Friday 3 May 2013

Day 373: The Sanctity of the Mind

If one would Dare to Investigate - Mostly it would actually mean if You Have the Time, which means you Have the Money to Investigate – the Phenomena of Consciousness, you’ll be Astounded to See to what Degree Humanity has Abdicated the Responsibility for what goes on Inside The Mind. We have many Laws that Protect Privacy and that have Elevated The Mind to a Level where even the Laws we make are about The Mind, while the Part that is the Vehicle of The Mind - which is the Body – is Left to Rot, left to Suffer in Poverty, Left to its Own Demise, Increasingly so - but throughout History you’ll Notice that’s What Happened. Even how Psychology Does Not Know what’s going on Inside The Mind, In Fact they have to Observe Something, Come to a Conclusion, Give it a Name, then Find a Drug - that’s how Psychiatry finds a drug – Pump the Body Full of Drugs so that it Can Stop Producing the Experience in The Mind. That should be a Key to Some of the Functionings of The Mind – then they take photographs of these Flashes of Light in the Brain, claiming THAT to be The mind or the Functioning of The Mind, Flashes of Light – it is Astounding How Little is Understood.

A baby is Born and then ‘Somehow’ it starts Speaking, Somehow it Starts Thinking, Somehow it Starts Learning, Somehow it Develops a Character, Somehow it Becomes a Person – You ask HOW? You’re not going to find Anybody that can Explain to you ‘HOW’ and what is Strange is it wouldn’t Bother you either, because Apparently what’s Within Your Mind, that ‘Sanctuary’ is ‘Special’ and Must be Protected because that’s ‘You’ – Really? So if you Lose your Memory What Happens? That ‘You’ suddenly Disappear, because that ‘You’ is Dependent on One Single Thing: Your Memories. You Remove the Memories and your Value System Changes, You change, Everything Changes – so does that mean that What you Value is Real? And is Actually Valuable? Or does it also mean that if you change your Memories – that means your Environment because your Memory do come from your Environment – that You will be a Different Human Being and You’ll thus Have Changed Human Nature? Is the Nature that You are Not the Result of the Environment that you Grew up in? How can Anyone be Held Accountable for the Nature they are if the Environment is Never Changed to Be Able to Produce a Better Human? Why do we Allow those that are Obviously Inadequate in Understanding to Use Abuse and Bullying and Control and Brainwashing to Control us by Inserting into the Sanctity of The Mind Information that produces a Result that they can Profit from - You Know that’s been Happening for over 60-70 years already? That what’s Inside the Sanctity of Your Mind is Not there by Your Own Doing, it’s Been Placed there, Deliberately?

Even Those that have been Placing there has been or become Controlled by their very own Brainwashing, so they can’t even See the Difference anymore, they don’t even Notice. Initially it was a big thing but later on it was Motivated by one Simple thing: the Freedom Profit Gives you because Lots of Money you Can Really Do Lots of Stuff, the Rules Change for you if you Have Money, the Justice Changes, the Protection Changes, the Safety Changes, Your Happiness, Your Experience… Some say “Oh we Have to Look at the Studies and See what’s the Bias” What’s the Bias if You Don’t Know What’s Going on Inside Your Mind, if the Thought you Have while you are Reading this Blog is Coming-up Inside you By Itself and you are Unable to Actually Assimilate This Information and Deduce from-it a Clear Understanding of What We are Sharing at Desteni - Yes Desteni is In Fact the Future of the World, We are That which Some May Become - but We’re also That Which the Future Will Become: an Actual Sanctuary , the Sanctity of the Mind As Life with a Full Understanding – Eventually - Those that Don’t do it Yet: There is No Need to worry about it because There Is in This World a Fascinating thing: You have an Expiry Date, just like Your Television, just like your Fridge, your Expiry Date is when You have your Last Breath. That Expiry Date is As Unpredictable as it is when your Laptop will Break Down, and the Next Moment You’re Gone, the only thing that’s Left is your Legacy which is your Memories, What other people Will Say they Remember about you, and to try and Make Sure they Remember Nice Things about You, they will say Nice Things about you at your Death, at your Funeral, your Funeral. And soon you’ll be Forgotten and there will be Only a Cross with a Date and a Memory on it, Reduced to a Single Memory. And all of this because You have Mistaken the Sanctity of the Mind and Made the Evil that Dwells in your Mind which are Thoughts about Sex, Thoughts about Desire and Lust, Thoughts about Profit, Thoughts about Anger, Thoughts about Jealousy… You’ve Made All of That your Sanctity, your ‘Special Place’ – the others don’t want to See what’s in this World , they have made that place a place of Love and Light, introducing Memories specifically with the Intent to Forget What is Here and to CreHate and Ascend to a New Reality of Your Own Making – without understanding that such a Reality is Subject to a simple thing: Your Physical Body – so if it Dies Whatever You have Created as Consciousness Dies with-it. All this Love and Light, whatever you have Created as your ‘Higher Consciousness’ Ends.
Any Guru in the World should pay attention: You’re Misleading Yourself and Others, You have Not Studied and Considered the Actual Science of The Mind: What is Involved in Creating a Thought, What is Involved in Creating a Memory, What is Involved in Creating a Personality, what is Involved in Creating a Feeling, What is Involved in Creating an Emotion, Why do you want to Hide that from Everyone. If what is in Your Mind is What is Best For Life, it needs No Hiding, it Needs No Privacy, it Needs No Protection - You Only Ever Need to Protect Evil, which is Strange: you Want to be a Being of Love but you are Protecting Evil, you are Protecting that which is Within Your Mind that You Don’t Want Anyone to See, the Real Truth? The Real thoughts? How you have Spent time to Remove your Attention from what’s Real? And obviously, the Big Role money played in your Ability to be Safe in this World.

You’ll find an Fascinating thing if you start Studying this: How many people that has become ‘Financially Successful’ will Once they have Reached Success start with a Process of ‘Trying to Convert Others to Love and Light’ and Start the ‘Spiritual Path’ and become Gurus, Why? Because You want to Forget How You got your Money in the First Place, How you Had to Lie and Cheat and Deceive to Get Your Money; Now you’re a Spiritual Being because you’ve been ‘Blessed by God’ - which God is that? Is that the God that you’ve created in your Mind because: Have you Ever Seen God Anywhere?

The Real God is the Physical World, You’re Created in the Image and Likeness of the Physical World – and yet, All you’ve Done is you’ve Taken the Illusion and you’ve Used That as your Excuse which is The Mind - a Simple Methodology of Not Taking Responsibility.

Study DIP Lite, if you can - if You can’t: Don’t worry, at some point it’ll be your Last Breath and You know what? You Don’t call God a ‘Murderer’ for Ensuring your Death, Do you? But it’s certain: You will be Killed – you call it ‘Death,’ but Actually, the World is a Better Place Once You Leave, because You’re a Danger to Yourself and others, Your Own children - generation after generation – the Sins of the Fathers has been Visited upon the Children and Nobody Wants to Stop Child Abuse in Every Single Moment, Creating Characters in the Mind that are illusions, Abusing the World, the Physical World, the Body of God in Every Way Possible… But, You Won’t Get Away with it.

So if You Want to Understand What Life is all about, Join Desteni – But if You Want to Remain in your Illusion, Not to Worry: Dust to Dust It’ll be.
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