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Day 386: Fetal Development Stages – Consciousness Research – Week 14 (Part Two)

Discussion between Bernard and the Baby-to-Be

For context from previous post:
“Obviously, we are going to work with it to specify it so that it is not This Particular Things/Process that Happens – but, it’s already Happening in the Specifying of the Being from the Perspective of the Initial Quantum Body to be able to Emerge from the Body at Birth into a Full Functional State. So when it’s in that Stage, what Happens now in that Stage will Also Happen in the Stages of the First 7 Years Cycle (0-7), the Second 7 Years Cycle (7-14) and the Third 7 Years Cycle (14-21) until you get to your Final Consciousness Acceptance. 28 Is usually where the Final Point is complete (Fourth 7 Year Cycle). ”

So, from 28 onwards you’re like “Okay” with yourself. You think it’s actually ‘You’ deciding that, but it is actually the Process that forces you towards deciding that according to your Acceptance. If there was any Specific Point that was misaligned, like say an Addiction evolved (one of the Primary ones that Evolve is Sexual Addiction) - what happens then is: you’ll have various Problems in Relationships, or all kinds of stuff. But, all that’s really happened is that you’ve stepped through the Spine, the Vertebra, the Universal Steps of Initiations through the System as Yourself in which you’ve Conned into having a Conscience, according to you, which is your Value System - that’s your Consciousness. This Value System is what you’ll Defend, which is why your Religion of Self shows so hectic (directed to Leila), because it’s already Developing for the Child at a Physical Level. This means: the Physical Response Pattern that influence the Energy, the Movement within the Energetic Development within the Spine as the Being will step through the Stages of Initiation and conclusion - which gives you the Cycles of Infinity, which gives you the Cycle of Ying and Yang and Good and Bad and Polarity – because the Point will Start and it will Conclude. So, it follows a Pattern like this (like DNA strands) up the Spine, and it will Spiral, seemingly creating the Idea that this is Who you Really Are. All of it though, is a complete Design of Deception.

So, All of these things Play a Role within the Symbolism of how it Functions. This is Imprinted within the Genetics. The Genetics are that which Responds to the Substance (the Substance being That from which things are formed) and in that Response to it, will Emit a Sound. The Sound will Activate and Connect with the Symbolism that’s accepted within the Greater Consciousness and the Specific Consciousness within the Family and the Culture Consciousness; and According to that - it will then Resonate back (Resonate back into the DNA/Substance) and as it Resonates, it forms (New) Patterns and Ripples. These Patterns and Ripples start to Overlay, Forming what you would call the Multi Dimensions - Layer by Layer, because you are Moving through Time and then through Time you are Developing actually a Memory Structure. These Memory Structures eventually becomes the Containments within which you’ll Develop your Memory, which will then Function within the Energetic Response Patterns, the Associations, Alignments, Connections and Relationships – and through that you will Emerge with your Visualization. As your Visualization and your Feelings and Emotions and those things start – you’ll start Thinking.

Fetus: But then again that’s not ‘Your Thinking’, it’s again the Thinking OF the Feelings, OF the Memories

Bernard: Correct – It’s the Thinking of the Memory of it and you say ‘It is I Thinking’ – because suddenly in the Mind will Arrive a Vision and you say, ‘Oh, but it’s me! Look what I can see!’

As that Develop, obviously your Imagination Develops, which Develops quite Early On, which is why the Parent will influence the Imagination and take the Child through all kinds of things without Realising obviously, How that will affect the Relationships that’s already there within the Genetic Material and the context of the Rising of the Consciousness to its Full Fulfillment.

Fetus: It’s just a Pattern Recreating and Recreating and Reconstituting and Re-Layering , All the Time.

Bernard: Correct. That’s ‘Multi Dimensions’. That’s why it is so Difficult to Break Through, because while you are Walking, you are Creating Dimensions within Dimensions. So the whole time, Multi-Dimensionally, the Physical will look at ALL the Dimensions of ALL the Memories of ALL Associations and Assess it from the Perspective of the First Principle: Survival.

The Principle Aligns with Genetic Material, which is Based on the Evolutionary Theory, so to speak, of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ – all of it is Survival, so that you can have this Life.

Because Remember: in the Original Design, they had to get the Human Body to Survive to be able to Mine it for as long as possible for the Energy to Sustain Heaven – and therefore: the Better it Survives, the Better their ‘Investment’ in the Technology, which is now called ‘Biology’. So, in that - you start the Whole Consumer System, because in the Buy-Ology (Biology), they Buy into the Earth and then as you Live you Sell the Energy to Heaven. That way - it’s the Buy and Sell that’s started. That’s why the Buyble/Bible Exists , that’s why you now have Buy and Sell and you’re so Absolutely Fascinated and Interested in Buying. That what you’re Getting is your Reward all the time. So, the whole time you are busy Rewarding yourself for your Work here in the Name of the Divine and Heaven and all these ‘Wonderful’ things.

So, do you understand how Little you Understand about it and what it is that is Really Happening? And how much of that is Completely Automated, with No Consideration and NO Scientific Investigation into this, No Point in Any form in any of our Most Intellectual People throughout All Time has Ever investigated any of this. It’s always just ‘Accepted’ - Despite the Evidence that the Human’s Existence, Culture, Dynamics, the Ego – All of the Human is a Dysfunctional Unit. There is Simply No Research.

Fetus: Yes, because the Premise is Incorrect. Because, they believe they Exist

Bernard: Correct, they are MADE to Believe they Exist, while they don’t.

Fetus: Therefore they won’t Question it, or Investigate it

Bernard: When the First Thought Arises, the Being does Not Consider that it’s not them. That’s why you’re still Thinking. I wouldn’t think. I mean, ‘You’re Thinking’? Really?

Fetus: How can you think if you don’t know how it works?

Bernard: How can you Trust your Feelings if you don’t know how it works? How can you Trust your Emotions? How can you even Investigate your Emotions if you don’t understand how it’s Created? Because investigating the Outcome of your Emotions for Instance, Talking to your Emotions for instance is then like a Complete Delusion, because you don’t even know what creates it, how can you have a chat with it?
You see how Extensive the Problem is?

Why is the Bottom Part Fused of the Tailbone? Why does it start at the End instead of the Beginning? Because the Tailbone is the End isn’t it? Which is how Pre-Programming in Existence Exists. It starts at the End: You’re Pre-Programmed and then you are Sent into Existence. So therefore, you Start at the End, and all the time you are trying to get to the Beginning, as you’re trying to Go Home.

Fetus: The saying is that ‘if you know the beginning, you know the end’ – but that also implies that ‘if you know the end, you know the beginning’.

Bernard: Correct. So therefore it’s a Closed System and this is all Programmed in the Physical. So it’s quite a Story to go and Sort this all out.

A Lengthy Journey.
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