Saturday 25 May 2013

Day 394: Personal Choice and the Effect on One’s Life

Your Existence is Breath by Breath and within that, Every Thought You Have is a Choice, Every Word You Speak is a Choice, Every Word You Write is a Choice, Every Point You Act On is a Choice. It Reflects Who You Are and the Context of these Choices are Aligned in varying degrees of Matter. It’s the Least Matter when it is Backchat and Thought and it requires Many Repeating Points before it May become a Spoken Word or a Written Word or an Action in Matter/in the Physical. So in a way, the Choices in the Mind as Thought and Backchat are Repeating Actions that You Choose over and over and over again, Giving you Multiple Opportunities to STOP Before You Speak or Write or Act on a Point. And yet In Spite of So Many Opportunities, to Put a Guard In Front of One’s Words, One’s Living Words in Whatever Way One Express Oneself, the Human Still Does Not Stop, Even Claiming that ‘They Cannot Stop’ which is Not the Truth.

Therefore, once One Reach the Point of Where you Write or Speak or Act =You are Doing it with Full Intent and Full Knowledge. Unfortunately Some of this is Automated because you have Programmed it in through your Thoughts, through your Mind, your Backchat over time and it Became the ‘Accepted You’. So you Automatically Speak-It, You Automatically Write-it, You Automatically Do-it but Still -- While Actually Creating it in Your Mind - doing it over and over and over again – Till You Have Convinced Yourself that ‘That Choice is YOUR Right Choice, The Right to Choose, the Choice You’ve Made’ – You Had Enough Time to Change it and to Stop it – therefore, Once it Reaches the Physical Stage, there is Consequence that Cannot Be Stopped. In Some Cases if One Understands How this Functions, You may be able to Remove the System that has been Created over time - and These Systems are in the Multi-Dimensions in a similar realm to what happens when you Specify Energy within the Mind as Thought and Through your Memories place it into a Construct, into Relationships and Associations through which You Visualize it into Reality where you Become ‘The Player’ whether it is through the Spoken Word, the Written Word or the Living Word.

In the Living Word there is a far more Direct Consequence because You are Acting and You are the Direct Respondent to the Particular Action and Those that Respond to it. Because there’s a Direct Relationship through the Written Word and the Spoken Word, it is Different, because there You may Activate the Patterns that Exist in Others and so Through Activating that by them Hearing it or Reading it, You Do Harm to Them. Yes they are Responsible Because it Exist Within them, But You also Activated it without Taking Responsibility to Ensure that it will be Removed From them so therefore Your Intent to Place the Words in Writing or in the Spoken Word Without Giving a Solution on How to Remove it, Without the support that You Offer to Make Sure that it is Removed, without Taking Responsibility -- means that you Intent to Do Harm and therefore Consequence becomes Measurably Yours.

It is thus Suggested that One MUST Consider that The One Thing that Determines Everything About You, Your TOTAL Process and Everything that happens, is the Choices You Make – Those Choices are in varying degrees of Specificity and Certainty. They Start normally within the  and Repeat themselves - Every Time it Repeats: You Make a Choice – you Should be Aware of the Choices you’re making when you Write and when you Speak and when you Act = All these Choices are Physical. When you participate in the World System where there are Automated Choices that Determine the Future of Other Human Beings = You are Responsible because through your action you are doing the Living Word and You’re Allowing the Consequences in this World - You Do that Freely, WITH Full Intent to Do Harm because Without Your Participation, Without YOUR Ignorance: What is in this World Cannot Exist. IGNORING the Consequences Is Ignorance.

So Make Sure that You Don’t CON yourself with Consciousness because: there is Really No Greater Stupid Thing to Do. Make Sure You Understand Choice and Realize that You are Making a Choice in Every Single Moment that ANY Form of ANY Word as Thought, Word or Deed Moves = You Have Made a Choice, and if That Choice Would Become a System that Harms, Simply so that You Can Have the Freedom to ‘Do whatever you want’ that you can have ‘the Freedom’ to Have a ‘Happy Life’= that certainly is Psychologically a form of Mental Health Problem that Requires Attention. Give it the Attention it Needs, there is DIP Lite to Assist you and there are Many Journeys to Life to Assist you and there is YOUR CHOICE to Assist yourself. Make Sure You Exercise Your Choice to Become Something that Truly is Based on What’s Best For All Life and to Not Just Protect Your Own Self Interest.
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