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DAY 378: After Death Communication – Part 106

DAY 378: After Death Communication – Part 106

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series
In the first two years after the Portal opened, we did some Interviews with a Researcher of Life after Death, Ian Stevenson. (Interviews with Ian Stevenson through the Portal can be found Part One HERE and Part Two HERE). He left something for himself to use as Evidence of the Existence of Life After Death, which was Locked with a combination lock that only he knew the Combination of. The Evidence being that: If there’s Life After Death and to Identify whether it is him that one is Speaking to, he must give the combination lock. Now, first of all, the Challenge he gave himself is Impossible, because he didn’t understand the First thing about ‘Who he was’ and how he constructed his Consciousness. So therefore, he didn’t know that: Upon Death, All those Memories – for instance, like the combination lock, is Lost to him, because it was Contained in the Physical Body within the Memory Constructs of the Flesh, within the Memory of the Water so to speak (we’re going to Speak a lot about the Memory of Water simply because that is something one can Tangibly Understand) – but, the Memories itself he didn’t Take With him so, Obviously, he couldn’t even Remember that he had such a Challenge for himself.

Now, Life after Death obviously Presupposes that there was Life ‘Before’ Death. Then one must look at, shall we say, the Definition of Life: What would Life Be? Is it Emotions? Is it Feelings? Is it Memory? Is it Consciousness? What Constitute life? According to What we Have on Earth currently, Life is Constituted by That which Gives Life, from the perspective of a System – thus, something that Cannot Exist Without Something Else. Now you’re going to notice a Fascinating thing that would mean Not even the Human Body as a System Exist by Itself, It Exist as One System. So, from a perspective of Life as One System, the Earth and its Relationship to our Solar System and its Relationship to the Universe - would Constitute Life as the One System. But, that would Exclude the Human in/as Consciousness as ‘Something of Life’, because: the Human has Separated Itself from this System that is Life-Giving and instead of GIVING-Life to Each Other, the Human is willing to Take it AWAY from Each other. It’s like the Difference between Life and Fear: the Human Exist in Fear, while Life exists as Love - it Gives, Supports and Constitutes its Existence through a Set of Rules that One can trace back quite a long time. But, the difficulty is that - there are certain Parts of Nature that seems to act more like a Human than like Nature / something that Gives Life. So there, we will get to that particular Problem, because that has to do with How the Human has Influenced the substance/physicality over Generations. And by the Human introducing All Kinds of things into the Environment - there has been Massive changes to What other Parts of Nature and the Animals had to do to Survive; and even Many of the Animals that came forth are a Result of the Chemistry Changes, the Environmental Changes they were Exposed to due to the Human’s specific Self Interest.

So, when one go about Making a Challenge that ‘You are going to Come Back After Death’ and going to tell someone ‘All about what’s on the Other Side’ (and Many has Done this) - you’ll Notice that: Nobody has been able to Get Back to actually give Any account of themselves in the Afterlife that was in any way Comprehensive. There have been for instance, a Few points like the book by Jasper Swain - On the Death of My Son, which ‘kind of’ would Imply that there is ‘Something beyond Death’ and that apparently the being could ‘Remember.’ But, whenever an event takes place like that and it does Nothing else but to Try and ‘Keep you Happy ‘till you Die’ without directing you What to Do to Correct the System on Earth: you must Immediately Know there is an Ulterior Motive, there is an Agenda that you are not privy to . We Found this Agenda: this Agenda was to Ensure that You Remain Enslaved for your life so that Upon Death, at that stage, you could be Placed within a System of Hierarchy based on your Loyalty to those that Programmed you in the first place. So, if you were Not Loyal - you would be Sent to the Demon Dimension, you ended up calling it ‘Hell’. The Others that’s Loyal would go to Particular Heavens where they will have a ‘cushy life’ for a little while and then they will be Sent Back to Earth on a ‘Mission for God’. Quite a messed-up story in Reality, but Unfortunately for the Human - quite Gullible and easily to Manipulate with virtually No Understanding, whatsoever, How the Physical Body Actually Functions and Produce that which you are now presenting yourself to be as Consciousness; without Knowing how that Functions - you’re obviously in more than just a little bit of Trouble, you’re In Fact in Very Deep trouble, because: You can be Manipulated in Multiple ways.

