Monday, 13 May 2013

DAY 380: Capitalism is just another Word for Casino

Capitalism is just another Word for Casino: DAY 380

 If you study How it Functions, you’ll notice that the Total Objective of Capitalism and its Arm(s) called ‘Consumerism’ and ‘Markets,’ ‘Free Markets’ - Functions on the Premise of Attraction, placing bells and whistles with the promise of a Jackpot. You read any Label, you’ll always See the Promise of a Jackpot, “You are Saving! You are Winning! You are The Best! Have the Best!” – everything all about a Casino. Every Shopping Center is a Giant Casino. You Walk in there and everything is there Calling you out to Do One Thing: to Take your Money and Give you Something of Lesser Value. The same way as the Casino: Only SOME Actually Ever Win.

Now, in Capitalism - the Only Ones Winning, are the ones who Actually Own the Stores, because they are the ones who set-up the Machines and when setting up the Machines (which is the Shops and the Products) - they are the ones that have to Make Sure that they Get People who Gamble on their Product and Hope that it’ll Do what it Promised to do, which obviously it Seldom does.
But, then they got even Cleverer: they Designed the Wonderful thing called a ‘Warranty’ and with that - Designed the point where Responsibility is simply disregarded. So, once the Warranty is Over, you’ve Lost the Gamble, you have to Gamble Again and Buy Again. But, what do you Know? You’re Going to Lose. Whatever you’re going to get is Not going to be Worth the Money. Instead of this whole Gambling thing that was intended as a way to Actually Create Jobs in the World, what did it do? It got the Clever Casino Owners, the Capitalists, Thinking and with their thinking they came up with the BIG Business idea – Big Business means: “We can, by Producing LOTS of Stuff, make it Cheaper and we can put All the Competition Out of Business, Control the Wages we Pay and in the End we are ‘the Good Guys’, because we Give you Something that is apparently Worth Value”- but in the meantime, LOTS of People Lose their Money.

Now, this Law of Attraction of Capitalism is to Attract Money to you by having some form of Product that you Can Sell with a Promise that it’ll Do Something, but in the End it’s Guaranteed (and that’s what the Guarantee says) it’s Guaranteed to Break. But, it’s Sold to you – knowing it’s Guaranteed for One Year, but Actually the Guarantee says: “I Guarantee you this Product will Break In a Year and you’ll have to Buy Again.” Nobody Notices that when you’re Buying, because you’re going to be pissed off when it breaks and then you’re going to want to try a New Brand, but they do Exactly the Same: It’s just another Machine, it’s going to Give you Something Guaranteed to Break, Guaranteed to Not to do the Job you want it for, Guaranteed that you’re going to have to Already Start Working to Buy the Replacement, Guaranteed that All the People used to be able to Make a Living when there was still Competition No longer makes a Living and so more and more Clever Ideas must come out. But, Inevitably, More Laws are Created to Protect the Casino Bosses that’s already got it all ‘Wrapped-up Nicely’ so that you end up having to Settle for a Wage Job. “But, at least!” they say “You Have a Job!” Yes, Employment Has Been Stolen by the Casino Bosses, the Big Business and - We Allow it.
It’s a Lottery now on Earth: If you’re Lucky, you’re Going to Have a Job, you’re Going to Have Income, you’re Going to Have an Education, you Can Have a Home…If You’re Not Lucky: You’re Not Going to Have Any of this.

Now, for the Christians, you better Read your Bible because it says: “You shouldn’t Cast the Lot” - You shouldn’t Be Part of a Lottery. The System that you are Professing and that you Pray to God and Ask Jesus to Provide you through - is a Lottery. Maybe that’s Why the Prayers are Not Answered – Oh! but Some Will Claim it’s Answered, but if you really go and have a look: It’s No Different to the Casino again, you Pray a Thousand Times, then you Got ‘Lucky’ and suddenly Something Happens that is Related to your Prayer and you can say “Wow! God Answered My Prayer!” But, did God Answer your Prayer? No, It Was Just the ‘Odds,’ the Odds were ALWAYS Against you, you’re Always only at the 1% point and 99% of the time you are Looking for that One Percent where you’re going to get Lucky. Then you Blame the ones that‘s the 1% that Owns Everything, the Casino Bosses – How Can You Do That? You Created them, you Allowed them, you Support them, you’re Living with them - you Can’t Live Without Them! If they Weren’t there, you Haven’t Got it Within you to Create a New System, you Haven’t got it Within you to Walk, to Take Part in Politics and Change the World, you Haven’t Got it Within you to Teach your Children How to Not be Brainwashed, you haven’t Got it Within you to Even Remove your Own Brainwashing, because: As long as you’re happy, every Now and Then, when you get to your 1% and you Win a Jackpot, No Matter how ‘Small’ or how ‘Big’ = you’re Equally Happy, because ‘You Won’; and you Don’t want to Talk to anybody else about it. You know the Stories you’re going to Tell is Always bigger than the Actuality. So, on Earth we have it now a Giant Casino with Entertainment going on, Lights, Whistles, Bells and - the Addicts Cannot Stop.

You can Change the Way this Works: Investigate the Equal Money System, Investigate the Bill of Rights of the Equal Life Foundation - Investigate Desteni and DIP Lite and Learn How to Stop the Brainwashing, Learn How to Stop the Control, Learn how to Make Sure that you are Not the One that Ends up 99% of the time Losing and 1% Winning. You see: with an Equal Money System, Everybody Wins a 100% of the Time - that is the Way you’re Supposed to Live. Then it’s Not a Lottery, then it is How it was Intended, Each one as the Image and Likeness of God, Each One Valuable as Life, Each One Happy and Everybody Giving as they Would Like to Receive… but, Imagine: the Only Reason you Don’t Want to Look at this is because You are Hoping for the 1% Chance where you’re going to Get Lucky in the Current Casino. Hear me: that Luck is Never Going to Be Enough. By the Time you Wipe Out your Eyes, You are Wiped Out as well and so it All Comes to an End – the Same Game over and over and over again, Repeating itself. Does Anybody Notice? No. Our Economists that Come and Tell us they’ve got all these ‘Great Degrees,’ they Don’t even See what they are Busy Promoting, because they Get Paid! They Go and Study and do Lots of Degrees and Stuff and they now apparently are ‘Learned People that Know what is Going on’…No, you Don’t. You Don’t Even Understand the Game you’re Part of - You’re Just Part of a Casino, you are Working for the Casino Bosses and you Protect their Interests, because: You Need their Money to Survive. They Control you. You’re Not Free to Investigate the System and Investigate What System will Be Best – You Call it Human Nature? No! It’s Not! It’s Addiction, it’s Not Human Nature – Human Nature deep down would like to Live in Peace and Harmony, Would Like to be Happy – All the Time – Would Like to Know that the Future is Secure, Would Like to Know that there is Food on the Table, Would Like to Know that there’s a Home to go to, Would Like to Know the Children are Educated, Would Like to Know the Children are Safe…that’s Human Nature, it Doesn’t Exist Anymore, because the Addiction to the System as it Now Exist in this Giant Casino has Taken it ALL Over – Are you Going to Be Able to Kick this, Stop this? We’ll have to Wait and See, won’t we? Inevitably: You’ll be Wiped-out.

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