Tuesday 21 May 2013

Day 389: Humans Rights with Children and Health Care

We all Claim to Understand What it Means that ‘Prevention is the Best Cure,’ We All Place some ‘Trust’ in our Scientific Advances as the Human Race. Curious though, is that None of this is Actually being Applied in Ensuring that Every Child Born on Earth actually gets the Best Possible Healthcare. The fact is that it is a Human Right, that the Accumulated Knowledge and Expertise that is Available, should be Used to Assist Every Child Born on Earth under a simple Premise: Health Care is that Prevention is the Best Cure. This would mean that From birth a Child Should be screened Yearly in Every way Possible to Establish their Physical Response to Nutrition (so blood tests) and Every Single Available Test Should be Used, Checking What type of Responses the Child has towards Various Environmental Issues and What Type of Allergies are being Developed, because that would Assist to Show whether any of the Advances Made in Science are in fact Detrimental towards the Human Race in general – and thus it will become Part of the Greater Scientific Research.

Every Part of the Child’s Biology Should be Investigated and be Mapped, Plotted and Compared with all the Other Children that are Born, so when you have a Database available to Identify Any Point where there is a Possibility of Disease, or the Development of some form of Unnecessary Preventable Situation - it can be Immediately Addressed. This Should be NATURAL, because our Science after all should be About Investigating our Natural World, our Natural Health so that we can Actually end up Utilizing What we Know in a Way that is Best for All Life. This would Ensure that Disease on Earth will Drop Substantially, it Will Ensure that the Life Expectancy and the Health of a Child will Improve Significantly. The Same must be Done with a Child in terms of their Mental Health, to Establish whether they In Fact are Integrating their Vocabulary in a way that it is not Compromised by Influences such as Emotions or Feelings or Meanings that are Not Within the Premise of What is Best for All Life, thus Reflecting a Healthy Respect for themselves and for Other Life Forms Equally, because within that one will Prevent Any form of Abnormal Behavior.

What is Abnormal Behavior? Abnormal Behavior is whenever Self Interest Dominates and one Values Yourself More than others because You see yourself as ‘Not Normal: You are ‘Better than’ and then you have ‘Abnormal Behavior’. And as you can See Most Humans Suffer from that at this stage because There is simply No Integrated Effective Planned Education for Any Human when they are Born on the Planet, In Fact they are Just Brainwashed to Become another Part of a System that Does Not Respect Life, that Only Respect Self Interest, Abuse, Greed and the most Vile things that are the Foundation of Evil on Earth.

So it is Vital that we Realize that the Human Rights around Children – never mind any other beings on Earth – is at this stage Grossly Inadequate and there is No One, No Organization except the Equal Life Foundation at this stage – that are Actually Presenting Practical Ways that Should be Human Rights that Should be Part of Life.

So, If You are to Support Any Organization, See whether What they are Presenting Actually would make a Difference on Earth, see whether What they are Presenting Actually Makes Common Sense and is in Fact What is Best For All Life, because: This World in the Way it Exists now is Not a Place for Children and None that are Parents now should be Proud for having Children in a World that they have not Ensured is a Place that is Safe for Children and are doing its Best to Make the Life of a Child Worth Living.

Join us in the Journey to Life Blogs – Study what we are Representing with the Equal Money System, Study the Inner Workings of Real Awareness with Desteni and Take Some Responsibility for What is Happening Inside Your Mind – Don’t just be Another Brainwashed Robot which you Blame Everybody Else to Be, but You don’t Know How your Mind Focus and Works and Functions and How Thought Functions, Where it Come from, What’s its Origin, How it’s Programmed… If You Don’t Know these things Know One Thing: You are Brainwashed and You have Not Yet Started with the Process of Awakening.

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