Friday 17 May 2013

Day 384: Divinity, Eternity and Illusion

Divinity, Eternity and Illusion the Trinity that Created Peculiar kinds of Psychopaths and Sociopaths, people who have Convinced themselves that ‘This World is an Illusion’, that they are ‘Eternal Beings’ and ‘Divine’. Thus, that they must just ‘Make the Best of what is Here’, ‘Search, Focus, Create Happiness and Soon the Illusion will be Gone and they’ll be Home!’ In the meantime their Deeds, what they Accept and Allow to Happen in this world is a Psychology that Simply does Not Care. All Words: Compassion, Empathy, Love, Joy are Contaminated with Psychopathy and Sociopathy, it’s a Psychological Disaster. Much of Psychology is based on this particular approach and Many Psychologists even Use this Type of Ideologies and Ideals of ‘Positive Beingness’ to so called ‘Help’ their Patients.
Within this particular Psychology, the Human Simply Convince themselves that ‘as long as they Don’t See things happening, See the Animals being Killed, See the Total Annihilation of so many Beings on Earth, See the Starvation: then there’s Nothing they can Do About it’; and they’ve done everything Possible to try and make it as HUMANE as Possible – but, In Fact, they’re the Very Reason Why it’s Happening.

But, if this is only an Illusion, the Peculiar Question is: What are they Still doing on Earth? Why Don’t they Just Leave? The Earth would be So much Better off, instead: they stay in this Illusion – Does that Now Make their Illusion Real? What is the Responsibility that’s Here?
Now Imagine and consider that: IF this is Just an Illusion, How are you Sure you’re ‘Divine and Eternal,’ because then by Definition, you’re Just an Illusion yourself.
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