Wednesday 15 May 2013

Day 382: Brainwashing – The Secret History (Part Two)

For context from the previous post:
So - the Brainwashers Never Really Understood Brainwashing. They Only Knew that: If they Do and Present something in a Particular way through Media, Picture-Associations – that People will Respond to it and All they had to Find out was “What do people Like to Respond to?” and “What do people Dislike to Respond to?”. If you then Manipulate the Likes and Dislikes, you can Manipulate the Way Civilization and Society would Move, and that’s exactly what they did. I mean you can have a Look at How they got Women to Start Smoking, it was all in The Century of the Self they explain the Simplicity of it, they Knew they were Doing it. The Corporations when they found out that this could be Done – the Manipulation – they got the Psychologists in and they Planned: Your Brainwashing! And they ADMIT it! YET, the Human will say “I’m Not Brainwashed”…while You are, in fact.

So, the problem with the Brainwashers is that: they didn’t understand How Brainwashing Works and they couldn’t Prevent the Very Same Brainwashing that they were Implanting and Enforcing on the Population - to Not also become Implanted and Enforced Upon Them. So now, Everybody is Brainwashed with the whole ‘Self’ Idea now in Every Facet of Our Society and what is Driving it is called a ‘Free Market Force’ – the Force of Profit. For Profit, the Brainwashed does Not Care What they Have to do, because ‘it’s Justifiable,’ ‘you have to Survive No matter what’. For those that Don’t Survive, there’s Charity: you will Give a Little-bit to ‘Keep them Alive’ or they’ll be given a ‘Little Job’, because “They’re Not a Slave, you’re Helping them! They’re Not a Slave!” You Convince yourself you see, because Brainwashing is the Act of CONvincing you, the Act where there are No Principles.
We even have for instance, with the Brainwashing, the point of ‘Bringing the Human Under Control’ - Planting a ‘Policeman in the Head’. So, you even have those who Believe themselves to be the Policeman of the System, of Society and that would Challenge, Attack and try and Destroy Anything that in Any Way May Bring a Solution for the Brainwashing, because: They believe themselves to be ‘Awakened’ and ‘Free’ – which is quite Fascinating, because even your ‘Awakening’ is just a Result of Brainwashing. You are Actually a Product of Consumerism. Spirituality is a Product of Consumerism, Consciousness is a Product of Consumerism, ‘Love and Light’ is a Product of Consumerism - it’s all Just Brainwashing. In all of that you do not understand the Actual Practical way that the Mind Functions and How this Brainwashing Actually Exists. It’s important to Understand it, because you have to - If You Can - at the Very Least, set yourself Free from the Brainwashing. We have Developed Courses for that in DIP Lite and there is Support for those that’s Willing to Change/Support themselves. We have Already Proven to the People that is Walking the Process at Desteni that they are Brainwashed or Were Brainwashed. Some have already Managed to Break-Free to a Great Degree.
So, we have Support for that and it’s Free. You can Prevent Brainwashing Once you are Free and you can Prevent Brainwashing in Your Children – if You Care, but Remember: the Problem is that you Cannot Care, because you Only Care about your Survival, which is the whole point of Brainwashing - to get you to Submit. You call it ‘Slavery’ and everybody is screaming that we are Enslaved, but: If you Don’t Understand How the Slavery Functions as How your Thoughts, Feelings or Emotions are Created, how Information and Knowledge Functions within the Body, how the Natural Ability of the Physical Body plays a Role within your Brainwashing = there is Really Nothing you can Do, because you are going to End up Convincing yourself that ‘You are Right’ and you won’t even Know that it was Just Always Part of the Brainwashing anyway! It is How it ‘Evolved’, which is called ‘Evolution’ now, because apparently that’s a ‘Great Thing’. But, even Evolution is Not Understood, because: Every Word is Changed to be Functional within Convincing yourself that ‘you’re Right’, that ‘you’re Special’, because that’s the whole Objective of The Century of The Self - to Get a Self-Functioning Organic Unit that can be Measurably Stable, thus Always Act in the Same Repetitive Way to Ensure a very Strange thing: Consistent Profit for the Corporations, Consistent Control for the Politicians, Consistent Control for Religions and there you are Noticing that All you Really Are is Brainwashed.

