Friday 24 May 2013

Day 393: Stories and Brainwashing

One of the most Effective Tools of Brainwashing is Storytelling. This Starts at the Very age that the Child can Comprehend and even Before that with the Parent, starts doing an interesting thing: they start Telling Stories by Books, Read Stories and the Objective is to Grasp, to Get to Control the Child’s Imagination. And what the Parent is Actually doing, is Establishing What Form of Control through Stories will Work Most Effective with the Child, and so the Parent will play along – anything from the ‘Tooth Fairy’ to ‘Santa Clause’… and these things will Evolve into Eventually a form of Religion – God or Jesus or Buddha or Mohammed – All of it based on Stories. Then you have His-Story – History is a fascinating thing because as you can Look in the Past you’ll Notice a fascinating thing about it where the Control of History will Shape the Consciousness of a Culture or a Group, and Only the Parts in the Story are told that will Actually Contain the Child Within the Accepted Culture – the Truth won’t be Told.

So from very young, the Child has learned one simple thing: ‘It is Okay to Lie and it’s Okay to Deceive and it’s Okay to Tell a Story through which you can Justify the Meaning of what you’re doing.’ And it is ‘Okay’ because: ‘It’s Part of Growing up, it’s Part of Human Nature’ – and slowly but surely the Child gets Indoctrinated to Accept a simple thing: Life is about Stories. And once a Person reaches a Certain Level of Stability in their lives, the Stories Evolve to Another Level: Gossip, and Gossip becomes Telling stories about Others specifically to Remove them from one’s Environment and to Develop a Sense of Self based on your Own Story that ‘You are Better than the Person that you are Telling a Story about’ and you’ll notice that Especially where Jealousy is involved.

So, with Siblings you’ll notice for instance where Siblings are Jealous of each other, you have the Storytelling thing happening Big time, the Story will Always be Blown out of Proportion, the Story will Always put the Jealous Person as ‘the Righteous Person’ and The One they are Jealous of as ‘The One that’s Bad.’ All of that obviously was Taught to the Child by the Parent, the Parent unbeknowning because the Parent Doesn’t Understand the Most Basic things about the Mind, How Consciousness Develops, How the Memories Around the Stories are Processed Into the child to Become the Data that the Mind will Use, the Memory that the Mind will Use to Construct the Consciousness-with; and the Parents Don’t really Care because All they Want from their Perspective is a ‘Happy Child’. Because When the Child is Happy, they’re Apparently Stable. The Fact that Through this Process the Parent is actually Teaching the Child Various Forms of Personalities to Handle Situations with - which In Fact is a Multiple Personality Disorder - although Psychology Hasn’t Gone there because they even Install Multiple Personality into People just to keep them ‘Stable’ and ‘Happy’ – because a Happy Person Comes Back because they ‘Feel Better’ and they will Pay Again to See the Psychologist, and the Psychologist is at the end of the day Only about Money and Survival.

So we have this Massive Problem where the Stories that are Used by the Parent is in a Sense the Result of our Economic System. The Parents have Very Limited Time with the Child – the Time they have, they have to Control the Child, Get the Child to Bed, Get the Child Up in the Morning, Get them off to the Kindergarten or to the School and that is Done through Stories, which Eventually Becomes the Foundation of Religion. You’ll Notice for instance – and the Parents should Listen to this because when you were Younger and Especially your Teenage years, you were a Rebel, you Questioned Many things but the Very Moment you Become a Parent, You Become More Religious because there’s One thing You’ve Learned: Religion is the Best Stories to Scare you Into Submission. It has got SO Much Material that can be Used to Control the Child; All you have to Make Sure of is that the Child ‘Believes you’ and then you can get the Child to Submit and to Listen to you. And then you don’t have to Use Violence but some Parents will even use Violence to Make sure the Child Gets the Seriousness of the Story. And in this, you’ll Create a Character that You can Blame for the Actions You Take because You Claim that ‘You Love your Child’ – the Character you’ll Create is God, some ‘Higher Being’ that Made everything, that Understands everything and that Ensures that everyone on Earth has got a Chance. And If you Don’t Have Chance and You Don’t Have an Equal Opportunity then it is ‘God’s Will’ - Man can do Nothing about it.

So from Early on the Child is Taught to NOT Question the World, You Cannot Question what you Cannot Understand. Obviously the Problem starts with the Mind, because the Mind is Not Understood, but That (the mind) is being taken into the World as the World System. The World System now Functions As the Human Mind, as the Parent has Taught the Child, because the Fear of the Parent is Overwhelming: “My Child Must Survive in This World, and I Must Give them the Skills to Survive” – How to Cheat and Deceive, How to Tell Stories, How to Manipulate – All the Evil stuff, but They will Tell the Child that “It’s Good for you.”

And the Formative Years of the Child, the Stories which you used to Impose Information to Imply Information, to Compose Information, to Develop Information that can be Used to Shape the Child to become Able to Survive in a World that- as far as the Parent is Concerned because their Parents Told them that - is a ‘Dangerous Place.’ And Because ‘It’s a Dangerous Place,’ you have to Have the Skills to Survive and it is Not Our Responsibility because “God Created it” - it is also ‘Making sense’ – these Stories. These Stories are Just Making it So Much Easier to Survive, You don’t have to Really Do Anything About Anything in this World, you Don’t have to Change the world “Don’t Try and Change the World, it’s Too Big! God Made it, God Knows Why and it’s God’s Will and You are Not Allowed to Question God’s Will.” So the Stories All Lead to the Ultimate Submission, the Ultimate Sabotage, the Ultimate Self Destruction of the Living Being into a Lying-Cheating-Adult that will Bear the Fruit of their Education by Teaching it to Their Children. And so Generation after Generation the Story and the Brainwashing Continues and it becomes More and More Effective.

