Monday 27 May 2013

Day 397: Paranoia and Stopping the Mind

Now – the Mind is the Product of your Environment and the Events that took place in your life, and the Events that you Learned from. This in turn is Determined by the type of Preprogramming you have and the Accumulation of your Beingness throughout Time. So if you have a Propensity for Manipulation for instance then during your Early Years you will have an ‘Attraction’ to people that Manipulate because You Want to Learn How to Manipulate and therefore You will Be Manipulated; or if you have a propensity for Abuse because you get an Energetic Charge from Abusing others = you will be Placing yourself in the Environment of Abuse so that you can Become the Abuser. Now in that, the early years you are the one that Actually Decides because your Parents and your Environment simply Don’t Understand how Anything Functions so, All they’re going to do is Drive Fear into You. So all of this Develops as a Mechanism through which You are Going to ‘Harvest Energy’ for yourself. Now the Interesting thing is that You’re Not Getting the Energy from Another person, you Develop the Mechanism Within Yourself to Produce the Energy. What the Person in your Environment does is simply ‘Trigger the Program You Have.’

So, if you for instance have a Program due to Trauma where You Have Immense Fear for a Person, you will Create in the Mind – and the Mind will virtually do it by Itself because You’re Not really Aware that you are doing it – You will Create a Mechanism through which you would Detect according to your Environment, the Possibility of People in your Environment that May Cause such Trauma again, and you will end up Seeing the person that Caused the Trauma Everywhere. Now obviously the Person Doesn’t Exist, the Person Only Exists in the Mechanism that You’ve Created through which you are Attempting to Protect Yourself from such Trauma and therefore Any Person that in Any Way will Show Any form of the Patterns which are Part of your Protection mechanism in the Mind will Immediately bring up Paranoia and you’ll immediately ‘Not Like the Person,’ you’ll Immediately want to be Out of their Environment as Much as Possible, Not Communicate with them/ Stay Away from them because all they’re going to do is – according to Your Mechanism – they’re going to Abuse you and therefore you will Move Yourself out of that Environment to Protect yourself. In bizarre cases you’ll also have Some of the Patterns in your environment through a relationship because it’s not ‘As Bad’ as it Was with the Original Trauma/Original Abuse so ‘It’s Better’ and therefore ‘It’s Better – the Reasoning is Quite Paranoid.

Now, in Stopping the Mind the following happens. Stopping the Mind is a Process that is Breath by Breath, you have to Not Participate in Whatever the Mind Show you, You have to Only Participate in What Exists Directly as the Physical – Anything that Does Not Exist Directly as the Physical is the Mind. So the Mechanism is the Physical reality as it exists, obviously also the Words of Others because the Words in Writing or in Speaking of others and their Behavior is their Physical Presence. According to that, you can Assess ‘What you’re Dealing-with’ and that’s Why it is So Important to Redefine your Words to what is Best to Remove all the Paranoia that you’ve Linked to Words.

So Stopping the Mind then Breath to Breath is to Not Participate In the Thoughts that arise or the Visions or the Energies or the Feelings that come up – None of them are Real because You are Creating it Yourself, they’re the Result of What you’ve Accepted and allowed as Your Programming; and because your Parents, Teachers , Educators and your Leaders were Not Able to Direct you Properly = They’ve Allowed you to Become this. So there is a Measure of Responsibility – But: They Can’t Help you Now, Only You Can Help YOU. So, to Blame them is just Pointless, it’s just a Waste because You have Limited Time on Earth because there is a thing called Death - If you Don’t Finish this Job of Correcting Yourself to be One and Equal as Life = You Face Quite a Problem at Death because you Cannot Prove that you have In Fact Understood What Life is All About, What Life is in a Working Mechanism as Yourself in Relation to Everything else. So if You can’t Show-that, then obviously your Task in Your Own Creation as What is Best for All Life – which is obviously what You Want Everybody else to be = so you Have Got to Do it First if you want Everybody Else to be it – then if you haven’t Done that then You have a Major Problem, because you’re Always Only One and Equal to What You Are and if that is what You’ve Allowed to be for instance Abusive or to in some way use All kinds of Protection Mechanisms = You Can’t Expect Others to Be ‘what you want them to be’ If YOU are Not That.

So this Whole Mechanism that one also have that ‘Oh! Others Must Change First before I Change’ IS Self Sabotage because That will Never Happen because Others are in Their Process and they can maybe Only Change once You Change, but You Don’t Want to Change because you say: “They Must Change” – you See the Catch 22? and there You’re both Stuck because the one that Could Possibly See the Reason ‘Why they Should Change’ has Sabotaged themselves and Now Both live in Terror from each other and both are thus Terrorizing Each Other in Every Way Possible, using Words, Environments, Systems, whatever! I mean that’s what the Human Being does, the Human Being is Always busy Terrorizing Everyone Around them without Ever Helping Anyone to Get Out-of the System and the Mechanisms that Exist within them by Explaining to them ‘How it works’ I mean it’s That Simple!

So – during the Process of Stopping, what is Going to Happen is obviously Your Protection Mechanism as the Mind which is the Memory you have Evolved and Characterized in Particular Types of ‘Early Warning Systems’ and ‘Protection Alarms’ Will become WORSE because it will be an Alarm that says: “Oh my God you’re Stupid! Look what you’re Doing! You are Negating, you’re Ignoring All the Hard Work you’ve done to Make Sure that you are Protected from all this Terrible Humans and this Terrible World that is around you”. In the Mean time You are the One that’s Creating this ‘Terrible World’ and the ‘Terrible Humans’ as Your Children and as the People Around. So you are Not Going to be Protected, they’re Going to Abuse You! Obviously That is Going to Happen. But in a way they are to Your Benefit because they are the ‘Triggers’ you need that While you are Stopping the Mind will Produce within you the Thoughts that you need to Investigate to Find the Memories, so that you can Take Them Out and Remove them and Forgive Yourself – and Here the Only Mechanism, the Only Power you have If you are Ever going to be Free from this: is your Self-Honesty.

