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DAY 390: Awakening to Purpose

DAY 390: Awakening to Purpose

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The Journey to Life is a Process that is busy Setting the Benchmark for Trust in the Physical World and it is Based on very simplistic Common Sense Principles. We are in a World where we Already Know, with all our Research, that the Average Human Lies Every Few Minutes – and we are Bombarded every single day with Images and shows that Abuse words like ‘Trust Me’ over and over and over again. Parents do that with children, saying to children: “Trust me, I’m your Parent, I have Experience”, while it is Obvious that the Experience Existing in this World has Not Evolved the Human to a Better Being, quite the Opposite has Happened.

So, with the Journey of Life we are now One Year into it. Those who are already taking part is Starting to get an Idea what this is all about and this is just in a Dimension that, at this stage, is Relevant – that: In Writing Out your Process Daily, you are Placing into Words, for All to See, the Respect you have for Yourself. Not only that, you are actually Placing into words the Respect you have for Other Beings, Animals, your Fellow Man and you are Showing Who You Really are in the Written Word. Thus, as a Benchmark - One Should Not Consider Anyone as Accomplished within Purpose, doing the Great Work of Bringing About a World that is Best for All, Unless they have the Evidence that they have first walked the Inner Journey of 7 years. Where they have Taken Care of their Inner Work by Publishing it in Writing so that you can See Who you are Dealing with. As a matter of Respect, they have done it to Show to you, over time (over time, because Time is the Measurement of Consistency and Honesty) that they can be Trusted. If they haven’t Done this Journey, if they haven’t Walked this Measure of Trust, if they Haven’t Showed you this Respect, but they Want you to Believe them in Spite of the Evidence that that Cannot be Trusted and you have Walked for Yourself the Journey and You have Seen how much Deception exist, you’ve Seen that a Single Thought Cannot be Trusted, that the Feeling Cannot be Trusted, that the Emotion Cannot be Trusted, that Unless You Understand In Exact Mechanical Detail, in Exact Design where Every Single Thought, Emotion and Feeling Comes from that Exist Within you and you have Plotted it out, Mapped it out, Written it out so that you can See that You Do Not Deceive yourself and that you are Taking Responsibility – Unless You’ve Done that: You Cannot be Trusted. Those who’ve been Writing the Journey to Life Process Already Know this, they have Proven it to themselves in Writing, they have Seen this happen over and over and they are Sharing with you their Process. The Evidence is in their Actual Application.

