Monday 6 May 2013

Day 375: The Natural Learning Ability of the Human

The Natural Learning Ability of the Human as it’s measured through/as its Psychological Evolution, is the Fundamental Part of the current Economic System and Forms the Underlying Reason Why there is a Belief that exist about Market Forces and How Market Forces Function. Market Forces are obviously the Result of Human Action, which is then again Based on the Ideology of Human Nature and that that will Act in particular Predictable Ways. These Predictable Ways Form the Fundamentals of Economics, and obviously Those with More Money can Exploit this Nature, because it Acts in very Predetermined Ways depending on the Fear, Panic or Confidence Levels that exist. Using these Levels of Fear / Confidence to Measure how, for instance the Markets will Move and How the Human Will React to Events in the World - Explains Much of what’s Happening in the World.
Currently, as you Notice the Economic Psychological Development of the Human: there is Less and Less Empathy and Compassion for the Neighbor or for the Fellow Human, and the Level of Abandonment, so to speak, of the Human by the System is Increasing. In a way, you have Foreclosures, Job Losses and the Increase of the Use of the Machine - all of this is Eventually Experienced as Abandonment by the Human that Finds Themselves Suddenly Without a Means to Make a Living; by the Time they Realize the Problem, the Situation is Normally already so Bad that there’s Nothing they can do about it. Our Justice System for instance, only Functions with Money so, once you are Stuck without Money there is Very Little you can Do to Protect your Rights – meaning that: the Rights You Have aren’t Rights really, they are Rights Subject-to Money; which would Indicate that there are, in fact, No Existing Human Rights in the World. Human Rights are Only Utilized by Those that already Have, to Protect ‘What they Have’ - No matter What the Consequence and the Effect That will Have on Others that are Not in an Equal Position.

Now, this Natural Learning Ability of the Human is at its Highest Function in the First 7 Years of a Child when for instance, a Child will Learn a Language and if you expose the child to two languages, they’ll learn two languages - and that’s Without a Language Tutor, that’s Just from the Environmental Influence. When you reach beyond 7, the Natural Learning Ability is No Longer Directly Happening through the Physical Body, but it starts to Happen through the Mind and then it Becomes another Story: All kinds of Techniques need to be Learned to Try and Optimize Learning. So, in a way, the Actual Natural Learning Ability is Lost, but to a Degree a certain Programmed Natural Learning Ability remains. This is Exploited Extensively within our Current Consumer Capitalistic System, where Product Placements play a Major-role in creating ‘Product Loyalty’ – Product Loyalty is important for Company Stability, Job Stability for Those who Do have Jobs within those particular areas.
The Fact that this is All Known and Exploited to Protect the Few that has the Best Position: is obviously Not Acceptable. What Needs to be Considered is that: We Know what We are Doing, We Understand How Job Creation Really Functions, We Understand that Job Losses are Directly related to our Economic System from the perspective of our Particular Advancement. We do Understand (maybe this part we Don’t Understand) that: Those Pretending to Create New Products or Ways of doing things at a Cheaper Price to Beat out he Competition and to so Take it All to Become the Winner of it All – are, In Fact, Not Acting as they would Claim in a way that is Benevolent to Improve the Human Condition. They are in fact Acting in Greed, because they are Looking for Total Control and they Do that by Reducing Price; with Reducing Price - they Reduce Money Supply, Reduce Many Jobs. The Collateral Damage from such an Action to Produce Something Cheaper for the Consumer is Far Greater than the Benefit the Consumer can Ever Get from a Cheaper Product. Seemingly our ‘Highly Educated Visionaries’ Do Not See what they are In Fact Creating. This Disease is Escalating immensely and is a Result of us believing we’re Doing something Substantial when we are Producing something Cheaper for Everyone else, making it as We Would Claim ‘More Affordable’ – but, How do you make something ‘More Affordable’ if the People that Lose their Jobs No Longer can Afford Anything? And with More and More Jobs Being Lost - there is simply Not Enough Jobs being Produced for the amount of humans that’s Being Born and Entering the Economic System. That in itself is an Absolute Disaster. This Disaster needs Urgent Attention. You are going to Create, through the Natural Learning Ability within the Human, a Substantial Dissatisfaction with the Current Regime of the World, the Current System - and that is a Threat to Everyone, because: More and More Compassion and Empathy will Disappear and As They Have Received = They will be Giving (this ‘they’ is now the Poor, they have Received a Total Disregard for the Situation).

To Claim that Somehow Those that Do Not have Must Respect Those that Have and ‘What they Have’ - is certainly Missing the Most Important point: the Consequences you are Creating through the Giving of your Disregard and the Dishonor of your Fellow Human Being - Leaving them in a Position where they Have an Experience, a Complete Lack of Respect for Who they Are as a Human Being; the fact that this will lead to Consequences that at this stage is yet Immeasurable or ‘Uncertain’ rather - seems to be Missed Completely. We have No Visionaries that Consider the Value of Life, which is obviously quite a Problem, because how can one have a Vision and this Vision Do Not Consider Life? - it’s like a Snake Biting its Own Tail, the Same Cycle continuing and continuing.
We Need New Reason, so that we can consider and Create a New Order, bringing Order/an Order in this World that is Considering the Order of Things and the Fact that Life Follows an Order, a Sequence and If all of the Sequence, All the Orders that follows upon each other is Not Equally for All and Some Lack (simply due to the Environment they, for instance, are Born into - noticing year after year, day after day, minute after minute the Inequality that they are Existing in, and the Fact that: Simply because they Do Not Have the Advantage of Birth Right within a Particular Condition, that they are Disregarded and even Forgotten) - there is going to be consequence.

So please, Investigate the Human Condition and Understand: One Can’t Consider having Animal Rights if you Do Not Have Human Rights. The Animal Rights are a Direct Reflection of the Human Rights that Exist. So, one should Focus on the Rights that’s Relevant First, the Rights that will lead to a New Order around Rights, Specific, which will Include Animal Rights, Environmental Rights and All Rights Relevant to the Human Condition in a way that Produce a World that is Best for All. If we don’t do that, if We Don’t Consider the Rights Issue in its Order, we will Not sort out this Disorder.
Investigate the Bill of Rights of the Equal Life Foundation and you’ll notice: that is a Piece of Work Far Advanced for its Time. And you’ll Notice - if you study Desteni: what Desteni is Presenting is Far Advanced Ahead of its Time. Be a Leader, Be Ahead of Your Time, Don’t Let your Head Control Time, Resulting in Consequence that Could have been Prevented.

Remember: Consequence is a thing that you Cannot Change. The Lives that are Now being Lived by so many Millions on this Earth/in this World, they Feel ‘it Cannot Be Changed’ - so, for them to Take Action is Not like ‘Losing’ anything, it is rather the Realization that it is Inevitable that They Have Nothing to Lose, so: they can Just as Well Take out All the Stops and Do whatever it is Necessary to Get Their Piece of Happiness, and their Piece of Happiness is currently in the Hands of Those that’s got Everything. You Can’t Expect, especially when you are the Minority, that You will be able to Hang on to What You Have.

Time for some Homework. It’s Time for some Empathy, Compassion and Consideration. It’s Time to Care – I Dare you to Care – In spite of the Evidence that You do Not Want-to and that You only Pay Lip Service to Caring – I Dare you to Care. Not Only for Yourself, but for Your Children to Come. You are Creating Their Future Now.
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