: "Look at what we can create" And yet, How Can a Slave be God - You are Always and will Always be Subject to the System and if the System only Enslaves, then there is in fact No Masters: there are Only Slaves.

The Only Way Out of this is if Every Part in Fact is God and that is Only Possible if our Automation will Reflect it. Then, the System will be Godly and what We Will Become As that System, as All Parts in the Universe: will be Reflected in Our Automation - In every part. But, unfortunately, We have Separated Ourselves from Our Slavery and Created a New Condition called 'Master' and in that, we have Enslaved Every Part of the Universe in the Most Atrocious way.
So - As we look at this Pattern and we say “Stop”, We have to also Envision a New Pattern. A New Pattern that will Produce a Better Result - because if We Stop, then We will Have No Support and the Reason Why we Stopped is to Change How we View and Experience the Support that We Get. That is obviously quite Difficult, because we Tend to value What We Receive in Ways now that are Completely Self Centered and Separated from the Universal System.
So - in this, We Start with Ourselves - but Ourselves Consist out of Many Parts, just like the Universe and We have Never Taken the Time to Actually Get to Know Every Part that Makes our Automation as a Body Possible. We Just Enslaved Every Part for the Pleasure of our Consciousness. We Never Really Cared. So, We Start with Getting to Know Every Part that Makes it Possible that We Can Exist as What we are at the moment, which is In Fact Consciousness. Then we Evaluate this Consciousness that we exist as – whether it is in fact Valid, Valuable and a Contribution as Ourselves to the Universe that Produce Universal Harmony, Peace and a System that is Worthy of Every Part, to such an extent that I would Not Mind to Be That/any Part, because I will Experience Myself as Free and Supported and thus Participate in the Universal system with Joy and Love. Because, I know that Every Part is in a Position like Myself to Experience Themselves in the Universal Automation in the Same Way. This Same Way does not mean exactly the same way, it means Individually Fulfilled, Not Forced to be Part of the System, but realizing: In the Giving of Yourself, You Receive in Equal Measure.
Thus, Our first Responsibility is towards All the Parts that Directly Contribute to Our Every Breath, Making it Possible that We Exist to Intimately Get to Know Every Part, Recognize its Value, Restore Respect in the Relationship with it and in that: we treat it with Respect and Value Equal to the Value that You would Expect to Receive - therefore You Know to What Extent You Must Value Every Part.

In this, One Must Forgive Yourself within the Context of Every Relationship that Built the Automation that is You As Body, Mind and Spirit /Consciousness - And One Must Restore Balance, Harmony, Peace and Equilibrium, because: You are in the Unique Position that for a moment - you are in Charge of this Body of Parts, which is a Universe where you can Change what Happens within this Particular Universe that you Occupy as your Physical Body at the Moment. Once you have Restored this Equality Within, then you Must take it to Every Other Part within the Next System, until All Systems are Transformed into That which is Best for All Life Equal and One.
In this One do it through Writing, because you are 'Righting' your Relationships within That which You have Claimed Authority - and with Your Words Written, you Can Measure the Codes that you are Placing as the Directive Principles that Must Guide this Automation as Your Body of All Parts of Yourself till You have Restored the Value of Self Equal and One. This means that: Any Part of your Body at Any Time can act as Authority and It Will Act as That which is Best for All Parts.

This is the First Major Task that Any Being Face in the Journey to Self as Awareness within Equality and Oneness. Every part now exist as a Words we have named as a Slave within our Automation - We have to Set it Free within All Aspects of its Existence - WE Cannot be sure that it will Respond in kind - A Slave Set Free - tends to Immediately Want to Become a Master – but, if We Explain in Detail to Every Part How we Envisaged our New Relationship and We Stand within the Authority of Equality and Oneness as What is Best for All, Unwavering until This is Accomplished: this Task will be Accomplished.

So, Start Writing.
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