For Assistance in this Process, there’s also the DIP Lite Course, which is FREE - to help you Understand and Prepare yourself for Writing your Journey to Life. The Inner Work take 7 years, 7 Years of Dedication because All the Abusers, All Those that Do Not Respect you and Do Not Care about Life and Do Not Care About and Respect their Fellow Human Being or Fellow Life Forms and Animals, they will Not be Willing to Give up that Little time a day to Show Respect to Life, to Themselves and to Others by Writing out their Process of their Inner Work to Show that they are In Fact Taking Responsibility, to show that they are In Fact Taking Care of Preparing Themselves for the Second 7 Year Journey. That is the Journey where one Take this Preparation of Care, this Preparation of Responsibility and You Place it Into the World as Your Participation and You Start to Take Care of the World, where your Inner Work becomes your Outer Work, where Responsibility becomes the Measurement, where Respect of Life and Each Other and Yourself becomes The Way of Life – but First, there is a Journey to be Walked, a Journey where You have to Prove that You can be Trusted.
So you will have Many that will Claim that ‘they have Done the Inner Work,’ but you’ll Notice for those that has Walked the Written Journey that They Do Not Look at Solutions that is Practical in the Physical World and that they Claim ‘Grandiose Ideas’ like Love and Light, Joy and Compassion and Claim that they’ve done the Inner Work and that they are Shining Bright Beacons In a World of Darkness.
Now Those of you that is being Rescued from this Delusion, already know that this is the Greatest Bullshit that has Ever been Invented by the Mind. But it is Very Enticing, it’s like How the Parent will ‘Catch the child’ with the first Sugar-lolly to Get them Into Submission. It Makes you ‘Feel Good’ but it is Meaningless, it is Just an Addiction; it’s Just a way like Diabetes that exists in the Physical where you believe you are going to Die Better and in fact that’s Not True because You Could See the Result of Love and Light After Death, in terms of What Happens to Those Beings: you would Never be so Foolish to Follow Energy in its various Dimensions as Thought , Feeling and Emotion, especially if you Don’t Understand the Exact Mechanics and that you haven’t Investigated for yourself by Walking Backwards in your Life, Reverse Engineering Who You Are to the Very Beginning of Nothingness where you Understand Exactly where Every Thought comes form, where Every Feeling comes from, where Every Emotion comes from where you have Investigated the Memory, you have Investigate the Influences in your Life, you’ve Investigated the Environment, you have Corrected Every Word to be Worthy of Life – thus to be a Word that in its very Nature and Design, Respects you and Every other Life form on Earth Equally -- so that you are Able Without your own Self Interest as Energy Dominating, that You are Able to Actually Conceive and Live a Life that is Worthy of Life and Worthy of Respect of Others and Yourself and that will Lead to a result which will be in essence Equality, Based on the Fact that Every Life Form by Virtue of Being Life is In Fact Equal.
Through the Mind one is Unfortunately Convinced and Convicted that somehow Because ‘your Thoughts are Lighter and More Positive’ that you are ‘Better’ – this is Purely because You Don’t Understand or Have a Clue Exactly How Thoughts Function, How they are Generated, Where they are Saved, how they’re Animated, How they Form Associations, How those Develop into Feelings and Emotions, etc. It is Very Easy by focusing on your Preprogrammed Design through a thing like Meditation where you for instance can Develop the Delusion to the state where You Believe that Your Experience of ‘Love and Light’ is In Fact True, when it is In Fact a Complete Mental Disorder. Those that has also Walked the Journey to Life have already Learned a very Interesting Thing that Mental Disorder – Unless the Mental Disorder is an Actual Physical Condition, is in Fact Not a True Condition, it is Always Generated by Yourself. So all the Mental Disorders that are based on one’s OWN Thinking, Feeling and Emotion - and whether it is Inadequacy or whatever you Believe about your Situation - is In Fact a Disorder that you are using in some way to try and Manipulate your Environment to try and Get what You Believe You Cannot Get in Any other way, where you try and get some form of ‘Approval’ even if it is Negative, because whatever Attention you’re getting, you are somehow Feeling Better because the Fear that Exists Within Not Understanding What you’re In Fact Experiencing in all ways, because you Don’t Understand the Dynamics and the actual Design and Mechanics of ‘Who you are’ and What You Have Become, Cause one to go into All kinds of Inadequacies and Behavior, Misdemeanors.
Obviously because the World System is a Product of the Inner Chaos that exists, the Outer Chaos of the World System needs to be Governed by Multiple Laws, which Evidence is Known for Thousands of Years as Lao Tzu already stated: the More Laws you have, the More Crime You’ll have and therefore it is Evidence of the Chaos that exists as the Amount of Laws that are Necessary to Try and Enforce some form of ‘Respect’ between Human Beings, Some form of Consideration which is the Direct Result of the Absolute Lack of Understanding of How the Mind Actually functions.

So within the Journey to Life and walking the DIP Lite, You Learn these things and you have a Buddy that can Support you. Realise that One Cannot Walk this Journey Alone because You Cannot Trust Your Own Thoughts, You cannot Trust Your Own Reason because You Don’t Know Where the Thought comes from, You Don’t Know where the Feeling comes from and to Use that to Judge Another = is Just a Measure of your Stupidity.

