Thursday 16 May 2013

Day 383: Child Development in the Womb Research

So today (now yesterday) I was chauffeur for Leila and Maite writing Exams in Economics and, after the Exam I picked them up and they took me to Breakfast for my Taxi Services - you see, LJ is working, Gian is working so I’m the taxi.

So when they got in the car I suddenly had Discomforts. Now, these Discomforts Manifest as Physical Specific Discomforts where the Cells in the Body will Take on the Crystalized Memory that is Present within All of the Physical. This Particular Crystallization would Indicate a Very Specific situation which is Represented by Someone else. Then, as I had Found through researching this through Thousands of Events over the years, it’s a matter of Elimination: Physically Eliminating the People around me to Establish Whose ‘Issue’ it is. So I Started with that Process Immediately, because the guideline is simple: If I am Here to Assist Those that are Requiring Assistance and IF the Assistance I can give is of Value - my Physical Body will Indicate-that through ‘Taking on the Point’ as a Physical Discomfort and so indicating to me Who there is to be Assisted. If I Do Not ‘Pick-up’ anything then the Person can Handle the Point themselves, if I Pick up Anything = then they Can’t and then it Is My Responsibility. This mechanism ensures that I Do Not Interfere in anyone’s Life, so that they can Walk their Processes Effectively and they can Find the Answers by Themselves. Obviously the Physical is Far More Effective in Establishing this, because the Physical is In Fact a More Direct manifestation of Life so to speak, while Personality and Consciousness are only the Result of Memories Stored In the Physical.

So, the Points Didn’t all Correspond and I would Normally utilize the points Closest-to representing the Self or the Ego within the physical to Check if the person is Connected to the point and then I would from there move on to the Other Points. I tested that and there was nothing with both Maite and Leila, so I still didn’t know Who was the One that Required Support. So then, after a while I checked the points again from the perspective of how the points are Manifesting within My Body, What are the Points Representing? And the Points were Specifically related to the Religion of Self, with Trust, with Support, with Inadequacies, Uncertainties, Self-Judgments… stuff like that. So I then Tested on Leila’s next point closest to the point that Shows and it was Actually Active - then I Realized ‘Oh my god! I am already Picking-up the Baby to be now at 13 weeks.’

So, then I Proceeded with Assisting the Specificity and Guiding the points through Speaking about the Particular Points Manifesting in relation to How they Manifest and How to Correct them to Equality and Oneness placing the Words as Sound within the Balance of Support as what is Best for All, indicating the Forgiveness Required to be Done, indicating the Specificity of Breath required, How to Walk,… -- because eventually in the world, the Mind Will Not Exist because the Mind in itself is a Representation of Limitation, the Quantum Physical is Far More than the Mind could Ever Be from Any Perspective.

So we’ll call that then that it’ll Eventually become a Physical Mind. Now unfortunately the Human indicate a Limited Version of the Mind into the Physical through a Process of Education and a Process of Self-Acceptance, Thought, Feeling and Emotion - which Causes all kinds of Problems.

So, I Proceeded to Show Leila the points around the particular thing and once I got home, got the Child to Be Through the Portal and the Child to Be Explained what was Busy Happening, that they were Experiencing a Massive amount of Movement with which they Conceive or Perceive to be Energy that takes on the form of Infinity – and there it was all Clear what we were Dealing with. Because the Quantum Physical as it is Preparing to Constitute the Mind Design is Collecting all the Data – so the Data is quite a Lot and it Functions like the Internet, so it functions like a form of Infinity, and from that then the Platforms are created, you can call that like the… your various Display Cards and your Computers, Structural Designs within which eventually the Operating System will be Uploaded and from which then one will Create your Personalities in your Consciousness. So it’s Collecting All the Data and I put in an Agreement to Work on this Every Day to Assist the Child and to Specify the Child as Much as Possible, and at the same time obviously Learn as Much as Possible so that we can Help other Children as well as the Parents.

So within this obviously for Parents it is of vital importance to Specify your Vocabulary and the Memories around it first of all, so that One can Become an Effective human in this World. So the Parent To Be should Do-that Already from the Time of Conception because by 13 weeks, the Child To Be is Collecting the data Already and the Data according to your Self-Acceptance and your Own Vocabulary will be Specified into the Memory of the Water of the Child, which will become part of the Platform of the Child’s Design of the Mind through which it will eventually Become the Copy of the Parent, which will be Specified by the Environment that will be in the Child’s initial 7 years; and then after that will Create and Establish and Participate and Accumulate and Contribute to the Emotional Body that will be established within the Child between the ages of 7 and 14 and then, will be Part of the Specific Memories and Energies that will be Creating the ‘Preferred’ Personalities of the Child between the ages of 14 and 21 and then the child will be an Adult and a Copy of the Parent.

So it is a Lengthy Process of Correction that is going to be Required and has to be Followed by All that Dare to Understand the Problem. But – if one is Ready for this then there is Support, so I’ll be adding these to the Blogs as well so you can Learn from it, and if You are ever Ready to Have Children that you can Help the Child as Much as Possible and Contribute to the Eventual Creation of a New World, a World that is based on What is Best for All, Best for All Life.

So, fascinating stuff - I’m not going to give Specifics now on How this Function Practically in terms of Identifying for Instance the Points, How to Work with the Substance Water of Yourself – the memory, how that Works - because your Mind will attempt to Copy-it and your Ego will jump in and you’ll Try and Do it and you’ll Not Do the Labor that’s Required to Do this, it takes Many Years. Once you’ve Walked your Initial 7 years of Physical Journey to Life Process to Nothingness and you Start with the Second Seven Years where you are now Learning how to Create Yourself – during that time, at some stage, I will Show you How it Works and we will Specify it and then you’ll be Able to actually also eventually Use this to Assist Other People, but it’ll take Many Years to Get to this Stage.
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  1. Thank you for sharing this process Bernard. This blog answered questions for me that I have been working on. Specifically, how one is able to use the physical body to find the point where we require assistance.

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