Now, understand: at the Level where the Decisions are made that Influence your Life on a day to day basis, there is No Particular Fear of God. If there were any Fear of God (like how Most of you Exist or a Consideration that there is apparently ‘something Divine’) – things would have looked quite ‘Different’ on Earth. These Beings (Elite in Heaven and on Earth) simply Do Not Care (about the existence/fear of God and so the consequences their thoughts, words and deeds manifest within existence) - because it is Shown through Generations that: If you Look after your own, like with a Bloodline, and you look after your Family Generation after Generation - You can Accumulate Immense Wealth, Dictate What Happens on Earth, Enslave the rest of Humanity to be at your whim and behest and you can Then Do with them ‘As you like’ and There Is No Consequence. Yes, that has been So in/during the Time of the Soul. The Soul was the Embodiment of Those that had Simply No Regard for Life that Used Programming to Control Reality and that Ensured that All those that Do Not form Part of the Inner Circle of Heaven are Simply Just Slaves. Now you have People stupid enough to Actually Create within themselves all kinds of things like Energy, Light and Consciousness, Laughing the way Happy-Go-Lucky, ‘Life is So Beautiful’ without Understanding What Life Is. They’re Not Life, You’re Not Life. You are Something of your Own Creation, an Abomination, because You don’t Care about Suffering, You don’t Care about Reality, You Don’t Care about Earth. You only Care about ‘Feeling Good,’ being ‘Happy’ and Claiming that the Very Thing that Gives You Life, which is the Breath and the Physical World – is an Illusion, it’s a Temporary Illusion ‘You’re going to Soon be in Eternity!’ – Have you got Another thing Coming!!!
Really, it Doesn’t Matter, because the Chances of your Rehabilitation while you are on Earth is Remote. The Chances that you will Participate in the Rehabilitation of Earth Eventually, is thus Really Irrelevant. There is No Point, because the Problem is you have to Rehabilitate Yourself and You’re Not going to Do that - you’re ‘Too Happy’ where you are with what you have Managed to Do with yourself by Giving you an Experience of a Constant High that you’re Addicted to and there is No way Out…Very Difficult to Break-Free from THAT Problem. You should Look at those that are Extremely Addicted to Drugs and have a Look at How Difficult it is to go Cold Turkey to Break the Habit – Unlikely, Few Do it.

So, is there Life After Death? Not from the perspective that you Understand Life to Be. What You call Life is Not Life. Life is something that Give as it would Receive, that Do unto Others as They Would Like to be Done Unto. Life is Reflected in the Totality of the System that All Participate in. Therefore, if Life was Here and Life was in the Hereafter: Life Would be Something where there is Equality and Oneness, Something where the System, like for instance Government Systems on Earth, Education, Parenting...All the Systems would Reflect the Principle and would have as the Foundational Principle to Give as You Would Receive. We wouldn’t have things like Crime, Abuse and War. We wouldn’t Need Happiness, We wouldn’t Need ‘Love and Light’, because We are the Very Expression of Life - something that is Eternal, which Love and Light is Not.

Physical/Real Light simply is something that Makes it Possible to have/see Form, it’s Not such a Big Thing – in darkness in this physical existence, we would not have been able to see form/physicality. Light helps you to see a Picture – what you see through/as your Physical Eyes; and then those that Pray to the Light, paint the pictures with ‘beautiful colors’ as if that is going to make it ‘Better.’ It only makes You look more Foolish, because what You’re really Doing is you are trying to Blot out Reality, Using your Own Mind without Understanding How the Mind Functions. You Can’t Expect Respect, because You Don’t Respect Life. You don’t even Respect Yourself, because you’re Not Willing to really Meticulously Investigate What is Real and What is Not. You’re Not Willing to Meticulously Investigate “How did I Become What I Am? What was the First Thought? How did it become a Thought? How does it get Energized? How did this Thought Form a Relationship with the Next Thought? How did One Memory become another Memory? How did it Transmute? How did it Transform? How did it Create Consciousness? And this Consciousness that Eventually became Automated as What I Call my Personality and my Personas: Is This Really Who I Am? Or is this the thing that is Temporary?”

The Problem though is: If that is All You Have Created yourself as and You Die, what Remains cannot even Be Seen, because there is Nothing that can See it, because the You that Exist No Longer Exist.

We will continue this series...

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