And therefore you Function from the Premise that you Cannot Isolate Yourself for instance in just a ‘Positive Environment’ because that’s not going to Improve the Situation on Earth , in fact it’s going to Make it Worse because By Doing That you’re actually Allowing the Negative Factors/ the Terrible Factors to become Bigger which You can See in this World now. So, You have to Confront them by going into the Space of the so-called ‘Negative’ to Understand and Find the Thoughts and the Memories and the Parts that you have Embodied as Your Flesh as Yourself that is now Automated. And your Problem is: Because it’s Automated = You Can’t Find them, You can’t Find out Where they are so you Need a Practical Physical Framework which is Other People in your Environment to Activate the thoughts so that you can Write it out – again a Physical Action – and then you can Speak it out so that you can Hear in Your Own Words where your Self-Forgiveness is Real – that’s why you Speak it out Loud – so you can Write it out and Speak it out and Remove it. If You Do Not Speak your Forgiveness Aloud = You Will have No Reference or Cross-Reference Even with Yourself that the Words you are speaking are In Fact Releasing you from the point, because in the Words you’ll be able to Hear whether you are Justifying, whether you are ‘Making Yourself Right’ – You Cannot have Any of that, You have to be Absolutely Free at All Levels of Reaction, at All Levels of Energy – You are Not Special, you have to Realize that, you are Life, Life is NORMAL and therefore You want to Be Normal –anything that You Allow to Influence you is Abnormal and therefore a Problem and that will Create your Paranoia. So All Thought is Always Paranoia, because all it’s busy doing is Warning you about Everybody Around you and Setting you up so that You can Win and Abuse and Whatever the Pattern is that you are Living at this stage; the More Isolated you become obviously = the More you are in trouble because the More you have In Fact Accepted your State of Paranoia and You have Not Confronted it by Facing the World in All Its Measure – positive and negative, No Matter What it Is because at the end of the day the only Purpose you have is to Find Within You the Programs that is Causing you to Have these Thoughts and these Thoughts will be Nasty stuff. And obviously if one is Able to Write these Thoughts down and Writing About others it is even Bigger the problem because you have Automated to a Massive Degree and it will have More Control.

So you Breathe and as each point comes up you’ll do it one at a time, you have to confront it. Look at the memory, See if you can Find it, Write it out, Do Forgiveness Until You Have Got the Self Forgiveness statements Spoken aloud, Written out, One and Equal where You can Feel the Physical Release from the point and where the Thought No Longer ‘Demand’ and ‘Command’ How You feel. And this Process obviously takes Many years because, one need to understand that at the end of the day: You’re the Only one Responsible for you – so If you don’t Do This for You, all that’s going to Happen is that your Whole life is going to be Governed and Controlled by the Mechanisms that you’ve Placed into you to try and Fit Into this World – and there will be Bizarre things like “I want to fit in/ I want to party/ I want to Be Free/ I want to Have the Right to Say What I Want, I Have Free Choice, I Can Do What I Want! – All kinds of Mechanisms you would have Placed in simply for One Purpose: to Be Able to Live the Beingness that You have Accepted as You – whether it is a Victim, whether it is a Dominant Person, Aloof – Whatever it is! You have Created it In The Flesh and Now you need to Find It and the Only Way you can Find it Fast is through Breathing and Addressing every thought that Comes up and Getting it Out. And here it’s very, very, Very Important Not to Point Fingers At Others, because Others Have Got NOTHING to Do, the Thoughts You have About Others has got Nothing To Do with What’s Going on In Your mind: It’s All ONLY EVER YOURSELF, there Must be Never Anything Nasty or Destructive about Another Person within Your Mind, the only thing that Should be there is ‘Ok That is the Problem that Arise, it Doesn’t exist Within me, How Can I Help this Person?’ – This is the Presentation of the Person so which means the Person, when you’re in their Presence you’ll Experience what they are, you can then Assess first of all the Rule is “Is this In My Existence? Have I Dealt with it For real? Is it Over?” Then you can have a look at How Can you Help the Person because you’ll be Able to associate through your Own Programming with What is Happening in Another Person’s Mind –remember there is No Telepathy that Ever Exists, what Exists is the Program and because we are All within the Same Program there is a Massive Correlation between people, Finding thus what is Happening in Another Person’s Mind is Quite Easy as You can See with all the People that is Using it to Demonstrate How they can Manipulate People.

So it’s Important that One Takes Each Thought that Arise, Each Feeling and you Look at the Association and How you have ‘Branded’ Everyone Around You according to Your Protection Mechanism. And therefore you must be Grateful for the People that Trigger within you all kinds of Feelings and Reactions because They are the Key to Your Freedom, Without them: You’re Never Going to be Free. You Want Someone in your life that Can Help you Activate all the Hidden Secret Stuff because we’re Now Entering the Secret mind, That which is Automated Within, the Secrets you Never Tell Anyone How you Come to Your Reason, How you Come to Your Decisions is Always a Secret, you don’t Share with people the Real Stuff going on in the Mind, because that’s really like Nasty stuff – You don’t want People to See that! – So understand: Now with Paranoia We’re Entering the Secret Mind.

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