You’ll notice an interesting thing Happening for instance with Television, because Tell-a-vision is Telling you a Vision, it’s a Story with Pictures that More and More the Human has Moved Towards a New Form of Entertainment which is the Television Series and You’ll find less and less Good Movies coming out and More and more Television Series that Tell Elaborate Stories – Elaborate Stories about The Same Subject from Different Perspectives - That’s Quite ‘Okay’ because it’s Entertainment. But if you have Any clue about How the Mind Function, Every Single Thing you Notice In that Television Series will Influence your Consciousness.

If you have a look for instance in one of the News Reports in the last week it was said 4.6 Million People in the United Kingdom Base the Way they Decorate their Home on Television Series, not Movies, Series – because Television Series is Series, look it Repeats itself the story, the Story Makes Sense, the Story has a Value and it Entertains you, it keeps you Busy, it Keeps you from Looking at What’s going on in the World because: You don’t Want to Interfere with What God is Busy-with – God Knows what God is Doing, you are Too Small you are just Born in Sin. This is taken Further because That is the Foundation of why the Economic System is Accepted that you are ‘Living in Debt’ that you Need Debt, you have to Prove your Credibility by Making Debt – Integrity, Credibility - Everything is Based on Debt and then you have to Pay your Debt. Then you have the Magic Solution for instance in the Christianity form where ‘Jesus Died for your Sins’ and if you accept that, then Magically you’re absolved! Just like the Santa Clause story and the Tooth Fairy story, just Taken to the Next Level. And, So Many are So Engrossed in their Imagination within that Story that they Start Seeing it as Complete Reality, and they start Calling the World an ‘Illusion.’ But In Fact, All that the Human is doing is Living in an Illusion as their Personalities, as their Consciousness, as the Stories… You Can’t even Trust History, there is Nothing in this World that you Can Trust: it’s all One Big Lie. But! Don’t Worry: God Knows what God is Doing apparently. The Fact that the Human is the Only Contribution/ the Only Contributor to What is Going on Here on Earth seems to Escape Everyone’s Attention - Have a Look, you will Never See God Interfering, you will Eventually Make up Stories to Try and Prove that ‘God Exist’ and These Stories is the Stories you call Prayer and with These Prayers you will Repeat the Prayer until the Prayer eventually in Some Way Give a Result, but the Result is Actually just a Normal Result in the world according to the System, and You’ll also hear “It was God’s Will, God’s Mercy, God’s Love” – And Because You’ve Prayed so Hard… No You’ve really Just Programmed yourself to Look for Any Form of Information that you can Act on so that you can Bring the Whole Story Together.

And so for Instance with Advertising Tell a Story, a Story that intend to Grasp your Imagination and then in Your Own Imagination You Will ‘Expand the Story,’ you’ll Elaborate the Story and you’ll Put yourself IN the Story and once you are In the Story: You’re Going to Buy the Product.

So - Understand that it’s All about Stories! Because Stories are Based on the Information you are Storing Inside you as your Memory, and That Memory is What Creates your Consciousness. That is What you Present to the World as your Personality, your Own Life Story and According to your Life Story, You Have a Very Challenging Life and You have a Life where you have Things that ‘You can Be Grateful for’- because at the End of the Day because You don’t Know How You Created your Story and Stored your Memories and Used that to Create Consciousness, you can with Absolute Faith Claim that “It is God’s Will and God Knows Better.” So, “You don’t have to Understand it, it is God’s Story – God Has Got a Plan For You” … In the meantime your Parents Planned your Submission, Your Parents Planned How to Manipulate and Control you, Your Parents Planned How to Make you in What they Want you to Be, how to Shape you, How to Make Sure that You Stay Out of the Way; How to Make Sure that you Survive in the World, they Scared you Into Taking Care of Yourself. That’s why the word ‘Scare’ and ‘Care’ is the Same Word essentially; the Mind is Ambidextrous, it Looks at Information from All Directions and then according to your Propensity for a Particular Point of Information that You have an ‘Affinity’ with, it will Align your Thoughts and your Feelings to-that, so that You can Motivate yourself and ‘Follow your Dream!’ But In the Dream, You are the Center of it All and You’ve Made it All Up out of your Memories and the Stories you’ve heard and from that You Will Have Experiences which will be ‘Your Story’ You’ll Tell to Everyone and you have So Much Faith in Stories that you all say “I Must Trust Experience” because “Experience: I EXPERIENCE it! MUST Be True, it is Real!” – But it is Just Your Story, You Made it all up, Not Reality.

There is Help for you: DIP Lite - Discipline where you can Create a New Story, a Story that is Best for All Life – It’ll take a Lot of Effort because You have Never Been Aware, you have Never Been Aware of Reality of life, you’ve Never had Compassion, nor Empathy – All of those things were Always in relation to the Stories you were told = that’s Not Compassion or Love or Empathy – That’s just You Convincing Yourself that Your Story is True, that your History is True, that It Can’t Be a Lie because You’re EXPERIENCING it. But Unfortunately If you would Dare to Investigate you’ll Notice: It’s Just One Big LIE.

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