So for those that is Walking the Journey and those that are Contemplating Walking the Journey understand one thing: Unless you have the Evidence in Writing over a Period of Many Years that Show that Your Inner Work Is What it Is and it can be Measured by Others Reading what You have Written, to Show and See whether you are In Fact Self honest – Unless that happens: You Cannot be Trusted and You are Not Worthy of Life and You Cannot be Respected because: You are Not Respecting Others by Walking a Journey of Self Respect through which you are Showing that You are In Fact Changing Yourself to Become Better, and that Through that you are In Fact Realizing that Human Nature is but the Product of Preprogrammed Design and therefore, to Claim that You are Not Responsible Just Because You Don’t Understand How it was Created is NOT a Valid Excuse. Many, All Abusers Always, and that are Many will Claim: “This is Just Human Nature.” When a Person Claims that, you know One thing: you Cannot Trust that Person, that Person will Abuse and what They Say you Cannot Ever Trust, You Can’t Trust them in Any Way with Life on Earth or even with Anything that is Trust Worthy, they Will Train their Children to Become Abusers as Well.
It is Imperative for Everyone to Understand the Necessity for Walking the Journey to Life, for Writing out in Detail Every Single Point of Who you Are Within and as your Inner Journey. This is in fact a Do-It-Yourself Psychology, the Cheapest Way that You can Help Yourself and Prevent Multiple Consequences, Multiple diseases, Multiple Disharmonies in your Life – You can Change your Relationships, you Can Change your Experience with Yourself and Through that, Eventually after You’ve Reached Nothingness, You’ll be Able to Redesign Yourself Effectively to Become Respected by Life - because You Respect Life.
If you are Ready for this: Don’t Wait – If you’re Not Yet Ready, Read the Journey to Life Blogs and Learn. And Those of you that are Writing, Make Sure that you are Specifying your Process, because If You’re Not doing this Correctly as I’ve explained it here, your 7 Year Journey Will Take Longer Until You Have Established Respect for Yourself and thus through that Respect for Others, and in that you have Purified the Words that you are Living and through that We Purify the World and we Will Create a World that is Best for All, it’s really simple. It will actually be more like 14 Years because it will Take Time to Show and to Prove that This is the Way to Do it, it’s Going to Take Longer- but When You’re Ready, Don’t Wait, Do it – You’ll see from Those that’s already done it, that it Really Works.

So Each Journey to Life Blogger has Got a Responsibility, a Responsibility to When you Read another Journey to Lifer’s Blog to Cross Reference whether the Process that is Being Presented in Writing as the Evidence of their Inner Purification is In Fact Reflecting Respect to life, Respect to the Blogger themselves and Respect to Others As Life. And remember here, Respect is Not Defined as How the System sees it, it is Defined as What is Best for All Life to Produce a World of Harmony and Peace, a World that is Best for All where there is None that Suffer just because - for instance - they Don’t have Money or Do Not Have Access to Food or a House or a Decent Education – there is thus This Duty and specially those of Different Languages that’s in this Journey to Life, where you have a Duty to Cross Reference your Other Writers to Ensure that What they’re Doing is Not Harming Themselves or Justifying Self Interest.
Self Interest obviously Is Where one Regardless want to be ‘Right’ without the outcome being What is Best for all. What is Best for All is Simply the Measure to the Practical Application of 1+1 =2 when you Add things together, will it Lead to a World that is Best for All? Very Simplistic - anyone can do this Assessment Once you have Removed your own Ego and Self Interest out of the Equation. If you Do 1+1+EGO = You’re Never Going to Get to 2, it’s Always going to be 3 and you’ll Always Going to Disagree, and the Fact that you are Disagreeing when the Evidence is simplistic in How to Produce a World that is Best for All then, Problem: Stop, Investigate your Inner Workings and Ensure that these Workings are In Fact Corrected In a Way that Shows Respect to Others where you are Showing what you find, because it will Not only Help You, it’ll Help Others as well. This World Will Not Change through Individuals or Individualism as it Exists Now, it will Not Change through Free Choices that Exist Now. It Requires the Inner Change and Understanding of Each One, of Every Thought, Word and Emotion and Feeling and Experience to Ensure that the Origin of it Is Self As Life that Acts in a Way that is Best For All Life, that Understands the Fundamental Premise that ‘One Must Give as You Would Like to Receive’ – otherwise they will Not be Balanced in Harmony.

So - if you are Scared to Help Another, Know One Thing: You have Not Yet Reached the Stage Where Your Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty is Effective. If you Still want to do your Support from a point of Self Interest instead of Considering What Will be the Best for All even if it’s Going to take a Little Longer, There is a Problem: Walk the Journey, Write Your Blogs, Show that You Understand that Trust Can only Exist If You have Shown Meticulously Over Time that you have Overcome your Ego, you’ve Written out the Evidence and you Present the Evidence as Your Proof that You are In Fact Walking to Change Yourself and that you will Walk the Words You’ve Written, so that Those that have Also Walked the Same Journey and have Presented their Respect for Themselves and for You in Writing, can bear Witness through their Own Actual Experience that What you are Doing is Worthy of Life.
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