Wednesday 29 May 2013

Day 400: The Paranoia of Intent

Now I’m going to Only Touch on a Few Aspects, a few Forms of ‘Intent Paranoia’ – this is a form of Paranoia that is Used Very Effectively by the Mind and the Preprogramming – which will pop up as Thoughts over and over and over – Justifying ‘Why’ one does something and using Words like “But I have a Good Heart” “I’m doing My Best” “I’m Trying as Hard as I Can” “I’m Just Human” “My Intent is to Do What’s Best” – while All the Time what you’re Actually doing is what’s Only Best for You, you are using All kinds of Excuses and Justifications Except ACTUALLY Doing What’s Best.

So, Intent is the Type of Paranoia that must now Purify Your Existence because, at the Very Least ‘You have Good Intent.’ If one then Measures the Practical Application – which is What you Should be Doing because you should be Measuring Exactly What it is that is Actually Being Produced through the Participation of Yourself and Others, and thus How as the World System Everything Functions, then you’ll Notice that All the Intent – and this is All Throughout Human History - has Always come to Nothing, because there is only One Way where One Can Have an Outcome that’s Best and that is to Actually Do it. Any form of Intent has ONLY Ever Been an Excuse.

You’ll notice people will say “There are Many Ways to Do Things” No! Your Intent that you’re Utilizing in the Many Ways that you’re Doing it is the thing that Makes Sure that You Do Not Do It the One Way that is The Best Way. And there is Always a Best Way and especially when you have a Lot of Being s on Earth, your Options of What is Best for All becomes Less! That is the Whole Point of ‘Free Choice’ because remember we have a Gigantic Human Population because We have Promoted Free Choice and as you Promote Free Choice = you have More Limitation, it’s a Polarity thing, you see? And if you have More Limitation then obviously you’re going to have More Consideration of all the Effects that’s Happening on Earth and you have to Consider More Other Human Beings and Animals and Plants in the planet! Your Intent is now Useless because: you have Removed Your Intent by Taking Action for instance and Producing a World that is Not Best for All.

So Intent for all Practical Purposes on Earth now is Only a Justification, it’s Only a Paranoia, it can Never Change anything, there is only one thing that can Change Everything, only one Answer for Earth, yes and that’s Not in Intent, it is in the Actual Action that is Measurably Best for All. We have the Technology to Do this, we haven’t got the Human Reason Yet, because Human Reason is still ‘The Home of Paranoia’ where you Justify your Intent, instead of Taking Any Form of Action.

So, all the Aspects or the Phases of the Paranoia of Intent as you find it – you can Blog about it, Investigate the Mechanics, Investigate How the Intent Leads to No-Change, Why Intent is Nothing but a Pipe Dream, Nothing but Illusion, Nothing but Paranoia. I mean we have Good Examples of this even Within some of the Paths and the Journeys We have Walked in the Process where the Intent is for instance ‘To Have a Certain Meaning for a Word’ - like in our Chinese Group – on the word ‘Ego’ and You Know What Happens? Complete Division because instead of Being Able to Work Together, the Total Focus becomes on ‘What If the people Do Not Understand the Meaning of the Word?’ “So My Intent is Good because I Want a ‘Good Outcome’” While the Practical Result of the Application is: Division, it is No Outcome that is Best and so Intent becomes the Monster that Destroys, instead of Finding the Common Ground that is Best for All and Removing One’s Own Self-Interest. Fascinating Stuff also Cultural Stuff between Males and Females, fascinating that Such things can play such a Big Role – but Anyway...

For Those of you that Manage to Get Beyond your Intent and can Actually Get Rid of the Ego – because the Ego Requires Intent to Exist because ‘It Must Feel Good’ even in a World of Disaster where there has been a Holocaust especially in the Animal Kingdom for Hundreds of years and it’s Escalating this Holocaust and Still One can ‘Feel Okay’ because “My Intent is Okay and therefore I Am Okay” – that ‘I am’ that’s ‘Okay’ because of Intent is EGO, it’s Paranoia, you are Feeding Yourself that Paranoia – even the Feeling you’re Creating – is the Result through the Mechanism of Paranoia, you can Never Trust Any Feeling on Earth because the Paranoia Creates the Feeling and You have Justified the Feeling through your Ideology of ‘Intent’ – “My Intention is Love and Light, so I am Doing No Harm!” You Are! Because You’re Doing NOTHING = the Greatest Harm that Could Ever Exist. You’re Able and Capable of Doing Something about Changing the World and You have Found a Way to Use the Paranoia of Intent to Do Nothing, to Allow this Holocaust, to Allow Animals and Other Beings to Suffer at Levels that’s Unbelievable – Animal Species Going Extinct AND You’re Still Doing Nothing!

Intent is Just Paranoia.

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