Tuesday 14 May 2013

DAY 381: Brainwashing – The Secret History

DAY 381: Brainwashing – The Secret History

This is going to be a Brainwashing Series and many of the things you’re going to Read here - you are Not going to Know, because you’ve never Noticed it, you’ve never Realized it, because even You as the Reader are a Product of Brainwashing. So, this Series will Take one through this.

We’ll start with a History in/of Brainwashing and just Touch on the Time before, especially the Second World War - before that, before Media, before Information Movement and before Time became Compressed; because Travel got Faster and Information could Move faster: Brainwashing was very much an Environmental thing. If you were Born as ‘Lord of the Manner,’ you would Believe yourself to be ‘Lord of the Manner’, you’ll act like ‘Lord of the Manner’ and you’ll have the Privileges of ‘Lord of the Manner,’ because Everybody else also Believed that you Are ‘Lord of the Manner.’ Same with when you were Born as a King, or in some cases when you Make Yourself a King on the Sheer Force of the Army and Weapons you have, you’ll be Accepted as ‘who you are’. Some of that hasn’t changed, even up to today.
The same with if you were Born as a Servant – you Accept yourself as a Servant, your Environment would Force you into servitude, you will Accept it as a ‘Way of Life’ and even eventually Justify it as ‘God’s Will’ for instance, because Religion, at the end of the day, Became a Way as Part of the Brainwashing and How to Justify what you find, what you experience, who you are. In Modern days that’s Changed, because Now Religion is a Way to Justify your Specialness and Justify Why you can for instance have Nasty Thoughts, Plan specific things in terms of your own Advancement and that “It is All Okay, because God Gave you a Brain and Intellect and You must Use it!” and “It wouldn’t have been this way if it wasn’t God’s Will”. Such a Situation/Relationship to God/God’s Will is Justifiable, because: “You have to Look after Yourself First” and “Everybody’s Got Free Choice”, so If you can Manipulate the Free Choice so that you can Say “But YOU Made that Choice, that’s Why I Am Allowed to Do this and Abuse you” - you can Shift the Responsibility to the other Person’s Choice. The Fact that you Allowed the Environment or Situation/Relationship or even Use Direct Manipulation to Get the Person to ‘Make the Choice’ in the first place - even to Force them to Make the Choice so that you can say: “It was Their Choice and Not your Choice and you are Only Acting on What’s Happening” – that kind of stuff has All become part of Brainwashing, because: as Much as you are Brainwashed = You are also a Brainwasher.
That means, generation after generation, Parents use a simple technique (as Parents do not have a Clue How the Mind Functions or How Consciousness actually Develops), they Use one simple thing: Brainwashing. They Force the Child (through Environment or any other means Necessary - even Sugar, Food, Religion whatever way Works), they Force the Child into Submission so that the Child becomes Brainwashed. Once you’re Brainwashed: You will become your Parent, isn’t that funny? The fact is: it repeats itself over and over and over again, where the Children becomes the Parents. Yet - the Parents Don’t Ask the Question: How is That Possible? Why is it that the very thing I Do Not Want to Become, which is my Parents, I Become? That’s because of Brainwashing and because you Don’t Know How Brainwashing Actually Works.

So, after the Second World War - Brainwashing really got into its own, because Suddenly the War opened up an Interesting thing: the Fact that One could Become Stinking Rich by Manipulating ‘The Will of Others’. So, the Manipulation of the Will of Others as Media and Advertising started and within that - the ‘Art of Manipulating the Will of Others’, which is Psychology. Have a look: a Psychologist Never has anything else, but Just an Opinion. They let you Convince yourself, on a little bed, that you are Somehow Flawed and that ‘it’s Okay and you have to Make Peace with it’. But, they Do Not in fact Direct you or Assist you to become a Better Human for instance, they Assist you to Make Peace with your situation - they are just There to Do one simple thing: Be Paid to Be Listened-to and To Get you to ‘Be at Peace’ with the Fact that You are Brainwashed. But, they Don’t Know that you are Brainwashed, because they are Also Brainwashed…so, now you have a Problem: Everyone around you is Also Brainwashed! So, Nobody can Help you or even Point out to you that you are Brainwashed. Your Brainwashing is also your Security, so anything that Attacks your Security (/Brainwashing), from the perspective that ‘Threatens your Security (/Brainwashing)’ (that means ‘Your Peace of Mind’ or what you have Accepted as your Mind): ‘Must be Wrong’, because ‘you’re at Peace’, ‘you’re Okay with your World’, ‘you’re Happy’ – yes, that is Due to Circumstance and Brainwashing.

So, if you look at for instance documentaries like The Century of the Self and you Take the Time (if you can get through your Brainwashing, to actually Study what is being Shared) then you’re going to Notice how the Brainwashing developed over time through the series called The Century of The Self. How, in the Beginning when this Brainwashing was Taken Global (and remember, you are already Part of the One World Order, You just don’t Realize it; the Internet, Cellphones, Media, Television It’s all One World Order, One Money System, One Free Market): you are Part of the One World Order and you’re Participating in it, but you believe apparently that ‘You are Not’ – that is All that Exist now, One World Order.

So - the Brainwashers Never Really Understood Brainwashing. They Only Knew that: If they Do and Present something in a Particular way through Media, Picture-Associations – that People will Respond to it and All they had to Find out was “What do people Like to Respond to?” and “What do people Dislike to Respond to?”. If you then Manipulate the Likes and Dislikes, you can Manipulate the Way Civilization and Society would Move, and that’s exactly what they did. I mean you can have a Look at How they got Women to Start Smoking, it was all in The Century of the Self they explain the Simplicity of it, they Knew they were Doing it. The Corporations when they found out that this could be Done – the Manipulation – they got the Psychologists in and they Planned: Your Brainwashing! And they ADMIT it! YET, the Human will say “I’m Not Brainwashed”…while You are, in fact.

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