Now, we Discovered this through a lot of Research and we have all the Research. But, understand the BIG, BIG, BIG Problem you have: you Can’t even Study the Research Properly, because Even your Ability to Read, your Ability to Reason - all of it is the Product of Brainwashing, is Actually Designed by yourself to Support your Own Brainwashing and to Convince yourself Continuously that ‘You are Right’. Therefore, there is a Massive Fear that you could be Brainwashed, which is like Crazy, because: You ARE Brainwashed. Humans are In Fact All Contaminated with Multiple Personality Disorders and Psychopathic and Sociopathic at/to some degree – some more than others. But, that Exists in Every Single Human. You don’t even Understand the Most Basic Part of the Functionality of Your Own Consciousness. To you, apparently, it is ‘WHO You Are’ - when there is No Real ‘WHO You are’ that is of any substance. The ‘WHO You Are’ now, is the Resultant Personality that now Functions in this world as a Complete Illusion, Everything is in Fact a Lie.
The only way that you are Able to ‘Break the Lie’ is to Understand How it In Fact Works. That is Not Solved by a Simple Decision: it takes Many Years of Dedicated Practice to Break the Brainwashing. You have to Understand the Technology of Brainwashing. That in itself, in Setting yourself Free and Getting to a Stage of Effectiveness where you Can, In Fact, be a Human that Can be Trusted, a Human that Will in fact Function in How you would like to Live in Freedom, as an Individual - That Point of Being this: is Only Possible through Lengthy Study and Hard Work. Minimum of 7 years to 14 years - to Really reach a level where you are Functioning as a Free Being; where the Very Breath you Take, the Participation within this World is Measured and you will Not Act based on your Feelings and Emotions, because: Feelings and Emotions are the Products of Brainwashing. Feelings and Emotions are Not WHO you are. Although, within the whole Ideology of Profit - Feelings and Emotions opens up a Whole New can of worms, because you could Develop all kinds of trainings with which you could Make Money. That’s why we propose an Equal Money System, because the very first thing we Knew the Brainwashed is going to say is “You’re Only doing this to become Wealthy! You’re only doing this to Get Money!” We say: No, Let’s Give Everybody Equal Money, so let’s remove the ‘Money-point’ as we are Not doing this for Money – we’re doing it because We Really Care about you. But, we Understand that You Do Not Understand that, we Understand that you are Brainwashed, we understand that you are going to React to us, that you’re going to be Nasty, that you’re going to be Destructive, that you’re going to Spread Lies and Rumors, because: that’s the Nature of Brainwashing. We understand that those who play Policeman in the Heads of the Social System will call us Cults - we Understand that, we Understand that they are Psychopathic and Sociopathic and they actually Enjoy Manipulating people through Fear. Therefore, everyone/anyone that they can get to Respond to the Desteni Message in Fear, they get a Big Boost in their ego from it, it’s Fascinating! Unfortunately, the Brainwashed Cannot See it, because: you are, after all, Brainwashed – BIG Problem.

Do you think a Journalist is Really a Journalist or just a Brainwashed Being reporting on the Brainwashing? At the end of the day, trying to Manipulate the Brainwashing Just for their Own Self-Interest. You do not have Real Journalism in this world, you Do Not have Real Educators, you Do Not have Parents that in Fact have a clue. All you have is the same system repeating itself over and over and over again, ensuring One Thing: that each one’s Little World, where they have Found a Way to Manipulate the Environment and the People around them to Give them a form of Security - Can Remain Stable, so that they can Claim they have ‘Reached Happiness and Freedom.’ But, if you have to Investigate their Lives and have a Look if they even Understand how One Single Memory is Created within the body, how that would create a thought and how that would Create a Feeling or an Emotion = they Don’t Know the Most Basic Technology of it; and Don’t even Ask a Question, because they Can’t. They’re Brainwashed to Believe that this very Thing that is In their Head kind of like Speaking, like Thinking, like Feeling - is in fact ‘Who they Are,’ but it’s Only the Result of the Technology that’s Inside you and you don’t understand How it works.

So, we have the DIP Lite that can Assist you and I will be doing an Extensive series on Brainwashing and Maybe You’ll be Free. But, Understand - Fortunately there is One Point that is Certain: You will Die and that will Break the Brainwashing, BUT it will Not Set You Free, because what will Remain After the Brainwashing is gone, is Virtually Nothing.
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